Flame Mocking

Admittedly, we're not above pointing out when someone's acting like an idiot. And since said idiots are smearing our little shrine in the process, we just can't resist the temptation. Enjoy!


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: toshy
Homepage: http://Iam not telling
Hometown: Iam not telling

Meimi: You -do- know that I and am are two different words right?

your so fucking out of your mind

Meimi: That's you're (you are). And no no no, I'm sick and twisted. Get it right.

Ajora: I think I shall take that as a compliment coming from someone who can't spell.

it's Davis and ken !

Meimi: Wait wait wait. According to Toei it's 'Miyako and Ken'. But since we're ignoring canon in the -first- place, what does it matter?

Ajora: I beg to differ. Obviously, it's Ryo and Ken. Ryo had Ken first. So there. However, as far as Toei's concerned, see Meimi's response.

you guys suck more then a slut sucks dicks

Meimi: And again, that's 'than' not 'then'. And really, resorting to making comments on something -you- couldn't possibly know is rather telling.

Ajora: Really, flinging insults is awfully immature. Shouldn't you be going back to class, dear?

tk is cute

Ajora: Yes, I think TK's cute too. Especially when he's being nice and gentlemanly and forfeiting his own ride home for Ken's sake.

Meimi: Mmhmm, methinks I am sensing something here...

if you don't change this I am gonna be fucking made

Meimi: Made? Do you mean 'mad'? Like we'd care if you're mad or not. We did state up front on the main page that we'd laugh at anybody who tried to argue with us about it. ::laughing now::

Ajora: Go find a Daiken/Kensuke shrine somewhere if this offends you. Trust me, you'll have no trouble finding them.

plus we don't care about there other names we like there canadan names you lozers

Meimi: And this time it's 'their', buttcrack for brains, not there. Wait a minute, I didn't think Saban did dubbing in Canada. I thought that was DiC. Oh and also, that's 'losers' dork. Speaking of which, do please remember that it's spelled 'Canadian' with a capitalization.

Ajora: I do believe Digimon was dubbed in the US, not Canada. Oh, and I simply *must* beg your forgiveness, as I've seen more of Digimon in Japanese than in English and therefore am much more used to the Japanese names.

I don't fucking care

Ajora: Then why are you flaming us?

Meimi: You don't care so much that you have to type out this wonderful message, a perfect example of the lack of education in the continental North America, and post it up on our guestbook. Right.

ik just a cartoon

Ajora: I do not understand this 'ik' thing. What is an 'ik'?

Meimi: Yet again, buttcrack, it is 'it's' not ik. Though, ik says a lot about your message.

I think tk is cute .

Ajora: Yes, I think we have already established that.

Meimi: And this again. I think I see where this is coming from now. Toshy the buttcrack seems to have an infatuation with 'tk'. In fact, I would hazard a guess that toshy has either written a Mary Sue fic where the Mary Sue 'gets' TK; or has even written a horrible Takari fic where Kari expresses more personality quirks of the -writer- than her own characteristics.

Ajora: I'm so glad I'm smart enough not to bury myself too deeply into fandoms. I don't think I can take this kind of thing regularly.

Meimi: In closing, stupidity runs rampant throughout the Digimon fandom and has finally produced our first genuine idiot. I hope you feel -proud- toshy.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: Hikari

Ajora: Why is someone impersonating Hikari?

Meimi: I kinda feel sorry for Hikari. It's bad enough that they made her such a side character in 02, but she also has these people running around with her name plastered on them in an attempt to impersonate the poor girl.

No offence, but have you ever considered profesional help?

Ajora: No, but Ryo-san has a restraining order on me now, and Ken and Takeru are considering one. Does that count?

Meimi: No offense, but it's -offense- with an S, unless you're British (which I highly doubt). You know they teach these kind of pronunciation and spelling quirks in grade school. Maybe 'Hikari' should pay more attention. As for professional help, maybe you should seek out a tutor for that little spelling problem.


Meimi: Wow, all caps. That's so hard to pull off, I'm ever so impressed. </sarcasm>

Ajora: Says someone going under the name Hikari. Lemme guess, big Takari fan. Wow, I think this is the first time we've been flamed by one! ... Why has it taken this long?

