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Since the topica update mailing list doesn't exist anymore, there's not much point in keeping up a link to it. Oh well.

-  May 10, 2006  --  A bit more stuff added to the Image section this time around. Hopefully, a fan content update will be in the near future as soon as Meimi's brain can manage something more than copypaste.
-  April 24, 2006  --  A new livejournal community has been added to the Forums. Translations and doujinshi reviews from Ajora as well as a full Digimon Discography have been added to the Junk section.
-  March 12, 2006  --  A new fanfic by Ajora Fravashi and new chapters from Senashenta in the Fanfiction section.
-  March 10, 2006  --  New chapter from Quatre's Girl in the Fanfiction section.
-  March 9, 2006  --  New chapters from Dragonflie, Ishida Takeru and Midori Kou (whose earlier chapters were also changed to their revisions) in the Fanfiction section. More... soon... eventually. *goes to claw out her eyes and drown them in saline solution*
-  March 8, 2006  --  The Game page in the Images section has gotten a nice big chunk of an update with all the images that Meimi's lazy ass didn't get around to putting up before.
-  March 4, 2006  --  Yes, really. You're not seeing things. It's an actual update. The Fan Art Contest junk has all been moved into the Gifts section and the Oekaki BBS has been totally overhauled and is utterly awesome now.
-  October 15, 2003  --  It's sad when you realize that you haven't updated your shrine in six months. At any rate, Meimi overhauled the Images section, added Frontier profiles to the Characters section and updated her cd page in the Junk section. Fanfiction will be updated as soon as she can figure out what all the hell needs to go up.
-  April 7, 2003  --  New chapters from Ajora Fravashi and Senashenta in the Fanfiction section. Also a minor update to Meimi's cd page in the Junk section.
-  March 9, 2003  --  New chapters from The Ambitious Blank and Midori Kou in the Fanfiction section. And, uh, fixed up that little title problem on City of Angels. Oops. Also a minor update to Meimi's cd page in the Junk section.
-  March 5, 2003  --  New fanfic author in the Fanfiction section: Midori Kou.
-  February 25, 2003  --  New chapters from Senashenta and Meimi in the Fanfiction section as well as a new author: The Ambitious Blank. Also, two new wallpapers up on the Computer Goodies page in the Junk section.
-  February 18, 2003  --  A new fanfic by BlueMoonEmpress and a new chapter from Senashenta in the Fanfiction section. And of course, yet another update to Meimi's cd page in the Junk section.
-  January 28, 2003  --  One more new fanfic author added to the Fanfiction section: ainokitsune. Meimi is productive. Really.
-  January 27, 2003  --  Two new fanfic authors in the Fanfiction section: James Nero and Senashenta. Hopefully, more will be on the way soon, Meimi's just waiting on confirmation email messages.
-  January 24, 2003  --  A minor update to Meimi's cd page in the Junk section. Fanfiction will be updated as soon as she can figure out what all is supposed to go up.
-  January 20, 2003  --  The winner of the fan-art contest has finally been announced. Yay! Meimi's cd page in the Junk section has also been updated. Next update will probably be fanfics, which she's been slacking at like you wouldn't believe.
-  January 5, 2003  --  The entries to the Fan-Art Contest have been posted, judging will take place (hopefully) in the next few days.
-  December 5, 2002  --  A minor update to Meimi's cd page in the Junk section. She likes bragging, oh yes she does.
-  November 13, 2002  --  A small update on Meimi's cd page in the Junk section.
-  November 4, 2002  --  New chapter by Ajora for Knight of Swords and new chapters by Quatre's Girl for Covered in Darkness
-  November 1, 2002  --  The Tarnished Wings fanart contest has officially begun. Come one, come all the prize is really good. Meimi also finally updated the links page (took long enough).
-  October 22, 2002  --  Yeah, we moved. Again. Sorry, the lack of speed at phoenix was really pissing Meimi off. So, she went out and bought her own server space. Because of that, we have our own Oekaki board now! Yay!
-  October 5, 2002  --  Minor update to Meimi's braggin- er, cd page in the Junk section. More updates to come, if Meimi can get off her ass and actually do them.
-  August 13, 2002  --  New fanart by Loveable Josie and a new fanfic author: Authoress K. C.
-  August 6, 2002  --  Big update in the Fanfiction section: new authors, new fanfics and new chapters for older fics.
-  August 3, 2002  --  Changed the Opinions section over to the Junk section because it has more junk in it. Said junk includes more opinions (of course) and computer goodies.
-  August 2, 2002  --  Shhh, be vewwy vewwy quiet, Meimi is updating. Don't jinx it. A big update (finally), though you can't really tell as it's just an update for one section: The Characters. Go there and click on the "Other" link to see what it's all about. Meimi is rather proud of it.
-  March 25, 2002  --  New chapter by Ajora Fravashi for Knight of Swords and a slightly bigger update planned in a week or so once I can finish htmlizing stuff.
-  March 9, 2002  --  New fic by Meimi: Into Darkness Shall I Fall
-  February 27, 2002  --  Our anniversary run has come to its end. With the end has come new fanfics by Ajora, Ashna and Lisa and new chapter for Quatre's Girl. We also have a new fanartist: Loveable Josie. No, you're not seeing things, the Characters page had a little revamping done. So check it out.
-  Feb. through Nov. 2001  --  Update Log