Brave Tamer

Release date: December 29, 2001
Price: 4500 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color

Day 1

- Point 1: Let it be known that the battle system takes a LOT of getting used to. The game as a whole isn't that great, but what really carries it is the fact that Millenniumon finally has some real time in the spotlight and is given actual characterization (at least compared to the previous games where he just showed up in the final dungeon and said creepy obsessive things to Ryo). And while the music isn't that great, I LOVE the nice sinister music that's Millenniumon's theme.
- Point 2: The science behind the multiple world theory at work in this game will be explained if anyone is interested or I have time to summarize it all; or if you actually feel like reading fic, I did write one where Millenniumon explains the whole multiple world and time travel thing. Any questions, feel free to ask. Just understand that whining about discrepancies will make me laugh at you. If Sailor Moon fandom doesn't nitpick about discrepancies between manga and anime, why the hell should Digimon fandom? All this is for is enjoyment. Nothing more, nothing less. (p.s. yes I realize that my theorizing is just as wanky as any decrying of it from the Holy Digimon Canon Which Has No Plot Holes REALLY, but I AM playing off the theories suggested in the game and enjoying it)
- Point 3: In the last game, D-1 Tamers, Millenniumon revealed something disturbing: that he and Ryo are intrinsically linked and that one cannot exist without the other. Then there is an explosion and he and Ryo disappear from the Digimon Adventure reality.
- Point 4: Beware of references to science fiction shows, obscure anime, videogames and time/space theories.
And now, on Farscape Brave Tamer...

... The game starts with an amber-toned shot of V-mon -

Narrator: Digital monster... It is a living creature on the network born from the Digital World...

... and cut to Moon-Millenniumon -

Narrator: However, almost all humans do not notice these digital monsters. They continuously fight violently in the world of the network.

... Moon-Millenniumon darts to the left of the screen, cue explosion from D-1 Tamers. The screen finally goes full color when the dust settles and Ryo wakes up in an unfamiliar land. Unlike the present Digital World it is barren, with white hexagons acting as gates to shops and there are no digimon around but one. Ryo wanders a bit and encounters Monodramon emerging from a building that has an "E" etched in the ground before the door. Monodramon reacts with surprise, then runs up before Ryo.

Monodra: You came at last, right? You're a digimon tamer? Did you come to fight with us? Uhm, uhm, I forgot your name... Sorry, can you say what it is?

You're given the option to rename Ryo, but why bother? Anyway, when the name is selected, Monodramon resumes talking.

Monodra: Ryo, is it? How do you do, Ryo? I'm Monodramon! We were waiting for Ryo to come. ...Now shall we go? He asked for this. If Ryo arrived in this world, I was to lead you to him. ...Eh? Who asked for this? It was ENIAC! E N I A C! This world's main computer... It can also be called the Digital World, you see?

That sentence there was a bit confusing, but considering that the ENIAC was the only computer active at the time (probably mid '40s/50s) it probably IS the Digital World at the moment anyway*1. But to continue, Monodramon says "Oh well, let's go! The ENIAC will explain this better." Whew. Yes, I know it looks like a lot of babbling, but Monodramon did allow a few pauses for Ryo to interject. However, as Ryo has apparently been replaced by Crono of Chrono Trigger, all anyone is getting out of Ryo is a bunch of ellipses.*2

So, when Ryo follows Monodramon into the ENIAC's chamber, the doors with "ENIAC" etched on it in digital world code slide open and allow them entrance. The interior is like something out of a 50's era science fiction pulp magazine, and hovering above a column is a ball of white light with several rings swirling around it. Such a striking resemblance to the original ENIAC facility. Really. ... Okay, maybe not. For those who are unfamiliar with computer history, the ENIAC in the real world was a giant beast weighing 30 tons and taking up 1800 square feet. Cute how it projects itself into a little ball of light, isn't it? Anyway...

Monodra: Ryo, this is the ENIAC. The ENIAC is this world's main computer. Millenniumon, who had flown into the future, is aiming at it. You probably remember, right? In order to defeat Ryo, Millenniumon may aim to destroy this world.

Ryo: ...?

Monodra: Eh? You know, Millenniumon? Don't you remember?

ENIAC: Monodramon. This thing is unavoidable.

Monodra: What thing, ENIAC?

ENIAC: Ryo has lost his memory. Intense fighting left a rift in his soul. Monodramon. To help save this world from the hands of the evil spirit Millenniumon, you shall become Ryo's partner.

Monodra: Eh?! M- me, fight? With mi-, mi-, mi-, Millenniumon?! Bu-, but my duty was to accompany Ryo here... I- I see.

The scene goes black and there's a full-screen image of ZeedMillenniumon shaking violently (I refuse to use Xeed because there's no such thing as the Book of Noga according to the Library of Congress records, and the webpage pointed to as the source could have easily been falsified especially as it was on a freeserve. Especially since the name of Minerva was mentioned and she only appears in Roman mythology). Cut again to the title screen which shows the ENIAC's column bracketed by two right triangles and on top of it is a very nice rendition of the ENIAC's ball of light which looks more like a metal ball than insubstantial light. Overlaying this portrait is the Digimon Tamers logo with "Brave Tamer" emblazoned underneath it. Black out again and the scene shifts to the interior of Millenniumon's throne room. A gold-trimmed red velvet carpet covering a metallic floor leads up to the golden circle that acts as Millenniumon's throne, and radiating from the throne like spokes on a wheel are glowing blue lines of data streams. The walls are metallic and there's a passage behind Mille that's partially concealed from vision by royal blue curtains. To either side of this passage are red metallic objects that are probably guard machines and only allow Mille into the room beyond. And, lining the walls to either side of the red carpet are large vats of glass and metal containing greenish liquid. Millenniumon gives a thoughtful hum, then sparks ride along the data streams with electric crackling until they meet at the throne and give Mille several painful shocks. He screams in pain under the barrage and the screen blacks out. Finally it stops.

Mille: Why... Why have all the networks not yet become mine? This world of the future... Despite my plans of controlling all, how does the resistance group even now continue to struggle? Is absolute world control impossible?*3

The scene cuts to a close-up of one of the clone cultivation vats.

Mille: Whatever power needed, it's difficult to completely make the one world my own. However, if my world can be formed from zero...

And a larva appears in the cultivation vat, half formed but still pixilated near the bottom.

Mille: If the past world can be destroyed and history altered... heheheh...

Cut to an image of the past world in front of the ENIAC's chamber.

Mille: Digimon data will be transmitted to the past world from the future, and only I will build a new world. Hahhahha! Isn't it so wonderful? All humans, digimon and network data will change into a world that will exist for my benefit! Fwahahhahha...

A silhouette of Kuwagamon appears against a smoky backdrop and the scene cuts to the interior of the ENIAC's chamber.

Monodramon: Waitaminute, ENIAC! It's impossible! I can't possibly win against Millenniumon! Right? Right? Ryo, do you really think so?

Ryo: ......

(We have replaced their regular Ryo with Crono. Let's see if anyone notices.)

Monodra: Why won't you say anything? Are you mute because of amnesia...

An earthquake violently shakes the area.

Monodra: Wha- what...!

Ryo and Monodramon exit the chamber. Toy Agumon rushes up to them.

Toy Agu: It's terrible! A pitch black object flies by!

A flickering star-like mass of black data plunges into a nearby field and the ground around it becomes dark and infected. This is the dungeon heretofore known as the destroyed crevasse.

Toy Agu: P- painful! This evil feeling... Help!

Toy Agumon then runs away, leaving Ryo and Monodramon alone.

Monodra: Ryo! This is doubtlessly Millenniumon's digimon! Look! The black discoloration on the ground is spreading! Well as it is, this, ENIAC's world will be destroyed by Millenniumon... Um.... Uhhhh...! Ahh! It'll be fine! Understood! I'll go! Well Ryo! Give 'em a look at real trouble! Whether to win or lose under Ryo's skillful command, I'll go since it's unavoidable. OK! Let's go, Ryo!

