Tag Tamers

Release Date: December 16, 1999
Price: 2800 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan
Translated by Ajora Fravashi. Completed 2015-05-19

Narrator: Please enter a name. (Name given: Ryou)

(Image: A suburb of identical houses with business buildings and a mountain in the background. This could be pretty much any suburb in Japan)

Narrator: As the light fades on the evening of New Year’s Eve, in an average house in a peaceful residential area, the long, long adventure begins here.

(Image: Akiyama household, a two-story post-war house that looks to be prefab/panel-built. There looks to be a business building in the background, and trees between it and the house. The yard is walled-in. So there's money in the family, but not as much as fandom seems to think (especially given what's next in the narration). We don't know if it's owned or just rented, or how suburban it is.)

Narrator: His name is Ryo. He is on winter break from school, and his father promised him for a while that he would buy him a new computer as a Christmas and New Year's present today.

(Image: Ryo typing away at a laptop computer. He's in a chatroom.)

> Take: Hi! It's weird to be chatting on New Year's Eve, isn't it? Speaking of weird, do you remember that incident in the summer?

> Maa-kun: I remember! Wasn't there a guy saying it was something like a sudden earthquake?

> UK: I know! But was it an earthquake? My parents were saying it was a terrorist attack?

> Take: Well... That guy said it was because of the digimon!

> UK: Seriously! Is he for real?

> Maa-kun: Eh, but... That guy who said that? Was he a famous geek or something?

> Take: Well, um... Wash't his name Taichi?

(Image: Ryo rises from his chair as the power goes out.)

Ryo: Huh? A power failure?

(Image: Agumon appears on Ryo's computer screen.)

Agumon: Ryo! Help us! Taichi and Yamato and everyone was caught... Help... Help us!

(Image: A wild digivice appears. Command?)

Agumon: Ryo! Touch it! Touch the digivice to come to our world!

Ryo: Wha--! What's this? A... digivice? That's it? To help... How!

Agumon: Everyone was caught! We need Ryo's power!

Ryo: I'm not sure I understand, but that guy wants me to touch it, right? Ah! I get it.

(Image: Ryo grabs the digivice)

Ryo (expression change, resigned): Whoa, what's this?!

Ryo (expression change, surprised; digivice sparkles): Ahh!*1

(Image: Screen goes black)

Ryo's mother: Ryo? The breaker tripped; couldn't you take a moment to look at it? Eh? Ryo? Where'd you go? ... Ryo? Ryo--? *2

(Scene fades to the Digital World, where Agumon is poking an unconscious Ryo.)

Agumon: Ryo? C'mon, Ryo!*3

(Ryo wakes up, has surprised expression)

Ryo: Wha-! What are you? ... And where are we?

Agumon: I'm Agumon. You're Ryo, right? I've been waiting!

Ryo: Waiting... Agumon...? Is this a dream?

Agumon: It's not, it's not! This isn't a dream! This is the Digital World. It's the world within the digital network, in machines like a game or computer!

(Ryo looks around)

Ryo (resigned): Mm. I thought this was a weird place. But a digital world*4, you said?

Ryo (normal): Oh, hey, weren't you in my computer a little while ago? Agumon, you said?

Agumon: I thought it was Ryo's papa's computer?

Ryo (annoyed): It's fine*5! I was just borrowing it.

Ryo (normal): Hey, Agumon? Why am I here? You said something about help?

Agumon: It was supposed to be all over! Mugendramon and Chimeramon became one! The Digital World's time axis slipped and revived the defeated Devimon and Etemon!

Ryo: A- Agumon!

Ryo (resigned): Explain more slowly! What are you saying...

Agumon: So... The network's time axis went screwy and made another world and Chimeramon and Mugendramon...

Ryo (resigned): Augh--! I don't understand at all.

(The screen flashes and the ground splits, and Ryo and Agumon fall in)

Ryo (surprised): Ahh!

(They land at the bottom)

Agumon: Ow. Ryo, you okay?

Ryo (resigned): Ah, Agumon. I'm fine.

Ryo (normal): But, what on earth is going on?

Agumon: So then, in the computer world, data has gotten odd in many places. Recently, there have been things like sudden earthquakes and floods. It's getting to be awful.

Ryo (resigned): ...? I still don't quite get it, but...

Ryo (normal): This is a computer world, right? Something's making it go strange and Agumon and his friends' venture, which was supposed to have ended, began again?