Ken should only be w/ Yolei!

Meimi: We prefer to call her by her original name, Miyako. And this is a 'fandom' site not a 'canon' site so what do we care who Toei decided to stick the poor dears with?

Haven't you guys seen the last episode of season 2????

Meimi: *singsong* Somebody didn't read the main page. I officially dub this impersonator a dork.

Ajora: I do seem to recall that we stuck "We saw episode 50 and don't give a damn" somewhere on the main page...

and TK?!?!

Meimi: *blinks owlishly* What's wrong with Takeru?

OK, TK does NOT swing that way!

Meimi: *snerks* Like you'd know that, dork. Besides, he has such a stunning example of gayness in his life. It's named Yamato. And don't even try the 'haven't you seen the last episode of season 2' bit again. If you had read the main page, you'd know our response to that sort of question.

Ajora: Like Meimi said, this is a fan site. Besides, how do *you* know anything about Takeru's orientation? There *is* such a thing as bisexuality, and this *is* a site run by a couple of fangirls who are into that kind of thing. If you don't like it, there are many, many other Takari sites to see out there.

Meimi: In closing, idiots who look at the title of the page and simply must flame it without even reading the main page deserve to be mocked.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: ?
Hometown: ?

Meimi: Wow, named after their hometown. How cute. </sarcasm>

Ajora: I feel like I'm in a videogame and confronting a mysterious NPC who will later turn out to be the lackey of an evil villain. Or something.

You are so crazy.

Ajora: And who are you to judge?

Meimi: And again, Wow. Starting out by mentioning the assumed state of our mental capacities. I'm so impressed. </sarcasm>


Ajora: But where's the fun in that? Besides, I think some fangirl's mascot from another yaoi-friendly site has dibs on Tai's hair. And we would not want to get in the way of Taichi-obsessed tokomons.

Meimi: Hmm, let's see. Rule 1: check (okay, replace fic with webpage). Rule 2: check. Rule 3: well, it's not much but I guess it'll count, check. Rule 4: check. Rule 5: check. Rule 6: it's short and sweet so, check. Rule 7: check. Rule 8: nope, doesn't apply since 7 caught it. Rule 9: well, he did make a comment on our mental processes so, check. Rule 10: doesn't apply, damn. Hmm, so many checks, this person must hold the 10 Steps to Successful Flaming as their bible. I wonder how much it would damage their faith to be told that was just written as a joke? Man, Silver must be laughing her ass off right now.

Meimi: In closing, don't take shiny colored pills from strangers. And certainly don't take them before getting online. Drugs and surfing don't mix.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: sam
Hometown: hjfhjfhjfhjfhjhjhjfghjfghjfghjfghjghj

Meimi: *blinks* Just learning how to type?

Ajora: Hey, neat name for a place. Too bad it's unpronounceable.

those fan arts you have are with ken and tk right well there gay

Ajora:I did not know that :o! I really wish someone would tell me these things!

Meimi: Really? I never would have guessed! Thanks for informing us of this monumental finding. We should tell everyone this ever so elusive fact on the main page! ... </sarcasm> Oh, wait. We already did that.

Ajora: Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to bury myself back into the wonderful 8-bit monochrome world of Tag Tamers...

Meimi: In closing, let me give a few pointers. 1. Finish learning how to type. 2. Ask your English teacher about the difference between there and they're and their. 3. Read the main page. That way, you might not look like such an idiot... though I wouldn't hold my breath.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: Takeru's GIRL
Hometown: in Takeru's arms

Meimi: Somebody's taking their obsession a little bit too far. You do realize there's a difference between reality and fantasy right?

Ajora: Man, I wish I was that deluded. Life might actually be interesting. Unfortunately, my mental health is relatively stable. Damn.

ok.. im ok with yaoi, gay, yuri, lesbians, but c'mon.. dont mess with takeru..

Ajora: But messing with Takeru is almost as fun as messing with Ken! How can we not do so? He's so cute and he looks great side by side with Ken... Among other things...

Meimi: Wow, that's a lie if ever I saw one. If you were okay with them you wouldn't care that we're pairing two imaginary characters together in a relationship. I'm sorry Ken, Takeru! But it's true, you're just paper and ink. Oh, the humanity!

and besides.. little kids like digimon.. and look for digimon sites.. i really would not like it if my little sister happened upon this site.. she loves digimon and ken is her fave char.