The renaming screen comes up for Monodramon and the default is "Monodra". I don't particularly feel like changing it, so hit the start button to select it and it's off to the field. Talking to the NPCs that mysteriously appeared while Ryo and Monodra were in the ENIAC's chamber reveals just why they're there in the first place. The drimogemon says that he heard that Ryo doesn't remember anything and that's why everyone is there (probably brought in by the ENIAC) and hopefully Ryo's memory will return if he talks to them. A kapurimon asks if he really has amnesia and hopes he'll remember something while he's here. So on and so forth, even in the dungeon.

The boss of the destroyed crevasse, Kuwagamon, is fairly easy. Just toss off a few Beat Knuckles and he'll be defeated before you know it. When the battle is over Kuwagamon, while disintegrating, giggles and says that he isn't Millenniumon's only underling and that the next digimon to come here will be more powerful.

Back at the plot of land before the ENIAC's chamber, Kurumon flies by and lands. Kurumon hops about happily exclaiming "it's gone, it's gone!" and that Millenniumon's data has disappeared. Ryo and Monodramon turn up. Kurumon then babbles at Ryo about Millie losing and the inevitable defeat, and how did they do it anyway. Monodramon says that he and Ryo are tired and points out that Kurumon asks too many questions. Kurumon concedes and makes mention of a doorway in the ENIAC's chamber, suggesting they enter together. Monodramon asks about it and Kurumon says that it will take them somewhere if they enter it. So the trio goes to the ENIAC's chamber, and the ENIAC begins his calculations. A gateway opens before its pedestal and voices can be heard within. Kurumon recognizes the voices and without further ado hops in. Monodramon and Ryo follow suit.

(Before continuing, I'd like to take some time out for some theorizing and look more wanktastic than I already am. The prevalent theory of time travel and multiple world/reality is this: going forward in time causes little problem because the future is fluid and can be changed. Going backwards, however, causes a lot of problems when something is changed and this splits up the main reality into many smaller ones. Millenniumon screwed things up when that explosion at the end of D-1 Tamers sent him and Ryo into the future and past, and continues screwing with reality by sending his minions into the past. It would be safe to assume by the model presented in multiple world theory that Ryo's encounters with the Chosen and Tamers doesn't actually happen unless one of the splintered realities become the main reality. Defeating the enemies in each unrealized reality is imperative for undoing the havoc Millenniumon caused and collapses that splintered reality back into the main one. I can babble on this forever, but it's probably best not to.)

The door leads to a clearing in the woods occupied by Takato, Guilmon, another Kurumon.

Takato: *gasping for breath* It's already hopeless... We can't escape, Guilmon...

Guilmon: Takato! Guilmon fight! Won't lose to Impmon!

Takato: But...

Kurumon: Ah! Impmon and the others came, kuru!

Impmon and a pagumon lackey turn up on the screen.

Impmon: Haahhahhah! You can't escape from me!*4 Now shut up and turn over Kurumon!

Kurumon: No, kuru! I don't like Impmon, kuru!

Impmon continues to threaten and call people bad names while Ryo, Monodra and Kurumon 2 turn up on the screen. The pagumon notices the noise and turns around.

Pagumon: Impmon-sama!

Impmon: Whatcha want? Huh? Let's go!

Pagumon: Iiiiiimpmon-samaaaaa!

Impmon: WHAT?! Shut up!

Pagumon: Kurumon... Kurumon's coming!

The dialogue between them continues along these lines, Pagumon becoming increasingly insistent and Impmon increasingly annoyed. Finally Impmon notices something odd, turns around, and sees the second Kurumon. Monodramon demands he stop, Impmon thinks that having two Kurumon are better than one and attacks.

This battle is much more difficult than the Kuwagamon battle in that you have Impmon, PicoDevimon and Mokumon ganging up on a solitary Monodramon. Focus on taking out Impmon first because Impmon's Night of Fire takes off a LOT of HP. If you're lucky PicoDevimon will take out Mokumon for you with PicoDash (a maneuver that attacks anyone, friend or foe). Heal with Shadow Wing when necessary.

When defeated Impmon is still utterly baffled by the presence of two Kurumon and slinks away. Takato thanks Ryo for saving them. Monodramon explains that they're from the ENIAC and heard Takato's distress from the door, and Kurumon went in. Takato says that he doesn't quite understand but introduces himself, Guilmon and Kurumon, then says that Impmon was trying to monopolize Kurumon's power to aid in his own evolution. Monodramon would like to stay but states that they must return to the ENIAC because they're fighting Millenniumon. Kurumon 2 knows he doesn't offer much help. Takato is an utter fanboy by identifying Millenniumon as the jogress of Chimeramon and Mugendramon and it's a very rare card. Kurumon 2 says that Millenniumon is the strongest digimon and is forwarding many digimon from the future to break down the ENIAC and that Ryo and Monodramon are fighting him. Guilmon says he wants to help. Takato has the same idea and loans Ryo his D-ark and Guilmon. Ryo accepts and you're given the option to rename Guilmon.

Time-out for an explanation. In the earlier games, naming a digimon something other than by its species name was almost a requirement because you could have several digimon of the same species at the same time and it was confusing as hell to keep track of them. I.E. - in D-1 Tamers I had captured four pinocchimon and had one pinocchimon that naturally evolved to that level from zurumon. The captured pinocchimon were ultimately meant as jogress fodder for the Mugendramon I wanted to raise up, but the jogress child would evolve to pinocchimon until I found a metal seadramon to jogress them to. Thus, renaming was a happy thing so I could be able to tell the static pinocchimon (Savali) from the jogress child/Mugendramon fodder (Coyote). Anyway, onwards.

A memory comes to Ryo, a flashback to D-1 Tamers in amber tones (and I'M getting distinct flashbacks to the Genesis Climber Mospeada opening, namely the lyrics "Where are your amber-colored dreams, lonely soldier boy?") explained by the ENIAC: he and Millenniumon had been fighting for a very long time. In the summer of 2000 he and Ichijouji Ken battled Millenniumon again. Though Ken was saved, Ryo was blown into the past, ENIAC's world. "That one (Millenniumon) is your (Ryo's) shadow, he cannot be defeated so long as you're alive." Yeah, ENIAC, that's SO very encouraging. "Ryo, wake up... When the original world of ENIAC is destroyed by Millenniumon, the (entire digital) world is finished." The ENIAC urges Ryo to remember again, then-

Please allow Ajora 5 minutes to get the urge to sing "In Search of a Lost Legend," the Genesis Climber Mospeada/Robotech Invid War opening theme, out of the system. Thank you.

And it's back to the future at Millie's throne room. Millie hums thoughtfully as he dips into the data streams, and screams as he's hit with another barrage of electrical shocks. He stops trying to tamper with the past for the moment and a couple of Skull Satamon come in.

SSatamon: Apologies, Millenniumon-sama. The resistance is greater than anticipated.

Mille: ... I see. It is proof that matters in the world of ENIAC are not yet in hand. However, Ryo is reviving in the world of ENIAC and my aspirations are at stake... Heheh... It is interesting... This program is anticipated to follow through.

The digimon we saw earlier is now fully formed and recognizeable as Deathmon.

Mille: Deathmon! A technical digimon with colorful skill, it weakens a partner in a trap of swirling confusion. Heheheh... Ryo, how will you eliminate Deathmon?

SSatamon: Millenniumon-sama, not to be impolite, but Deathmon is a technique system digimon... If Ryo attacks with aggressive power...