Agumon (happy): That's it, you got it.

Ryo (resigned): Hahaha... This is a dream. Too many games.

(Screen whites and Kuwagamon knocks Ryo off his feet)

Agumon: Ah! Watch out!

(Agumon moves to protect Ryo)

Ryo: Ow.

Agumon: I'll protect you, Ryo! Stay back!

(Agumon battles with Kuwagamon and Betamon. Upon their defeat, it's back to the scene)

Ryo: What was that just now?

Agumon: About that, come! To the village ahead. It'll be explained then.

(They head into town)

PetitMeramon: Ryo! We've been waiting! You came to help, right?

ToyAgumon: Agumon is tired! Because he's here, everything will be okay!

(Gennai appears)

Gennai: Thank you for coming, Chosen Child!

Ryo: Are you also human*6? Did you come to this world like me?

Gennai: No, I'm neither human or inhuman. In a nutshell, I'm like Super Gramps*7!

Ryo (resigned): ... Hah.

Gennai: Agumon did not explain to satisfaction. I'll have to explain.

(full screen of season 1 bosses)

Gennai: Once, evil digimon such as Devimon and Etemon were trying to take over the world. However, from the world of humans came the Chosen Children who, together with the power of Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and others, brought peace back to the world. But that defeat would not last.

(full screen of Millenniumon)

Gennai: Chimeramon and Mugendramon. Originally, these two accidentally created an unnatural fusion digimon. After being defeated by Taichi and the others, they fused in order to survive and were reborn into something new and abnormal*8!

Ryo: That means they turned into a terrible digimon, right?

Gennai: His name is Millenniumon! He is the root of all evil. Millenniumon's dark power is incomparable. His disruption of time is destroying this world!

Agumon: So, the evil digimon truly should have been defeated and it was all over, but now our battles have to restart!

Gennai: By all rights, those digimon who were defeated in battles should have stayed defeated. Taichi and the others are trapped. The only one I could warp here was Agumon.

Agumon: In the hopes of finding someone, I used Taichi's name to access the human world. I needed someone with enough faith to touch the digivice. Ryo. What will you do?

Ryo: I see. I'm the substitute. Chimeramon and Mugendramon fused into Millenniumon, who remains undefeated and trapped Taichi-kun and the others, who need to be saved. Agumon asked for my help for this.

Agumon (begging): Ryo! You're our only hope! Please! Help us!

Ryo (resigned): ... But how can I defeat such a strong person?

Agumon (happy): We'll assemble the digimon! If everyone combined their power, surely we'll win!

Ryo (resigned): Assemble... Even if you say that, how are we going to do that?

Gennai: Because of Millenniumon, there is a gathering of digimon troops. If we can defeat these troops one by one, we can shave down that guy's dark power. If this power is interrupted, other digimon may join us.

Agumon: If Ryo and I fight him, we won't win. But if we gather friends little by little, we should have a huge battle potential.

Gennai: First go to the cave nearest to this village. There's a small unit there that's safe to fight for now.

(Full screen of Ryo, the digimon, and Gennai)

Ryo: All right, Agumon! We'll gather friends as we fight one by one, right? I don't know what extent my power will be useful for, but I'll try!

Agumon: Thank you, Ryo! I thought you'd say that! Taichi! Wait, okay! Now we're going to help!

Ryo: Ah! Yeah, we'll help! Agumon!

(User now has control. Before entering any dungeon:)

Ryo: All right, entering the dungeon!

(Once the dungeon is cleared, a botamon hops up to Ryo and Agumon)

Botamon: Gennai-san, right, he wants to give you something! He said he wants you to go to his house!

(To Gennai's:)

Gennai: As I expected. Just one thing. Here, take this digivice.

(Full screen of Ryo with the digivice)

Ryo: It's the same as the one projected in our computer...

Gennai: The digivice is a sacred device carried by the Chosen Children. Taichi and the others use this to evolve Agumon in the others in battle.

Ryo: I wonder if I can also use it...

Gennai: ... No. Because Taichi is its bearer, you cannot master it. However, you are a Chosen Child and can use only one kind of power.

Ryo: Use only one kind of power?

Gennai: In battle with enemies, the digivice's holy power increases. This is the power you can use. That is to say, when fighting evil digimon, you can turn enemies into friends.

(Ryo and Gennai go to the newly opened pass between mountains.)