Meimi: A) The words 'gay', 'sex' and 'homosexual' appear on the main page. Net Nanny and other such programs should easily catch our page. If they don't, then you really should complain. Not that I approve of such programs because of B) It is not our job to protect other people's children from what the parents think is indecent. That's their job. If they're leaving their kids alone on the computer then they're basically asking for it. Not doing so hot in your arguments are you, twit?

Ajora: While it's nice that you're concerned about what your sister runs into online, we're not here to babysit every little kid that runs into our personal site that would be off-limits to any computer with NetNanny and so on. Personally, I'm proud that my youngest sister is mature enough to actually read, understand, and like my yaoi fics.

i dont care if yu put me in the flame section.. all the more power to ya..

Ajora: We're putting this in the flames section anyway. Sorry, we couldn't resist!

Meimi: Aw, I think you just wrote this flame to get in here. And since we're such nice people, wish granted.

yur fucking sick..

Meimi: Thank you! Thank you! Finally, somebody got it right. You could have made it better though by spelling 'you're' correctly. But eh, I guess you can't really expect intelligence from flamers.

Ajora: I love how all the flamers like to say we're sick or mentally unstable. Although I do wonder just why it is that flamers insist on doing so when it's been done over and over again...

takeru isnt that way.. ken is iffy.. but not takeru!!

Ajora: And unless your name is really Akiyoshi Hongo, you have no real right to say something like this. Hell, a lot of my gay male friends don't look gay or act gay either. Looks and actions do not fully reveal one's sexuality. I really wish people would realize this...

Meimi: You couldn't possibly know that unless you were the creator of Digimon... which you obviously aren't. But as Ajora has said earlier, there's such a thing as bisexuality and the anime franchise is good about using the possibility of that type of thing to help sell their products. Oh wait, you probably don't know anything about real anime, much less how the business works... my mistake. I'll try to keep my comments simpler so that you can understand them better.

try ken & davis!! they work!

Meimi: Whatever for? There are more than enough Kensuke/Daiken fans and fan-sites out there. Why add another? Besides, as hard as this might be for someone like you to understand, we actually like this pairing better than most others. Yes, shocking, I know.

Ajora: But that's already been done so much by every Daiken/Kensuke fan on either side of the Pacific. Meimi and I actually like doing something different, and this pairing is both different enough and it contains our two favorite characters. Why follow a pairing that only has one of our favorite characters when we can have both?

but takeru is straight!

Ajora: Yeah, people thought one of my best friends was straight too until he got himself a boyfriend. Goes to show that you can't judge one's orientation by their looks or actions. Wait, didn't I say this before?

Meimi: And this again. You're not the creator of Digimon. You couldn't know that for certain. You know, there's that little fantasy/reality line again... maybe you should ask for some help in determining where it is since you're having so much trouble with it.

Ajora: Really, I find it somewhat entertaining and yet somewhat sad when people like this flame those of us who actually like pairings that aren't mainstream and likely never will be. I can remember when Kensuke/Daiken wasn't mainstream, and yet enjoy the irony of having a Kensuke/Daiken fan flame us. People, remember the roots of your fandoms. Then maybe you won't be so quick as to flame others.

Meimi: In closing, we're basically an online bookstore here at Wings, and we have a wonderfully burgeoning romance section. Anyone who has read a romance novel will know what I'm hinting at. ^_~ And just like any normal bookstore, the supervision of your children is up to you, not the staff. Now for the twit, maybe you should tell your parents about that little problem you're having with fantasy and reality. The doctors have nice little drugs for that kind of thing.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: Synia

Meimi: *sniggering* Damn, I'm still laughing over this one.

Are you people really girls or just guys who wanna be girls.

Meimi: Oh well, I would hope so, otherwise my mother and the doctors were blind... and just think about the horror the gynecologist would have to go through.

Ajora: I'm a woman who dresses as a guy, does that count?

PEople like you agitate me off.

Meimi: I can't tell you what that means to me coming from you.

Ajora: Improper context. The expression is "... piss me off", it doesn't make sense the way you phrased that. Of course, I don't expect flamers to pay attention to things like this.