Mille: Heheh... Cunning plan. Ryo has not yet regained all his power. Have you not seen how he dealt with the first enemy? If he is beaten the world of ENIAC is destroyed, and the history of this Digital World is altered. If history changes, that which opposes me will disappear in a while. Heheh... Isn't it wonderful? To really rule the world! *evil chuckle* Will you dread Deathmon's power, Ryo...

Like Kuwagamon, there's a black silhouette of Deathmon against a smoky background. It's back to the ENIAC's chamber we go.

ENIAC: Ryo was blown into the past and Millenniumon into the future, this was not by circumstance. The accident was in how it happened. You have prevented Millenniumon's invasion, protecting the Digital World's history.

Monodra: This world is the beginning of the Digital World, so if control of this Digital World vanishes... He could remake the Digital World for his own good afterwards. Is that it, ENIAC?

ENIAC: Indeed. That is his purpose-

As before, there's an earthquake that draws Monodramon and Ryo out to investigate, Toy Agumon cries for help, the black data plunges into the target, infection spreads and something that translates as a sinkhole crevasse turns up in the exact same area the last dungeon turned up at. So much for variety. Thankfully, the D-ark is highly useful in that Ryo can now actually use item cards instead of letting them gather dust in inventory, and it has a handy dungeon map feature, which is especially useful for keeping track of where the hell you're going. And you can scan digimon data and convert that data into cards that can act as plug-ins, stats enhancers, use for battle, so on and so forth. The Betamon card is particularly useful in that it'll give a digimon equipped with it the ability to dish out an area attack that will hit all enemy digimon. On the way to the dungeon, Guilmon says that it's his first time fighting with them, Monodramon comments that Guilmon is surprisingly relaxed about it and asks if Guilmon isn't scared (uses kiwaku). Guilmon asks if "kiraku" is a kind of bread and Monodramon stares at him, says "Ah, no, nevermind." And it's off to the dungeon we go.

Deathmon is SO overrated. It's Monodramon and Guilmon versus two pagumon and Deathmon, and you'd think it would be a more challenging battle than it was. A few Beat Knuckles and Pyro Fires will do the trick. No problem whatsoever. Deathmon commends Ryo's skill before disintegrating.

Back in the area before the ENIAC's chamber, Kurumon welcomes them back and ushers them in to go through the wormhole doorway. The ENIAC does its calculations, yadda yadda, and two doorways open up. From the left doorway comes the sounds of high-pitched monkey cackling and Taichi's name called out with a warning that it's dangerous. From the right doorway comes the distinctive calling out of V-mon's attack. Yes, you can only choose one door to go through and the second disappears when you get back. So, I had to go through this once, restart the wsc without saving, and take on the other door.

Through the right door, a viral Metal Greymon attacks V-mon and Daisuke. Daisuke has heard of Ryo but never actually seen him before. The battle, when Ryo's party intervenes, is Monodramon and Guilmon versus two gotsumon and viral Metal Greymon. VMG's attack is painful (takes off 153 HP per shot), and wipes out Ryo's party in 5 rounds. According to the Japanese script a doujinshi circle was so kind as to put online, after the battle V-mon says that he never thought he'd see Ryo again and doesn't understand how he returned. Daisuke gets a clue and suggests that Ryo must have come from another world. When V-mon asks about it, Daisuke said that he heard Miyako talk about parallel worlds once and that there's probably two or more parallel worlds out there. V-mon is impressed and says that he's surprised that Daisuke seems so well informed, Daisuke gets mildly annoyed at the implication. V-mon ignores this and says that he has a faint memory of fighting with Ryo against Millenniumon and asks if he (Mille) has revived again. Daisuke says he's never known this and says he's a little jealous that he wasn't V-mon's first partner. V-mon laughs at the thought of Daisuke being jealous because of that and Daisuke decides to drop the matter by switching the subject back to the original matter and asking if Ryo is fighting Millenniumon again*5. V-mon wants to help out and Daisuke agrees to loan V-mon out for the moment.

Through the left door, Taichi and Agumon are being attacked by Etemon. Intervention, and the battle is against two gazimon and Etemon. While difficult, this battle isn't as hard as the one at the right door. The gazimon DO get annoying with their paralysis attacks, but that can be healed with slip chips. It's best to take them out first and deal with Etemon later. When all's said and done, Agumon thanks Ryo and Taichi says it's been a long time. When Ryo doesn't respond, Taichi asks if he doesn't remember and an amber-colored image from Anode Tamer comes up as Taichi recounts how Ryo helped him so long ago and fought Millenniumon in his stead. Then he urges Ryo to fight for him since he can't do it himself and loans out Agumon.

Cut to ZeedMillenniumon shrouded in absolute blackness. He screams in pain before the screen goes completely black.

Mille: Why... Why can I not win... I will accept his strength, but why is it that my armies can be turned away? One would not have thought that so much could be performed by one person's power. Armies... Ah, I see! He must have gone into other dimensions to gather friends. *evil chuckle* That must be it. The ENIAC is the origin of the Digital World, all the Digital Worlds' time axis begins there. Therefore I definitely want this world. I have sent the armies into the past... however, in reverse he advances on the future with the friends he gathered. The question becomes... heheheh... if it is easy to talk about... In essence, if you split up the digimon that are going to be your allies, your battle potential will become decentralized.

Then the scene cuts to a close up to one cloning vat to another, each holding Kongoumon, Coatlmon and Pharaohmon.*6

Mille: Small fish will collaborate to fight. *evil chuckle* But when they become separated, how far can they fight? This is spectacular, Ryo...

Another packet of black data turns up in the ENIAC's world and plunges into the same damn crevasse. This new one is the divided crevasse, and as per its name there's a certain area in the dungeon where each member of Ryo's party must fight alone. The three seals must be dissolved immediately. One is magic, one is power, another is speed. Time to do massive levelling up. The rest, however, will turn up in the next entry.

*1 - Technically the Atanasoff-Berry computer came first, but it hadn't gone beyond the trial stage before WWII started and Professor Atanasoff's attention went elsewhere. During the war the ENIAC was built (the contract made out for its construction on June 5th, 1943), and is said to have been active in time to work on the Manhattan Project before it was unveiled. In the '70s there was a patent infringement case involving Professor Atanasoff and the Eckert/Mauchly group that created the ENIAC, but Atanasoff dismissed it saying that credit for the invention and development of digital computers should go to all involved. To this day the ENIAC is still considered the first digital computer.
*2 - Ryo isn't entirely mute. He can give his name and say "Card Slash" once you get the D-ark and can use item cards, but not much more than that. His muteness seems entirely voluntary. Remember back in D-1 Tamers where he had stopped responding to Taichi and Taichi actually says that Ryo isn't talking anymore? Yeah, this problem dates back to that event.
*3 - Millenniumon's manner of speaking is much like Lopmon's in that it's archaic Japanese and sounds like it should be coming from a shogun in a samurai movie. Only lords and other high-class people use "ware" to refer to themselves.
*4 - Impmon uses "oresama" to refer to himself, which is very indicative of his bloated ego, though it's less like Millenniumon's "ware" in that it sounds more punkish and lower class.
*5 - Ryo and Millenniumon seem to be the dirty little secret of the Digital World. No one likes talking about them, but everyone knows about them.
*6 - Kongou is the Japanese variation for the Buddhist term "vajra", a symbol of indestructable truth. Coatl is a Classic Nahuatl (language of the Aztec Empire) word for snake. Pharoah should be fairly obvious.

