Welcome to the Lemon section of my site.  Here's where I'll be
putting all the NC-17 stuff, namely lemon fanfics and lemon fanart.

Yes, these fics will contain explicit male x male sex.
These are definitely for mature readers only.  Please, if this offends
you, go back to the general fic page.

*Nightmares and Dreams*
By: Mabis
An angsty, sappy Joushirou fic, set eight years after 02.
Jou finds himself falling in love with his best friend Koushirou.
(Joushirou, mentions of Yamachi)

*Long Nights*
By: Mabis
A pwp with some plot. Jou comes home depressed,
and Koushirou is determined to make him feel better.

10,000 hits giftfic!  Woo!
Jou is at the library, and he can't seem to concentrate at all.
(Joukou/koujou, about as pwp as I get, which isn't saying much)

The Price of Friendship
*Act I: Shattered*
*Act II: Darkness Descends*
By: Trixie
A very angsty darkfic, Koushirou finds himself
drifting away from the rest of the Chosen Childeren.
(Hints of Jyoushiro, Yamachi, Mira)

*Not the Dark*
By: K-1
An AU fic, Koushirou is a pleasure slave to Jou.
(one sided Joushirou)

*Full Moon Series*
By: K-1
A vampire Jou and a warewolf Koushirou
(AU, Joushirou)

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