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Okay, displayed on this page will be Digimon and/or Digimon-related links that we like and/or use on a frequent basis. And don't forget to join the Kenkeru Mailing List for all things Kenkeru. Also, if you'd like to link to us, and wish to use a banner or a button, feel free to use either the spiff banner or cool button Ajora whipped up for us.


-  English Links  -

Burning Light
A nice little shrine to Takouji run by Splash. It has nice things to look at and amusing things to read.
The biggest and suckiest archive for fanfiction around... whether said fanfiction is good or not (it rarely is good though). They have a huge Digimon section.
Kensuke Central
A rather large shrine to Kensuke/Daiken with a lot of fanfiction, some fanart and other goodies.
Mr Height and Photon Boy  Mabis's shrine to Jou and Koushirou and is quite welcome to Joushirou too. She's just starting out but already has a good bit of information and fan creations. (Affiliate)
To Bring Back Yesterday  Ajora's shrine to the often forgotten characters: Ryo and Osamu. Just starting up but has a good bit of information and fan creations. (Affiliate)
Wicked Child  Another great Ken shrine with lots of odd and quite entertaining ramblings. Watch out for the Angelfire popups.
With the Will
The main site doesn't have anything much to do with Digimon anymore, however, the forum is still active (and still obsessed).

-  International Links  -

magnolia's Digimon Garden  Magnolia's Digimon site dedicated to fan art. It's in German.
デジモン02タイトルページ  Toei's official site for 02. It is, of course, in Japanese.
The KenTake Doumei  And yet another pretty Japanese site with pretty sights to see.