Day 2

Today's dungeon: The Divided Crevasse. You have to go up stairs and drop down a lot of holes to finally make it to the three rooms where each of your digimon will fight on their own. Tips: don't take on the three bosses until you have all members of the party at adult level (Guilmon evolved into Growmon, Monodramon into Strikedramon, and Agumon/V-mon as Greymon/XVmon). Also, do try to have a few Cherry Bomb (the Jureimon card) skills equipped on the digimon and Death Charm (Bakemon card) on the 3rd digimon. Grab as many Vdramon cards in Nanimon's item shop as you can, because when used in battle it summons Vdramon to fight with you for a few rounds. Never turn down extra help. Should someone get killed in battle, revived, and acquire the injured status (you can tell by the x-shaped bandage and the fact that all stats are halved), dump them in Deramon's Cloakroom and wander a dungeon with the other two for ten minutes or so. That gets rid of the injured status and has the added bonus of money/EXP collecting. There's an Inn near enough to the three dungeons that you can do random levelling until you feel confident enough to go on.

The Kongoumon battle: Kongoumon laughs, greets you and says it was good of you to come. I had Growmon going up against him at level 18. Cherry Bomb ups Growmon's defense, which is very good since Kongoumon's Tebbou takes off 88 HP. Not too hard a battle, and the Vdramon card is your friend. When all's said and done, Kongoumon says that it was foolish to be defeated by a single digimon and disentigrates. And now on to...

The Coatlmon battle: Coatlmon chuckles and asks if he can be defeated by only one creature and starts the battle. Coatlmon's Freeze Web is deadly and it's a very good idea to have enhanced defense. Best choice: Cherry Bomb right at the start of the battle, then let loose with the Vdramon card in the second round. Luckily, Greymon already has pretty high defense to begin with, so Coatlmon wasn't very hard either. Coatlmon expresses his regret and it's on to Strikedramon and Pharoahmon.

The Pharaohmon battle: Pharaohmon groans, asks who dared disturb his sleep and attacks. He has ludicrously high defense, so first round should be dedicated to striking that down. Death Charm works wonders for this, and while Pharaohmon's NecroMist does curse you, the status doesn't do very much. Pharaohmon can't believe he was defeated and turns into digital dust.

As this goes on, a circular teleport gate reminiscent of the ones in the earlier games appears on a plot of land near the ENIAC's chamber. Kurumon, curious, goes to investigate and is teleported to the world of Anode Tamer. Ryo & co. exit the dungeon and follow suit. Kurumon hops up to him and asks if Ryo came to play too. Then he says that the digimon there said that Ryo fought here a long time ago. The ENIAC's disembodied voice addresses Ryo and ...

ENIAC: This is where you began and first saw the Digital World.

Kurumon: But... Why did come to such an ancient world?

ENIAC: ENIAC is the root of all the Digital Worlds. By preventing Millenniumon's invasion, instead that energy created a new path that crosses dimensions. Millenniumon's power is great, but when it is destroyed Millenniumon's power will become a vast storage of energy for me... That energy is connected to the evolution of data, and created the door to a new dimension...

Kurumon: Eh~ Well, if Millenniumon is defeated, can we go to other places faster?

ENIAC: That's right. Although his power is a threat, it may also become a source of power for myself again.

Kurumon: Wow, kuru~ Well, want Ryo to defeat Millenniumon, kuru~ If it happens, wanna play in other places~ Heheh, it'll be fun, kururu!

The screen then pans to a full-color version of the Anode Tamer world.

Kurumon: Well, since Kurumon has already played a lot, gonna go back. Bye-bye! Kururu!

Kurumon hops back through the teleport pad and Ryo's free to wander whatever parts of the Anode Tamer world hasn't been mysteriously blocked off... which isn't much anyway. You can talk to the npc digimon, but there's not much they'll say that the player won't already know by now. Once you exit, it's straight to the ENIAC's chamber and Kurumon.

Kurumon: Ah, it's Ryo. You've returned, kururu? Yeah! The portal in the ENIAC's is increasing. kuru! C'mon, c'mon, let's hurry up and enter, kuru~

The ENIAC does its calculations and three gateways appear. From the left door comes the voices of Meramon and Piyomon. From the middle door comes the voices of several unknowns and a cry for armor evolution. From the right comes the declaration of an attack and Ruki calling out for Renamon.

The choice, then, becomes this: which to save? Acquire a flying digimon and you'll be able to have someone to pull switches in the dungeons without having to do more dungeon-trawling than necessary. But acquire Renamon and you'll have a digimon guaranteed to attack first in every battle. Renamon's speed is so high that she always attacks first no matter what her current evolution is. I hate tough choices, but in the end, well...

Through the left door we find Sora and Piyomon being attacked by Meramon and Puchimeramon. Meramon says he's burning, which you'd think would be pretty obvious given that he's basically a walking pillar of flame, and that they can't escape him anymore. Observe his fire dance before dying. Piyomon weakens under the intense heat and Sora tries to encourage her. Piyomon apologizes and says that it's useless, then it's time for intervention. Meramon uses a rather rude manner of speech and asks who's there. Sora recognizes Ryo instantly, Piyomon says she doesn't believe it, he's really back. Meramon crackles, threatens to burn all, battle begins. Strikedramon, Growmon and Greymon versus Meramon and two Puchimeramon. When Meramon is defeated, Sora says that it's been a long time, cue pleasantries. She seems to have fond memories of the whole Anode Tamer thing. Piyomon cuts to the chase, asks why Ryo turned up there and suggests that he must have another reason for coming. Sora guesses correctly that it has something to do with Millenniumon and, in gratitude for helping her (both with meramon and probably the previous incident in Anode Tamer), and Piyomon agrees to help Ryo.

Through the middle door, Miyako and Hawkmon are being attacked by Igamon and a Puchimeramon. Igamon challenges Hawkmon to a battle to decide who is the Digital World's prime ninja. Hawkmon ends up wounded and Miyako runs in to make sure he's okay. Hawkmon apologizes, Igamon laughs and goes in for a killing blow. Cue Ryo & company. Igamon asks who dares intervene but it looks like the strangers are going to help Hawkmon and so considers them the enemy too. The battle is with Igamon and two Mushmon. Miyako must have picked up Ryo's name from somebody but asks if Hawkmon knows of him. Hawkmon says that he feels that they were acquainted but apparently only remembers very little. Miyako figures it out: time travel is involved and with it Millenniumon, in order to defeat Millenniumon she wants to lend her power but it seems she can't herself. So, time to send Hawkmon who had volunteered.

Through the right door, Ruki and Renamon are being attacked by Indaramon. Indaramon calls Renamon a fallen degenerate, says that after all digimon exist only to fight, at least that's what the humans would have her think. But she's not his true enemy. Indaramon doesn't heed Renamon's demand that he leave and injures her. He then feeds her a lot of bs about how her connection to a human has weakened her, yadda yadda. Much like in the show. Ruki says he's lying and proceeds to call him on it. Ryo wanders in and Indaramon recognizes him as not a part of this world, which puzzles Ruki and Renamon. The battle is with Indaramon and two Pagumon. You'd think a Deva would have higher level sidekicks. Renamon and Ruki are briefed on the situation, Ruki asks if Renamon is really confident enough to take on such a task, Renamon says that it's not what she thinks and elaborates: true strength is in friendship with someone and it's more important than anything else, as this tamer (I'm assuming she means Ruki) has proven. She wants to fight with them for Ruki. Ruki understands, sort of, and demands that Renamon returns as soon as possible.

Renamon is probably one of the best fighters in the game (other than Tailmon, whom I don't have yet). Of course I had to nab her.

Then it's back to the future world, and the scene depicts Zambamon and Lampmon striding through a street flanked by ruins before it cuts again to Millenniumon's throne room.

Mille: Ryo... Why on earth does he continue fighting this much? ... Why...? Mm! Who's there?

Zambamon and Lampmon stride up to Millenniumon and bow.

Zambamon: Millenniumon-sama... About Ryo's subjugation, why can we not be awarded that duty?

Mille: Zambamon, Lampmon... Wasn't subjugation of the resistance left to you*1? What of the resistance?

Lampmon: You won't finish this immediately! Millenniumon-sama is merely playing with Ryo!

Mille: .......