Gennai: Originally, the evil ones and obstacles faced by Taichi and the others were all eliminated through battle. As the dark power weakens, things will return to normal. Go forth, Chosen Child! It all depends on you. And I'll go back... If you need anything, come to my house.

(Upon going back to talk to Gennai:)

Gennai: The enemy's troops are hidden in a temple on the other side of that mountain. Next is that battlefield!

(When Ryo finishes the first dungeon)

Gennai: Oh! Nice clear*9! Little by little, peace will return here. Now go! You should take the next battle field!

(When the mansion dungeons are cleared, the barrier blocking the way to Devimon's mountain is cleared away)

Narrator: The enemy's position was damaged! Go forward in order to advance!

(Upon arriving at Devimon's)

Devimon: Fuhahah! I have revived to devote myself*10. Though you*11 gather numbers, such things are needless! Observe the end! My power!

(Upon his defeat, Mimi and Koushiro and their digimon are released)

Agumon: Koushiro! Mimi! You're safe now!

Mimi: Agumon! Thank you! You saved us!

Koushiro: You must be Ryo-san! I saw it*12 through my analyzer! Here, please take my analyzer! I think it'll be of use to you! Tentomon, help Agumon in our place!

Tentomon: Leave it to me, Koushiro-han!

Mimi: Palmon! I'm sending you with Ryo to help Taichi-san!

Palmon: Mimi, I'll do my best! You'll see!

(Back to Gennai's.)

Gennai: Is that so? You met with Koushiro and Mimi? It's proof that Millenniumon's power weakens. Koushiro and the others will go back to their original world. Tentomon and Palmon can remain in this land because of their digivices' power.

Tentomon: Ryo-han! I'm Tentomon, it's good to meet you!*13

Palmon: I'm Palmon! Surely if we help the others like us, Gabumon and Patamon, surely we'll gain more allies!

Agumon: That's right! Ryo! If we fight, we'll surely gain more allies! Let's do our best, Ryo!

(Fade out. Gennai gives his standard end-of-battle speech. His dialogue changes when Ryo speaks to him again.)

Gennai: The Dark Continent... The next stage is on Server Continent. Etemon lurks there! To proceed to Server Continent, use the gate I prepared!

(Ryo heads to a field south (?) of the main town, where there's a digiport. ToyAgumon runs up to stop him.)

ToyAgumon: I've been waiting. Take this, Gennai made it! Now it looks like you can go to Server Continent! Er... The incantation for the gate...? What was it? Digimon digimon penkiyasan!... Nah, that's wrong. Dang, what was it? I forgot!

(Gennai shows up)

Gennai: Foolishmon. Did you already forget? Well, it is a different language, isn't it? Ryo, are you really going to Server Continent?


Gennai: Server Continent is the dark continent where Millenniumon resides and gathers evil digimon. However, our path will surely open if we crush the enemy's position one by one! Now, stand in the gate. Now go!

(There is a stream of Digital World code and Ryo is teleported to Server, where he's greeted by PicoDevimon.)

PicoDevimon: Hi! Welcome, hero-kun*14! Heheh! Are you Ryo-sama? The one who defeated that Devimon? Wow~ Isn't that amazing? Heheh! Can the naive young master*15 defeat Etemon-sama, though?

(PicoDevimon then flies north to an enormous gate blocking the way to the next field.)

PicoDevimon: As long as there's this door, you cannot proceed from here. And, as long as Etemon-sama is around, this door will forever remain unopened!

(Player has control, goes through dungeon, ends up at Etemon on the final dungeon stage.)

Etemon: Hmph! What an impertinent brat! You'll suffer... I'll rip you beyond repair!

(Upon his defeat, he comes back for more)

Etemon: Ki--! I went easy on you, and you took advantage! N- now watch!

(Etemon summons rukamon and ganimon)

Etemon: Ushashashaa! When it comes to this, I don't care about shame or respectability! Everyone! Please give in and eat a lot!

(Defeated Etemon, rescued Sora and Takeru and their digimon)

Agumon: Takeru! Sora! Patamon! Palmon!

Sora: Ryo! Because of you, we're saved! Piyomon, I'm sending you to help him, okay!

Takeru: Patamon! I'm sending you to help Agumon in my place!

Agumon: E- everyone! Thanks!

(Outside, the massive gate opens and PicoDevimon flies about in infinity symbols.)

PicoDevimon: Eee--! E- Etemon-sama lost! Vamdemon-sama, please help!

