Level - Child (Japanese), Rookie (English)
Attribute - Vaccine
Type - small dragon
Attacks - Beat Knuckle, Crack Bite
Forms - Ketomon, Hopmon, Monodramon, Strikedramon, Cyberdramon, Justimon

Extra information - Monodramon holds the unique position of being the one digimon designed solely to be Ryo's partner, though in Brave Tamer he was assigned to Ryo for the time being and it wasn't until much later that the partnership was sealed in an unexpected plot twist.

In the beginning, Monodramon meant to act only as a guide. However, when the ENIAC tells him to fight with Ryo, he reacts with surprise that suggests that he wasn't expecting anything other than to complete his initial mission of bringing Ryo to the ENIAC. Soon it becomes apparently that Monodramon has a very slight stuttering problem that kicks in when surprised, stressed, or otherwise thrown off balance. An eternally curious creature, Monodramon's desire to discover things can be problematic at times. Additionally, he has a keen sense of smell that comes quite in handy when Millenniumon sends his human clones to destroy the ENIAC and Atanasoff. He has Ryo's best interests in mind and wants to help when he can, even to the point of speaking for Ryo, but at times seems frustrated at times by Ryo's silence. While normally laid back, Monodramon can be stubborn if necessary, a trait that ultimately locks his fate with Millenniumon.

Monodramon is a pinnacle of stability when compared to Millenniumon. He is playful, reliable, and forgiving. They are almost total opposites, yet the common desire of wanting to be Ryo's sole partner is what brings them together.

Other published data -

(from Koushiki Daizukan Volume VI, published by V-Jump. Page 21)
Number: 274
Name: Monodramon
Level: Child
Type: Vaccine kind, Small dragon type
Certain Kill Skill: Beat Knuckle, Shadow Wing
Strong Point Skill: -
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
Likes: Machines with buttons
Hates: Shouting

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