Lampmon: Millenniumon-sama, why not leave Ryo to us? You are trusted, but has the connection between you and Ryo become so deep? Well, trust us to dispose of that at once, OK? Will that be fine?

Zambamon: La- Lampmon! You would say something so offensive... ...However, Millenniumon-sama, I humbly request the honor to do this. If it is no problem, we request the task of defeating Ryo. Please!

Mille: ... Eheh... If you say that much, then take care of it. It's fine, go to the ENIAC. Deal with it Zambamon, Lampmon.

Zambamon: Ha! Please trust us!

Once the two leave there's a moment of silence, then Millenniumon chuckles to himself.

Mille: Fools. Well, if they really can defeat Ryo, that thing will not cross over... Shall we see your skill, Ryo?

As per the previous events, a packet of black data plunges into the ENIAC's world, the infection spreads further, and the Crevasse of Two Nails opens up. Time to stock up and rest before taking it on.

*1 - In this, Millenniumon refers to Zambamon and Lampmon as "kisama-tachi." It is fairly surprising in its outright rudeness, as "kisama" is the vulgar form of "you," but does reveal that Mille doesn't think very highly of any of the digimon under him.

Day 3

The Crevasse of Two Nails - lots of big bad digimon who can kick your ass prowl here. It's a good idea to wander around and level up at least until you have two or more perfect-level digimon (ultimates to the dubbies). Feel free to capture as many digimons' data as you want, because you are going to need the cards. Absolutely necessary if you wanna survive the first two rounds with Lampmon are PF-Virus Cards (Ashuramon, attainable by upgrading the Mushamon cards), which reduce the damage made by viral-type digimon. Also good to have are level 4 PF-PP Plus, PF- AP Plus, PF-DP Plus and so on. These enhance the stats of the digimon they're equipped on as according to the names given. Don't be afraid to exit when you feel the need to because the bosses here can and will wipe your rear end all over the battlefield.

When you're ready, have rested at the conveniently located inn just a couple of blocks away, and have all the protection cards you can get at this point, Lampmon is waiting and quite eager to defeat Ryo and turn him over to Millie.

Lampmon: *cackle* Is this Ryo? Such a little thing, isn't he. And to Millenniumon-sama he'll fall. Now, start! If you are beaten, tomorrow I shall become the leader of Millenniumon's army!

Fight it out! This battle is fairly difficult, as until you either wipe out the two Big Mamemon goonies or delete their attacks, they'll continue to hit with their area bomb attack. Both of them have an AP of 85, and Lampmon has an AP of 92. They also have really high HP, 624 for the two Big Mamemon and 719 for Lampmon. Cherry Bomb to raise an ally's defense, Nightmare Syndrome to delete an enemy's attack, Death Charm to reduce the enemy's defenses. If you have the Virus Cards on everyone and Dukemon's Final Elysian (restores 400 HP), you have a fighting chance. When Lampmon is defeated, Zambamon appears on the scene and runs in to examine his fallen comrade.

Zambamon: It can't-! Lampmon! ... Ryo, unlike Lampmon I will not be lenient! Come, let's go!

While not as difficult as the Lampmon battle for the sole fact that the two Mushamon sidekicks lack area bomb attacks, I did lose Dukemon during the course of the fight. Zambamon has pretty much the same stats as Lampmon and does eventually fall. After the battle he stabs his larger blade into the ground and slumps next to Lampmon.

Zambamon: Ku... Millenniumon-sama... We have been careless... Impossible, such as this...

Then the two disintegrate. Ryo & co exit the dungeon and are free to wander for the moment. Wander into the transdimensional teleport circle and Kurumon greets Ryo, saying that this world is somehow the same, yet different. A strange penmon soon comes up to them, and explains why there's a difference. This world, Cathode, is the reverse of the Anode world. Reality had briefly split, and Ryo fought Millenniumon in both worlds. Ryo doesn't remember fighting in the Cathode world because it was a temporary reality: it happened, but not quite*1. Because of the vast similarities of events between both worlds and because the end results were the same, their timelines probably collapsed back together. Then, certain characters remember things differently than others because they had experienced a different chain of events on the other world before the worlds collapsed back together. Then Penmon invites Ryo to explore for a bit. Kurumon, evidently bored, returns to the ENIAC and waits. Stock up, save, jogress card together, do whatever you need to before proceeding.

Kurumon greets the group, the ENIAC does its calculating and three doors open up. From the left comes a voice demanding money from his guest, who doesn't have any. From the middle comes a voice declaring his dark power and someone calling out for Ken-chan to be careful. From the right comes a new voice crying out for someone to "realize," and the ape-like laughter pursuing that someone. Again, tough choice. If you have Agumon you can get Gabumon and with the Kurumon card have them jogress to Omegamon. Or you can get Terriermon, whose HP is the highest of any of the digimon you can get. Or, if you're one for nostalgia and feel as I do (that Ken and Ryo deserve to see each other again, even if just in a temporary reality and that Ken will never remember the encounter), Wormmon is actually not as useless in this game as he is in the earlier ones. And if you already have V-mon you can jogress them together for Imperialdramon.

Before I continue... o/` Time begins and then time ends, and then time begins once again... It's happening now, it has happened before, it will surely happen again o/` ... Sorry about that.

Through the left door, Gabumon and Yamato are attacked by Digitamamon, who reprimands them for skipping out on the restaurant bill and tries to force them to work. Yamato says it's all a misunderstanding, Gabumon tries to defend Yamato. Ryo and co wander onto the scene, Digitamamon asks if it's another customer. Yamato recognizes Ryo and ask what he's doing in such a place. Digitamamon quickly figures that Ryo's there to help Yamato and attacks. With Cyberdramon, Dukemon, and Taomon, the battle with Digitamamon and two RedVeggiemon was pretty easy. Yamato thanks Ryo but still wonders why he showed up. Then Yamato and Gabumon figures it has something to do with Millenniumon reviving. Given that Ryo's only dragged to the Digital World when Millenniumon's involved, it's a logical conclusion. After some talk to jog Ryo's memories of the events of Bokura no War Game, Yamato loans out a willing Gabumon, saying that it would be helpful if Ryo has Agumon too.

Through the middle door, Chimeramon towers over Kaiser-era Ken and Wormmon. Yes, Ken's complete with that smarmy smirk he has in the early 02 eps. Chimeramon insults Ken, Wormmon apologizes for being useless. Chimeramon says that Ken's willpower is stretched, come to his origins, Ken is the child who recieved the baptism of darkness, darkness returns to darkness. Ryo then wanders in, Ken recognizes him immediately and for the moment reverts to the chibi-Ken who would have clung to Ryo-san's leg if it wasn't embarassing. Chimeramon attacks anyway and the battle is against him and two gazimon. Also not very difficult. Ken asks what Ryo is doing here, figures that Millenniumon has revived, and said that he searched so hard for any sign that Ryo was still alive. When Ryo doesn't respond, Ken asks if Ryo doesn't remember him and figures it's because of the final battle in D-1 Tamers. He also suspects that Ryo does still have the memory but just needs to be reminded, then asks Wormmon to verify it. Wormmon doesn't quite remember either, but does when Ken explains a little more. Wormmon goes with Ryo after being ordered by Ken. And egads, my inner ryoken fangirl reared her ugly head during Ken's dialogue.

Through the right door, Gorimon faces off Jianliang and Terriermon. Terriermon apologizes to Jian for losing, Jian apologizes to Terriermon for being too scared to do anything while Terriermon fought. Ryo and co wander in, Jianliang asks who they are. There isn't time to respond, for Gorimon instantly attacks. The battle is against Gorimon and two gotsumon who are really annoying, because Angry Rock raises their defense. Best to take them out first. Afterwards the situation is explained and Jian introduces himself and Terriermon. Jian wants to fight with Ryo but is unable to, and Terriermon goes along for him.

