Anode/Cathode Tamer

Release Date: December 16, 1999
Price: 2800 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan

Day 1

The game asks for a name, and since we all know who this is by the big blocky letters on his satchel, I'm calling him Ryo. The setting is New Year's Eve, 1999, in a mediocre house (that's two stories high, not bad at all), in a mediocre residential area. This is where our adventure begins (and yes, I'm translating pretty much from the opening).

It's during the school's winter vacation that the Akiyamas get a "modest" Christmas/New Year's present: a brand new computer. First thing Ryo does when he gets it is get online and starts yapping away. Ah, geekdom. The discussion he runs into is about the event in the summer that was dismissed as a terrorist attack, and he does remember witnessing it. Someone explains that the digimon were responsible. More discussion about this event occurs, then the power seems to fluxuate, making Ryo rise from his chair, glance outside, and look back at the screen where Agumon appears.

Agumon says that they need help, and that everyone is waiting. He once again stresses that they need Ryo's help. A digivice then appears and Agumon pleads with Ryo to touch it. Ryo isn't too keen on the idea and evades for a bit before Agumon gets more urgent, saying they need his strength. Sighing miserably, Ryo reaches out and grabs the digivice. The screen sparkles, flashes, and blacks out.

After some calling out to an unconscious Ryo, the boy eventually wakes up to the Digital World and Agumon poking him. Startled at Agumon's apearance, he can do nothing but gape until Agumon introduces himself. Ryo then wonders if this is a dream. However, Agumon says it isn't and that they are now in the Digital World. Ryo then looks around and says that this is too weird a place for him to understand and that it can't reasonably exist. But, if he's seeing Agumon now and if he really is inside his own computer, something must be going on.

Deciding to strike conversation, Agumon asks if Ryo's computer isn't really his father's. Defensive, Ryo says that it's none of his business, then relents and admits that he's really just borrowing it. Then, trying to direct things elsewhere, he asks how he's expected to help. Agumon then gets into the plot and says that somehow Chimeramon and Mugendramon united into one digimon. Devimon and Etemon have also returned to power. And yes, Ryo's supposed to take care of them on his own. Poor kid.

The screen flashes while Ryo's starting to have even more misgivings, and the ground splits under the two. They fall into a pit, and Agumon asks Ryo if he's okay once he rights himself. More plot. I really wish the Wonderswan was capable of kanji, that would make translating so much easier. Eventually, as Agumon goes into just how deep the crap really is, Ryo just gives a nervous laugh, says it's a dream and that he's been playing too many games. Before he can continue, Kuwagamon shows up and knocks Ryo off his feet. Agumon then leaps in to protect Ryo, and the Digital World's longest battle takes place. I really need a better copy of this game.

Days 2-6

Look at the script and draw your own conclusions.

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