I have nothing against gays, I really don't.

Ajora: Uhuh. Right. And I'm Elizabeth Bathory.

Meimi: Riiiiight. I think I'll come back to this one a bit later to show you an example of just how truthful that must be with what you say later on.

It's just that Tk ain't gay, an asshole, yes. gay,no.

Ajora: High ones above, it's this again. Can't you people come up with anything more creative than "TK isn't gay"? And really, Takeru is much less of an asshole than most people.

Meimi: Eh, can't you people come up with something new? We've done the 'Takeru isn't gay' routine more than enough to drive home the point that A) you're not one of the creators of the series so you wouldn't know anyway and B) there is such a thing as bisexuality. Look it up in a dictionary or so on, you might actually learn something that way. Now, for the asshole comment. Well, they're all just pre-teens who probably have the mental development of fifteen year olds or more considering all their travails in the Digital World. So, being 'teens' in mind if not in body they're allowed to have their moments of asshole-ness.

As for Ken, while I was completely obsessed with him the idea of him having that sexual prefefrence ain't that far off.

Meimi: Uhuh. Let me guess, Kensuke/Daiken fan, or at least pretending to be one to appear openminded? And people wonder why that particular sub-fandom has such a bad name to it. It's people like this who are the ones making it that way.

Ajora: <DQ quote> I have nothing to say here. That's right, nothing at all. </DQ quote>

If you really are a Ken fan why do you degrate the chacters like this?

Meimi: That's degrade and characters, though degrate brings interesting images to mind. *laughs hysterically* Being a fan degrades the characters? Now, if my playing with them made the actual characters flat out gay on the show, I would be happy as a peach. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. I'm just a happy little fan with a twisted imagination who likes playing around with imaginary characters in my fics. I know I've said this before, but I guess you need the point driven home again. They're not real people. They're paint on little plastic sheets that get put together to form an anime series. The voice actors are just playing the characters, they're not the actual people. So how do you degrade something that isn't real in the first place? I'd really like an explanation of that.

Ajora: That's "degrade", by the way. And personally I don't see anything degrading about pairing him up with my favorite male character in 02. Ken and Takeru *are* quite alike, after all. Also, I really don't see how any of this is degrading to something that's not real in the first place.

I mean, would you like it if someone went around screaming about YOU being a lesbian? huh? HUH?

Ajora: You know, I really wouldn't care. Why? Because that kind of thing is not only really immature, but it also assumes that being called a lesbian is a BAD thing. And as I tend to swing both ways, it does have a bit of truth in it. Now where's your argument?

Meimi: And I care about a rumor some idiot might feel like spreading about me? You know, that's really a high school thing (and I didn't particularly care about that bit of idiocy back then either) and probably wouldn't happen these days anyway since high school was a long time ago for me. And even if it did, I really just wouldn't... care? You see, I have friends and family who wouldn't care anyway if I really -was-. So, that sorta kills the point you were trying to make now doesn't it? And that being said, let's get back to the 'you not having a problem with gays' point. You know why I'm bringing it back? Because your previous statement shows that you do have a problem with them. After all, a real openminded person wouldn't really care either way about somebody else calling another girl a lesbian.

Well you probaly won't read this so...

Ajora: Now now, we read our guestbook daily just for little gems like this to poke fun of.

Meimi: *singsong* Somebody didn't look at the rest of the page. Of course we read our guestbook. We like it a great deal and you're really asking for it. Enjoy the mocking!

WHat is it with stupid teenage girls making cartoon chacters gay?

Meimi: I don't know, haven't been at that stage of growth in awhile. At any rate, why the hell not? They're just imaginary characters after all. Oh, and why is it these idiots who make assumptions about us keep forgetting the first three letters of assume? You do know that it destroys any credence you might have had in your opinion?

Ajora: Gee, I don't know seeing as I haven't been a teenager in several years. Whatever gave you the impression we were teenagers anyway? Assumptions like that only lead to making yourself look ridiculous.

I just don't get it.

Meimi: Wow! A truthful statement. I'm ever so impressed. If you ever learn to actually be openminded, then you will understand. But I'm not going to hold my breath on it happening.