When the digimon of your choice is saved (Wormmon in my case), the scene switches to a replay of Lampmon and Zambamon's defeat, then back to the future and Mille's throne room.

Mille: Hmm. It becomes like this as well. I feel that... I feel that Ryo cannot be defeated by others.

The scene cuts to a close up of one of the cultivation tanks, where a black egg has formed.

Mille: This true aim... All will be resolved by this skillfully raised egg. This will be a single step to many beginnings. All begins here.

The black egg then darts to the ENIAC's world and plunges into the ground. The infection spreads and it's time to go in... but that's for the next entry.

*1 - Here is where I depart from actual translation to trying to explain the multiple world divergences and collapses in greater detail. Don't worry, it doesn't last long.

Day 4

The Black Egg's Crevasse: Spare yourself some upcoming damage by having the PF Virus Gear II equipped on all the digimon in your party. This card, converted from monzaemon data, reduces the damage from viral digimon by 50%. Now, this dungeon is *timed*, so you really want to get through it as quickly as possible if you don't want to end up with your posterior handed to you by Black Wargreymon. Bypass all the treasure chests and run from all the random-generated monsters, you can come back for those later. Now, depending on how fast you can get to the final boss, the egg will hatch into different digimon. Regardless of what the actual egg hatches as though, the lackeys will always be Tuskmon and Deltamon.

Under 10 minutes: Dark Tyranomon. HP 378 // AP 35 // PP 16 // SP 4
Over 10 minutes: Skullgreymon. HP 558 // AP 47 // PP 18 // SP 4
Under 20 minutes: Black Wargreymon. HP 1200 // AP 62 // PP 24 // SP 2
Over 20 minutes: Black Wargreymon. HP 2000 // AP 82 // PP 24 // SP 2

Now, I managed to make it under 20 minutes, so got to face off with a relatively underpowered Black Wargreymon. He laughs sinisterly and says that you were too late, the black egg has hatched to become him. Time to fight it out. With Justimon, Taomon, and Dukemon vs. Black Wargreymon, Tuskmon, and Deltamon, the battle isn't too difficult. BWG's Gaia Force can do some very serious damage, so it's a good idea to have that deleted with Nightmare Syndrome (Bakumon plugin card). When defeated, Black Wargreymon says that this was foolish and disintegrates.

With this done, feel free to pillage the dungeon for treasure chests and card data. Piccolomon data can convert to Recovery HD items, which are very nice. I'd suggest taking some time off to jogress as many cards as possible and fill up the card album that Nanimon is keeping for you. This becomes very important for the optional minigames. When done with that, wander over to the transdimensional teleport circle and you'll find Kurumon.

Kurumon waddles over to greet Ryo and invites him to look around for a while and seek out his "grandfather" figure while Kurumon returns to the ENIAC. With Kurumon gone, Ryo is free to wander and talk to random digimon. Make a pit stop at Nanimon's card shop, pick up any cards you don't have already and add them to the album. Leomon, when Ryo talks to him, asks if Ryo has seen Gennai. Gennai has been very lonely recently and Leomon suggests dropping in for a visit. Lopmon reveals that if you use the Sukamon card (Stinky Breath), random enemy digimon will stop attacking for a while. Fairly convenient. Now on to Gennai's. This part will only be useful if you, well, haven't been paying attention to the past games and the current one *at all*. If you've been paying attention, you can skip this.

Gennai says that he has missed Ryo. However, he is told that Ryo's memory is mostly blocked out, so he decides to clear a few things up. From when Millenniumon had blown Ryo to another time, where shall he start? There's an amber-colored memory brought up on screen, of Ken and Ryo meeting V-mon for the first time in Ken's room. In the summer of 1999, Taichi and co. saved the Digital World, and Apocalymon was defeated and peace was achieved. However, to prolong their survival, Chimeramon and Mugendramon became a new digimon: Millenniumon. Then comes the memory of Ken being hit by the Dark Seed. Millenniumon went back in time, Taichi & co.'s adventures were thrown out of order. Millenniumon's venture was prevented and destroyed by Ryo's power. Millenniumon had often been revived, but his further attempts were continuously prevented by Ryo and the digimon with him.

Continuing, Gennai mentions the Digimon Kaiser. Ichijouji Ken was the boy who fought together with Ryo. But Ryo and Millenniumon had been blown away in the explosion of the last battle. Ryo was sent into the past and Millenniumon to the future. However, Millenniumon targeted the past in the belief that he would have a perfect rule and remake history to suit himself. Then Gennai tells Ryo that this is the last battle, and that the Digital World must not become Millenniumon's. Then he encourages Ryo to go back and protect the ENIAC.*1

Kurumon welcomes Ryo back to the ENIAC's world and ushers him to the main chamber. The ENIAC does its calculations and three doors open up. From the left door, a voice tries to get the attention of "Koushiro-han," who asks the voice to stop it because he can't analyze something, and both are interrupted by an odd growl-like sound. From the middle door comes a strange serpent-like laugh ("Zazaza"), and someone saying that he won't lose if he's in the water. From the right comes a "dori dori" sound and someone says "let's go! Armor evolution!" And now it's time to go in.

Through the left door, Koushiro and Tentomon are under attack by Andromon, who says that he will remove the intruders and attacks Tentomon. Koushiro checks on the now-injured Tentomon and asks if he's okay. Tentomon doesn't really say much more than a "sorta", and it's time to intervene. Andromon, with a new target, attacks the new intruders. The battle: Justimon, Sakuyamon and Dukemon against Andromon and two Hagurumon. Pretty easy battle. Koushiro recognizes Ryo immediately and says that it's been a while. He brings up the D-1 Tournament and hopes that Ryo bears no grudge against them for it, then asks for forgiveness *2. Ryo just sorta nods and Tentomon pipes up with a greeting. Millenniumon is mentioned, Tentomon comments on his (Mille's or Ryo's, it's not stated which) persistence, Koushiro nods and brings up that after the D-1 Tournament, Ryo did go after Millenniumon and there was an explosion that followed. He correctly guesses that Mille is in the future and Ryo is defending the past, which is very interesting to him. Then Koushiro asks Tentomon if he would fight together with Ryo. Tentomon is sort of iffy on the concept, but eh, why not. Before Tentomon can go though, Koushiro asks them to wait, then says that he wants to learn about this parallel digital world, where he is sure he'll find an answer to his theories. And so, Tentomon waves and goes with Ryo.

Through the middle door, we see Gomamon and Jou on a beach, with Mega Seadramon in the shallow waters near the shore. Gomamon apologizes to Jou for being useless, Mega Seadramon laughs and says that flapping his (Gomamon) mouth won't get him anywhere, and is determined to attack. Jou cries out "Like that?! But we're not ready! Help, Gomamon!" Gomamon tries to help, but can't, and it's time to intervene. The battle against Mega Seadramon and two Shakomon isn't very hard either, and Gomamon greets Ryo warmly and asks if Ryo remembers their venture together. Jou steps up and thanks Ryo for helping them, but asks what he's doing in this awful place. Then Jou is told of Millenniumon's revival and gathers that Mille is attacking from the future world. He doesn't understand too well, but gets the gist of the matter. Gomamon asks Jou if he can help Ryo and suggests that the events might have an effect on their world someday too. Jou says that he'll be somewhat lonely without Gomamon, but concedes.

