Hello, welcome to what I hope to be one of the larger Jou and/or Koushirou fanfic
archives on the net.  Here you'll find fanfiction focusing on either Jou, Koushirou, or both.
And yes, there will also be Joushirou fics, as well.  Everything up to limes/pg-13 will be
here.  Lemons have their own page at the bottom.

Fanfiction by Mabis

A little fic about the 01 kids finding a...Bug!

*Almost Home Free*
We've all seen the episode, right?  Well, I always thought the show
cut out a few things that happened between Joe and Izzy, so I
transcribed that scene, and added bits of fic where the show left off.
(Dub names are used since I am talking about the dub.)

*The End of the World*
Jou and Koushirou show Takeru the wrong program, and get
caught red-handed. ^^

*Computer Games*
Jou has some computer problems, and Koushirou
reluctantly agrees to help out.

*Sweet Brotherly Love*
(Version A)
Shin must confront the very real evils of incest
(One sided shinjou, rated R for mature subject matter)

*Sweet Brotherly Love*
(Version B)
A rewriting of the first one.  I think this one is better,
and besides, this one provides for nice sequel material. ^^

*A Bright Future Awaits*
Part one of an eventual series.
Iori gives Jou and Koushirou some  surprising news
about the future (hints of eventual Joushirou).

*Firestorm and Snowfall*
A look at the differences between Jou and Koushirou's
relationship versus that of Taichi and Yamato's.

Fanfiction by Others

By: Drie
A cute, fluffy take on the fairy tale "Rapunzel," but featuring Jou and Koushirou.

Memories Series
By: Trixie
A series of stories of a married Jou and Koushirou raising their own little girl.
*Night Duty*
*Playing Games* (lime)

by: Trixie
A Jou and Koushirou friendship fic. Jou, Koushirou, and a Monster.

By: Trixie
Another friendship fic, this time it's Jou, Koushirou, and some ice cream.

*Not My Problem*
By: K-1
Jou and Koushirou's relationship, from a friend's
point of view.

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