(PicoDevimon flies up the staircase to the next screen.)

Narrator: Etemon's magic has expired and you can proceed!

(Back in town)

Gennai: Peace has returned again for a little while! Now go! The next battlefield awaits!

(Back in the field where a massive gate had previously blocked the path. Beyond that point is a series of mansion-like dungeons. PicoDevimon flies about.)

PicoDevimon: Umm~! To come to a place like this! However! You won't be able to proceed as long as Vamdemon-sama is here!

(Picodevimon then flies past Vamdemon's dungeon, the last mansion in the lot, and it's off to dungeon trawl. But first, a talk with Gennai.)

Gennai: The undying dark one, Vamdemon! The dreadful digimon residing in Server Continent.

(Kthx. On to the last of the mansions:)

Vamdemon: Hmph. Thus far, it seems your victories do not trouble you. I'll have the pleasure of presenting your heads to Millenniumon-sama! I'll show you the difference in power!

(Defeated Vamdemon and released Hikari, Yamato, Jou, and their digimon:)

Yamato: Ryo, thank you! Thanks to you, we're saved!

Jou: *wheeze* I thought it was already hopeless!

Agumon: Gabumon! Gomamon! Tailmon! You'll all fight with us, right?

Gabumon: Of course! Rely on us, okay?

Hikari: Please, Ryo-san, save my brother.

Agumon: It'll be okay! We'll luck out!

(A bridge opens up and PicoDevimon flies into view)

PicoDevimon: Wha--! What the! Vamdemon-sama was defeated! D-- Damn! Piemon-sama! Please go and destroy them!

(PicoDevimon then flies offscreen)

Narrator: Vamdemon's magic has expired and you can proceed!

(Off to Gennai's)

Gennai: After that, only Piemon is left! After you strike him, you'll go on to Millenniumon's end! Now go, Chosen Child!

PicoDevimon: You guys are way, way nonchalant with your free time! Eh, either way... Here is where Piemon-sama is gonna ruin you guys! You can't advance from here!
(PicoDevimon flies past Piemon's dungeon and warps away)
Long, long goodbye!

(At the final stage of Piemon's dungeon)

Piemon: Heheheh. As expected of a Chosen Child. However, even so, my name is Piemon. By Millenniumon's strength I was resurrected. I cannot allow you to go any further.
(Piemon appears in the battlefield)
I'll make this place your grave! Now come!

(Upon Piemon's defeat, rocks fall and a portal appears behind his dungeon)

Narrator: Piemon's magic has expired and you can proceed!

Gennai: We've come to this point at last! The final battle! The final battle will be deep within Server Continent, where Millenniumon conceals himself. Take care.

(The warp takes Ryo to a temple on a floating island, where PicoDevimon is there to greet him.)

PicoDevimon: What?! Im- impossible! Even Piemon-sama...! Still, it's useless! Millenniumon-sama?!
(PicoDevimon flies into the temple. Upon entry, Ryo and his 30-something digimon army have a very long, very grueling gauntlet to survive before reaching the last stage. Chimeramon appears. In the other version of the game, this would be Mugendramon.)

Chimeramon: Heheheh... It seems that I must reveal my true form.
(An aura flares up around Chimeramon and he turns into Millenniumon)
Millenniumon: I'll show it to you! True fear! I'll blast you all beyond time!*16

(Taichi is freed upon Millenniumon's defeat)

Taichi: Agumon!

Agumon: Taichi!

Taichi: Thank you, Ryo! It's all thanks to you!

Ryo: No, it's Agumon... It's because a lot of digimon helped out. After this, will we be able to return to our world?

Taichi: I think so, probably. If Sora and Yamato went back already, shouldn't I return to our world too? I'll head back.

Ryo: Agumon... Agumon and the others... Would everyone head back too?

Agumon: I... I...

Ryo: ... That's right. Originally Agumon was with Taichi and the others. I... Don't worry about me. I'm fine, Agumon.

Gomamon: Don't worry so much! Ryo! We'll meet again somewhere!

Palmon: Yeah! Our hearts will always be with you!

Gabumon: Ryo, I won't forget our time together.

Patamon: I like you second to Takeru!

Piyomon: We'll meet again someday! On that day, let's play together!

Tentomon: Farewell tears are forbidden! Men must endure!

Tailmon: Really, we'll meet again! Never forget us!