Ajora: Here, have a cookie. No, it's not laced with tetradotoxin. Really.

If someone could just explain this to me...

Meimi: *laughs some more* It's explained on the main page, if that's not simple enough for you then I don't know what is. Ah well, one can't expect much from flamers anyway.

Ajora: It's really simple, but I don't think we can phrase it in any simpler way that isn't already on the main page. Terribly sorry.

Meimi: In closing, pretending you're 'okay' with 'gay' people isn't really going to win you any points especially considering how transparent the ploy is. Of course, the fact that you're flaming says all that the rest of us really need to know about you. And no, I will not 'degrate' anybody in any of my fics. The rest of you can just push that little bunny right out of your heads.


Original flame from the Tarnished Wings Guestbook.

Name: Jo-Anna

Meimi: Why do I suddenly feel like I've stepped into the mountains of North Carolina?

Ajora: I feel the sudden urge to look for country music on WinMX...

You frothy fen-sucked flax-wenches!

Ajora: That made less sense than a Scientology book.

Meimi: Aw, trying to show off the fact that you like renaissance style? Somehow I doubt you've even been to a Ren Fair.

Takeru is my pimp-daddy, not Ken's!

Ajora: Okay, people. For the sake of your future in the human society, please talk to a clinical psychologist and have these delusions taken care of.

Meimi: Flamers these days really seem to be having some serious trouble with the reality/fantasy line don't they?

That's right you little pieces of ruttish reeling-ripe ratsbane! Takeranna forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Meimi: Come on, you can stop with the fancy insults already. You're not George Carlin, he at least sounds somewhat witty. Oh, and Mary Sue-isms don't impress anyone very much at all. You might want to reign that in if you want -anyone- to -ever- take you seriously.

Ajora: Mary Sue, Mary Sue!

Oh, come on. You know it's true. You're just jealous. I can't help it if I have such a nice, big, wonderful butt and you want it.

Meimi: Wow! You must have a stellar psychiatric bill. But no, that really doesn't impress me... much less anyone else. And far be it for me to dash your hopes, but morons who post blatant idiocy in our guestbook don't really 'spark' my interest. Sorry... well, not really.

Ajora: Eww, big butt. No way. I do NOT go for big-assed women. Shoo, foul succubus.

So why don't you artless common-kissing canker-blossoms go back to the tree you came out of, since Ken and Takeru will be too busy with me to have any time for you. Wow, then we can see sap going into a tree. Won't that be fun?

Ajora: Artless? Show me your personal art and let's see how much better you are. And no stealing from other artists. That's bad. What's also bad is these feeble attempts at insults. Really, Shakespeare was SO much better at this than you.

Meimi: Actually, we don't have trees around here, just big ass rose bushes with trunks that I could probably maim somebody with if I decided to cut one of them off. But by all means, feel free to remain in your little fantasy world, I'm sure the psychiatrists appreciate your family paying most of their salary.

Well, I hear Takeru calling me. It's time for my spanking. Before I leave, I'm gonna tell you kinky little perverts to leave town now and take your site with ya. Or else it will be... SHOT GUN TIME! HA HA HA! GUTS!

Ajora: ... Okay then. What town would you want us to leave? You really should be more specific. And a shotgun, bah. Come out to west Texas and I can show you a REAL gun *strokes the semi-automatic MAC-90*

Meimi: Hmm... well, I suppose I could try. You know those little characters you see on the tv and think are real? Well, they're not. They don't know you. They don't care about you. And they certainly don't want to get it on with you. Do you know why? Because they're not real. They're ink and paint and bits of data sent out to entertain the semi-sane people of the world. Unfortunately, they can't keep people like you from watching so we can't really blame them for your obvious problems. I can only hope that the psychiatrists have a better paying patient come along so they can eventually cure you. As for our site, it's not going anywhere anytime soon and I truly doubt you know how to handle a firearm. *smiles pleasantly* Myself, on the other hand...

Ajora: People, this is what those nice shrinks are for. Ken, Takeru, et al are not real. Terribly sorry to shatter your world with that statement, really.

Meimi: In closing... I really don't have anything to say. I think it's all been said already. Just enjoy the laughs and the knowledge that most of us are so much smarter than this that it's starting to not be funny anymore.