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We decided to change the Opinions section to the Junk section since it's more than just Opinions now. Meimi likes making Junk, so bear with us.


Ajora's Chaos Theory Session 1: Romance in Digimon Fandom
An interesting look at the characters and the many romantic pairings that emerge from them.

Ajora's Epigraphy
All of those funky letters and glyphs in Digimon translated into katakana and then romanized.

Ajora's Koushiki Daizukan Translations
Translations of the data in the Koushiki Daizukan ("Official Big Picture Book") volumes published by V-Jump.

Ajora's Doujinshi Reviews
Short reviews of the Kenkeru doujinshi that Ajora has acquired.

Computer Goodies
Just what it says, computer goodies mainly consisting of wallpapers and computer icons at the moment.

Digimon Discography
By Season: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Multi-Season, Wada Kouji
A discography listing for all of the Japanese Digimon CDs.

Flame Mocking
Just what the title says. Really now, do you expect anything less from people who state up front that they'll laugh at any arguments directed towards them?

Meimi's Character Study
An indepth look at the Chosen Children as well as brief overviews of villains and supporting characters.

Meimi's Guide to Fusion Names
Ever wonder where they came up with Takari or Kensuke or Taito or Kenkeru? Look no further.

Meimi's Highly Opinionated Riffs of the Digimon Movies
Watch Meimi make fun of the Digimon movies and tell you about the very few things that are good about them.