Through the right door, it's Iori, Armadimon and Drimogemon on the same shore. Drimogemon mocks Armadimon's very un-aquatic build (why, I don't know) and before he can attack, Ryo & co wander by. The battle is with Drimogemon and two Ganimon, also pretty easy. When defeated, Drimogemon wanders off to rest and Iori steps forth to thank Ryo, introduce himself and Armadimon, and is told of Ryo's quest in gathering allies against Millenniumon. Then he's told (probably by Monodramon) that they would like to recruit Armadimon for the moment. Armadimon is surprised at this, but Iori thinks about it and asks Armadimon if he'd like to go. Armadimon is iffy about it, but points out that if this person is not helped in the war against Millenniumon, the repercussions might be so severe that it'll affect their world. Iori considers this and agrees, and Armadimon goes along to help defeat Millenniumon.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter which digimon you chose. I went along with Tentomon for later use, and the scene switches to Millenniumon's throneroom. Two SkullSatamon stride up to the throne and respectfully address their liege.

SS1: Mi- Millenniumon-sama! Ryo has destroyed the egg as well. The resistance's power is rising rapidly, and becoming dangerous.

There is a cut to a close-up of the cloning tanks. Suspended in the middle tank is a clone of Taichi, and in the tank to the right of him is a Daisuke clone.

Mille: Good. I do not care about the resistance or the like. My concerns are whether they*3 are raised without problems. That's all...

Cut again to the Daisuke clone's tank. To the right of that is Takato.

Mille: When they are complete, I shall expect a perfect victory. There is no mistake of that. *breathy chuckle* Until then, I can look forward to a pleasant taste of temporary victory.

And cut to the Takato clone.

Mille: A despairing memorandum shall be a brief joy.

Finally, cut to the throneroom proper.

Mille: However, it will still take some time for them to grow. It will be necessary to bide time until then... But which experimental creature shall I present?

A dark figure appears before the throne then. Dark and somewhat familiar.

Mille: Although an experimental clone, perhaps it possesses a little...
The duty with which you have been burdened is only to earn time. That shall be the extent of it. Now, go!

The prototype clone stands as a black silhouette against a smokey background, and the scene cuts to the world of the past where the black data plunges into the ground and the infection spreads. The Trap Crevasse appears and the rest will come later.

*1 Note: You can go back at any time to help alleviate Gennai-jiisan's loneliness by playing the shiritori game with him. Shiritori is a Japanese word game. The rules for this variety of shiritori are simple: start with one digimon name (i.e. Botamon), and try to find another digimon whose name begins with the katakana at the end of the first digimon's name (i.e., Tanemon). Repeat as often as possible (for a starting example: botamon, tanemon, nefertimon, ikakkumon, kuwagamon, galgomon, golemon, reremon, renamon, etc). Additionally, the -mon at the end of each name does not count, and any word that ends in "n" automatically ends the game. This minigame is rather useful, for you can play it at any time and get as many prize cards as you like. Manage to get in 5-10 correctly and Gennai will give you the Kunbiramon card. 11-15 gets you the Vajiramon card, 16-20 gets the Mihiramon card, and above 20 gets the Antiramon card.

*2 For those who missed it, in D-1 Tamers, the Chosen Children had perpetuated a rather cruel prank played on Ryo by the Holy Beasts: making Ryo believe that he was actually participating in a real tournament. The truth of the matter was, the Holy Beasts had staged the whole thing as an elaborate training regime for Ryo so they could throw him at Moon-Millenniumon in the end and hopefully defeat Mille.

*3 "They" being the clones. And now the question is, WHY is Millenniumon experimenting in cloning humans? Humans aren't nearly as powerful as digimon. The answer, however, may be what you weren't expecting. Unless you know all about Millenniumon's little secret, then you can probably connect the dots. Remember to factor in his rather rude behavior towards other digimon, kids!

Day 5

The Trap Crevasse: very annoying obstacle course. There are no conveniently placed inns here, so do stock up on recovery items. You'll want to have at least one digimon equipped with the PF Slip (Deramon) Card, since there are flymon aplenty here, and they do have area attacks that can paralyze the entire party. And when everyone's paralyzed, you lose. Also nice to have are the PF Vaccine Gear II (Centaurmon) cards, which reduce damage by vaccine-type digimon by 50%. Get three of them and equip 'em on all the digimon. You'll find out why soon enough.

Along the way, if you explore for a bit, you'll notice that a gekomon colony has found its way there and settled down. There's nothing important about this, but I thought some readers might be interested. From what's given, it can be gathered that they came from the ENIAC's world and found their way into the crevasse, where they announced that they were going to create a new nation. A gotsumon will warn you that Phantomon's Soul Chopper will kill a member of your party in three turns. Incidentally, Cyberdramon's Erase Claw will do the same thing.

Once you're at the boss's room, three airdramon attack immediately. They're all vaccine type, and all have an area attack that will do far more damage to your party if you don't have any vaccine gears. Finally, when they're defeated, the prototype clone is shown down on one knee. It is a clone of the Kaiser. The Kaiser gives an evil chuckle and says that he was Millenniumon's tool, then says that Millenniumon's great plan has already begun with his defeat. Then the clone disintegrates into digital bits and it's back to the ENIAC's world.

You're given the option to wander a bit (convert data to cards, stock up, all that jazz), but once through the circular gate the story picks right back up. This time the gate teleports Ryo & co. to the D-1 Tamers timeline, and waiting for him are three of the tamers that challenged him in the last game. For the sake of continuity, I'll use the most common names generated for them in the last game: Kazuya (blonde boy with baseball cap/Goth TK), Naomi (looks like an older Shaochung with glasses), and Rieko (pink-haired girl).

Kurumon waddles up to Ryo and says he was waiting impatiently for Ryo's arrival. The trio greets Ryo and wonders if he remembers meeting them, and Kurumon wanders back to the ENIAC once again.

As Rieko discusses the D-1 Tournament, where they met for the first time, an amber-colored screen appears of the D-1 arena where Piccolomon addresses Ryo, Satoshi (the one with green hair and glasses), Kazuya and Genki (the tanned one with a scar on his face). At that time, all the competitors were his enemy and acted badly towards him. However, it was Ryo that the Holy Beasts chose. Surely that was what they believed*1. There is a cut to an amber-colored portrait of Baihumon, and Kazuya takes up the narrative. At that time, Millenniumon revived, Kazuya and the others stood by with no role in the proceedings, and only Ryo was forced to carry out the task. Rieko picks up again, saying that they all believed that Ryo would surely win, and implores that Ryo come back to visit them when he defeats Millenniumon again. Promise! Ryo nods and is free to wander*2.

Kurumon welcomes Ryo back once he returns to the ENIAC's world, and it's time to go on the rescue missions again. The ENIAC does its calculations and three doors appear. From the left door comes a sinister laugh, and the voice says that "here you shall become my gear," followed shortly by another voice calling out for Takeru. From the middle door comes a voice that chuckles and demands that someone return to him, and the target says that she won't because she has found a friend. A third voice asks for her brother to help. From the right door comes a voice shouting "Lovely Attack" and another voice calling for Palmon to run. Ikuzo!

Through the left door, '99-era Takeru and Patamon are under attack by Devimon, who says that resistance is useless, so they might as well give up and become his gears. Takeru shouts out that he absolutely refuses and he won't give in. Patamon says that it's no good, sorry Takeru. While Devimon rubs in his domination, Ryo & co wander in from the bottom of the screen. Devimon smirks, says that Ryo must have come to be a part of the darkness as well. Takeru reacts with surprise at the presence of Ryo, but there isn't time for much else, as Devimon attacks. The battle: Justimon, WarGreymon and GranKuwagamon versus two devidramon and Devimon. Not very difficult on its own, and GranKuwagamon's Dimension Sizer is a DAMN nice area attack as it takes off a hell of a lot of HP. Takeru thanks Ryo for intervening, but wonders what Ryo is doing here. He is soon told of the revival of Millenniumon. Patamon and Takeru seem to have an understanding, since the moment Patamon gets Takeru's attention, Takeru gets an idea of what Patamon wants. He asks Ryo to take Patamon with him in hopes that Patamon will help where he can't. Ryo agrees and Patamon is practically exuberant about it. Takeru wishes them luck in defeating Millenniumon and Patamon says that he'll do his best.

