Ryo and/or Osamu fics, yo. I'll accept pretty much any submission that's either Osamu or Ryo oriented, although anything not suited for kiddies to read (lemons or R-rated romance, however much I may love them) will be put in the Ura page. I'm not particularly picky so long as something is written in character.

Fanfics by Ajora Fravashi -

Fanfic by Ori -
Computer Repair - A few journal entries from Ryou, about Osamu. (Semi-AU, PG-13, same-sex romance)

Fanfic by Shimegami-chan -
On The Other Side - Two children in the Digital World wait in an endless mockery of time, anticipating the birth and death of evil, and contemplating the birth and death of themselves. (Ryo & Osamu)

Fanfic by Without Morals -
Thoughts - Based on the Digimon Wonderswan games, various characters think of their roles... (Millenniumon's Thoughts | Ryo's Thoughts)

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