By: Mabis


    Everyone turned around to see Taichi pointing to a bug that was sitting on a rock. There was nothing particularly unusual with this bug, although with this being the Digital World, being normal was unusual in and of itself. It was just a black, beetle-like bug, no bigger than a finger tip. Hardly something to get excited about.

    "It's a bug, everyone!" Taichi yelled as he studied the insect.

    Everyone gathered around the bug, and saw that there wasn't anything to get excited about. Seeing as the bug posed no danger, the kids' digimon took the opportunity to get some rest, and huddled in a pile a short distance away.

    "I say we smash it!" Taichi again yelled out, this time looking for something to end the black beetle's life.

    "Why would you want to smash it?" Yamato yelled at Taichi, "It didn't do anything to you!"

    "Yeah, but it's just siting there!"

    "That doesn't give you the right to kill it!"

    The other kids, knowing that yet another fight between the two boys was eminent, turned away from the shouting and focused their attention back on the bug.

    "I wonder why this bug is out here like this," Sora wondered out loud, "I hope it's not hurt or anything."

    "I think I can figure out what kind of bug it is, or at least, our world's equivalent to it," Koushirou said, pulling out his trusty Pineapple computer he carried wherever he went.

    Jou studied the bug for a moment before saying, "I hope it's not poisonous. There's no way we'd be able to cure someone who got bit by a deadly beetle."

    "Don't worry about it," Koushirou replied, "It's probably not poisonous, and even if it was, nobody would die by being bit from it." He paused for a moment, as he read some data from his screen. "Unless, of course, someone is allergic to that particular bug. Then the allergic reaction might kill them."

    "Oh great," Jou mumbled, "Now let's just hope no one's allergic to it."

    "I don't see what all the fuss is over a dumb bug!" Mimi exclaimed. "It's not even cute. In fact, it's downright ugly!"

    "Ah, but I think it's cute," Takeru piped up. He gently picked up the bug and let it crawl around his hand. "I'll name you Blackie, since you're all black."

    Just then, Taichi and Yamato broke up their fight, and Yamato saw that the bug was crawling on Takeru's hand.

    "Takeru!" Yamato said, rushing over to his little brother, "Don't let that thing crawl around your hand, who knows what it is!" He was about to knock the insect away, but just at that moment, it spread the wings it had under it's shell and flew away.

    "Awww, Yamato," Takeru sniffled, "You chased Blackie away."

    "Sorry about that," The older replied, "I just didn't want it to hurt you."

    "Well, now that the bug is gone, let's get going!" Taichi yelled out.

    Yamato turned to the big haired boy and replied, "Hey, you're the one who stopped in the first place."

    "Enough, you two," Sora said, "Let's just go."

    All seven of them agreed, and everyone started walking away from the rock the bug first was sighted at, their digimon following right behind them.

    "Humans are so strange," Agumon said to the rest of the digital monsters, who all nodded in agreement.