Taichi: Ryo, let's be friends. As long as you remember this fight, we'll meet again someday.

(Ryo hugs Agumon)

Ryo: Agumon...

Agumon: Ryo...

(Ryo waves at the sky; presumably to Taichi who's on his way back)

Tentomon: Ryo-han! It was fun to fight together!

Palmon: Ryo, next time let's have an adventure with Mimi and the others, okay?

Patamon: Don't forget us when you go back to your world!

Ryo: Everyone! Don't forget! Never forget!

(Light shoots off from the island. Presumably the Adventure digimon were sent off somewhere.)

Everyone else: Goodbye! Goodbye!

(In town)

PetitMeramon: Ryo! Thank you!

ToyAgumon: Our world was saved!

Babumon/Botamon: Goodbye, Ryo!

(Fade to black, and then a single light source appears)

Ryo's mother: Ryo... Ryo? Will you hurry up and fix the breaker? Oh good grief...

(Ryo wakes up and looks back at his mother, who holds a candle.)

Ryo: Eh...? This... is my world?

Ryo's mother: What a strange thing to say. Huh? That's odd, the computer's connected despite the power failure...

(They go outside, where Ryo's father greets them with a bag in hand. It's kinda hard to differentiate between them because there are no markers denoting who says what, so I'm going with my best guess here.)

Ryo's mother: Honey! Welcome home.

Ryo's father: I kept you waiting, eh, Ryo?

Ryo's mother: So, is it time to go to Ninenmairi?*17

Ryo's father: Yeah, to celebrate the new year! It'll be here soon.

Ryo's mother: Why don't the three of us go together?

Ryo: ... The new year... That's right, the new year is coming!

Ryo's father: ...? Are you okay? It seems like I haven't seen you for a while and you've already grown up so much, eh?*18

Ryo: Everyone, we'll meet again...


* 1 These are sort of onomatopoeic words of surprise that I'm not really good at translating because I'm not sure how to convey them in English. Sorry.

* 2 Ryo's mother uses what's known as the null honorific, yobisute, which denotes an intimate level of closeness; e.g. with parents to their children, or spouses to each other, or very close friends. I wouldn't normally bring this up because it's very common, but I've seen fans suggest that Ryo isn't close to his family, which is far from what's given in the text.

* 3 Agumon uses a sentence-ender here that denotes annoyance or impatience. It's not really something that can be conveyed in script text.

* 4 There's a disagreement in terms here that's tripping Ryo, though the distinction is irrelevant in English. Agumon uses デジタルワールド (dejitaru wa-rudo; an English phrase). Ryo uses デジタルの世界 (dejitaru no sekai; which is Japanese).

* 5 This has the connotations of "I'm allowed!" It sounds a bit defensive.

* 6 This sentence sticks out oddly to me, because Ryo uses feminine wording (anta rather than anata, the "na no" sentence ending). It may be deferring to Gennai's social status as an elder, but then he switches to masculine form next sentence. So, interpret as you will.

* 7 This can also be translated to Super Old Man, but I thought Gramps fit Gennai's teasing tone here better.

* 8 Two things: Gennai uses the masculine to refer to them, and it's implied that the fusion was mutually done. It's also implied that the result of the fusion is distinct from Chimeramon and Mugendramon.

* 9 "Nice clear" is actually given in English. He's referring to Ryo clearing the dungeon.

* 10 This is left undefined, but may be a nod to his image song regarding devoting himself to darkness.

* 11 Insulting plural "you".

* 12 Presumably Ryo's name.

* 13 This is in the Kansai dialect.

* 14 -kun being the honorific used for boys in this instance. Picodevimon speaks in a way that assumes friendship-like intimacy. He then switches to -sama, which is much more formal but sounds mocking when combined with the prior usage of -kun.

* 15 PicoDevimon uses "obocchama" here (roughly: "young master"). This is usually used by service people for children of higher social standing; e.g: a butler towards the son of his employer. In context with everything else in PicoDevimon's lines, it takes on a mocking tone.

* 16 Millenniumon doesn't use personal pronouns at this point and speaks pretty formally, but he does refer to Ryo more respectfully than he does to pretty much everyone else in the later games.

* 17 Ninenmairi is a custom where people go to visit the temple on the night of New Year's Eve and the first day of the new year to mark the changeover.

* 18 Likely remarking on the fact that pre-DW Ryo would be reisistant to being dragged away from his internet chatrooms for family time.

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