Through the middle door, the scene is the streets of Odaiba, where Tailmon and Hikari face Vandemon. Vandemon says that Wizardmon is already dead and that Tailmon might as well give up and return to her origins. Tailmon refuses to return, saying that when she is with Hikari all the time, she has at last noticed the lesson Wizardmon tried to teach her. Hikari cries out that she doesn't want Tailmon to die. Vandemon says that this is fear, fear at its most beautiful, and when Hikari and Tailmon are wrapped in such fear, they shall die. Ryo & co wander in, grabbing Vandemon's attention. Vandemon curses, Hikari is surprised to see Ryo. Vandemon decides to take the opportunity and attacks. The battle is against Vandemon and two PicoDevimon, and isn't particularly hard either. When it's over, Hikari says that she did not expect to ever see Ryo again, but she's glad to see him. Tailmon cuts right to the chase, asking if Ryo's here because of Millenniumon. Hikari thought Millenniumon was already defeated by now, but Tailmon corrects her and says that Millenniumon must have revived. Then Tailmon turns to Ryo and says that she understands what he's trying to ask of her. Millenniumon governs all space and time, and if he is not defeated, their world will also be ruined someday. Hikari, you understand, right? Hikari is silent and Tailmon implores her again. Finally Hikari agrees, saying that she was just concerned for a moment. Surely Tailmon would be helpful to Ryo, and together they'll certainly be able to stop Millenniumon. ... But, she has a premonition and asks Tailmon to please be careful. Tailmon thanks Hikari for understanding.

Through the right door, it's '99-era Mimi and Palmon facing a Monzaemon. Monzaemon plans to turn the beautiful Mimi into a beautiful doll. Mimi wails. Palmon manages to escape, but can't help Mimi. Ryo & co wander in. Monzaemon has a new target and wants to add Ryo to his collection. The battle is with two Toy Agumon and Monzaemon, also not very difficult. Monzaemon babbles senselessly about his defeat and wanders off, leaving Mimi and Palmon to thank Ryo. While Mimi is just pleased to see Ryo again (I notice the complete lack of -chan when she refers to him now. Hrm), Palmon wonders why he's in such a place and wonders if Millenniumon is involved. This confuses Mimi, who thought Ryo already defeated Millenniumon. She's soon told, much to her surprise, that Millenniumon revived. Palmon decides that she wants to help Ryo by fighting, Mimi doesn't want her to go unless it's completely unavoidable. ... But, if Millenniumon IS defeated, she wants Ryo to return to this world to play. She'll wait for him! Then she agrees to loan out Palmon, who goes willingly.

I went along and borrowed Patamon, because Seraphimon's Seven Heavens is great for adding +200 HP to the entire party and because I need an airborne digimon to pulls switches in the later dungeons. Once your choice is made, the scene switches to Millenniumon's throneroom.

Mille: So the Kaiser was defeated... However, it seems that this result was...

The scene cuts to a close-up of clone-Taichi's vat.

Mille: Ah, it's good to go! All the power will be set free and the ENIAC will be destroyed!

... then the scene cuts to a close-up of clone-Daisuke's vat.

Mille: Go forth! The data has reached completion!

... and then it cuts to a close-up of clone-Takato's vat.

Mille: The ENIAC shall be destroyed and all histories will become mine!

The clones' black silhouettes appear against a smokey background and then the scene cuts to the ENIAC's world.

Kurumon finds the ENIAC fascinating and tells it so, but points out that something feels bad in the ENIAC's world. The ENIAC agrees and states that this world will not last much longer. This surprises Monodramon, who wonders what's going on since Millenniumon's power shouldn't be able to override the ENIAC's.

ENIAC: Power is already increasing. However, I am already exhausted from the repetitive fighting... It won't be long now...

Monodra: We've persisted here so far-

An earthquake more violent than the others interrupts Monodramon, who stammers his surprise and exits the ENIAC's chamber with Ryo. They find Toy Agumon facing Taichi, Daisuke and Takato.

Toy Agu: It's Taichi! Taichi and the others came!

Monodra: Eh? Did you come to aid?

Toy Agu: Was the ENIAC also saved? Whoohoo! Taichi and Daisuke came! Also, Takato too! It's okay now!

Monodramon, suddenly suspicious, starts sniffing at the three newcomers. Taichi, whose face-icon in the dialogue box appears to have red eyes, speaks up first.

Taichi: What's up, Monodramon? Ah, come out. Once we came, you shouldn't fear Millenniumon any longer.

Takato (also red-eyed): That's right. Come out...

Monodra: It smells...

Daisuke (red-eyed too): Come out...

Monodra: ...wrong!

Taichi: Now, come out...

Monodra: These are enemies! Not the real thing! The enemy's smell! Ryo! It's useless to approach them!

There is a flash of black, and Toy Agumon disappears.

Taichi: We are the artificial tamers made by Millenniumon... The strongest tamers, without human weakness.

Daisuke: As we who are made from a program now proved, friendship and the like are useless for fighting. Heheheh... he will forget all and never return...

Takato: Never return...

Monodra: ... Dammit...

The scene cuts to the ENIAC's chamber, and the violent shaking starts up again.


And the scene cuts back to Millenniumon's throneroom.

Mille: *throaty chuckle* At last, the ENIAC is dead... It is my artificial tamers who succeeded. Now, to go and see the world that will be completely mine...

As Millenniumon dips into the streams, electrical sparks ride along them and assault him with shocks.

Mille: Wha..? This is one...

Two SkullSatamon rush up to the throne.

SS1: Millenniumon-sama! It's terrible! Nothing... nothing has changed! The resistance attacks us and the world is still there!

There is a shot outside, I'm not quite sure what it is, but it might be Mille's palace in the distance (Millenniumon is very creative and none of his palaces look the same in any game). It looks strangely like a slightly concave pyramid with the top sliced off so that it's level, and a 2001: Space Odyssey-type monolith rising from the level top. The shot then pans outwards, revealing the ruins outside of it.

Mille: Foolish... Surely the ENIAC's energy must be exhausted... ...But why? If the ENIAC is destroyed, the world's history should alter freely to my whims...

Cut back to the past, where Ryo runs into the ENIAC's chamber to check the extent of the damage.

ENIAC: Ryo... Ryo. Go to the Atanasoff*3...

There's a brief cut to a previously unaccessible region with a single hexagonal portal that must be the Atanasoff's region.

ENIAC: Millenniumon caused this error... World's first computer... It wasn't one... One is this ENIAC... And there is another computer... It's called the Atanasoff...

And a cut to the future and Mille's throneroom.

Mille: Could it be... That which I thought was a rumor, of a primitive computer other than the ENIAC, wasn't false? I see, surely, if what I heard... It was called the Atanasoff...

Cut back to the past and the ENIAC's chamber.

ENIAC: The Atanasoff and I were produced almost simultaneously... However, it is continuously said that the historical origin of the digital age is ENIAC. The Atanasoff serves as my shadow and has continued protecting the Digital World...

There is a cut to that unexplored region again.

ENIAC: It's only a problem of time when Millenniumon notices the Atanasoff. Ryo, go... If the Atanasoff is not protected, this time will truly be ruined...

And it's back to the future with Mille.

Mille: I feel it! The small world is in the shadow of the ENIAC. It's there! The Atanasoff! *breathy chuckle* The rest is easy if the location is known. Go forth, artificial tamers! The Atanasoff will be destroyed, and surely this time the world will be made completely mine!

Back to the ENIAC's...

ENIAC: Go, Ryo... Millenniumon will have already gone to the Atanasoff... Ah... hurry... hurry...

The ENIAC opens up a single portal to the isolated area of the Atanasoff and three dark energy stars plunge into the ground. These are the Dark Taichi/Daisuke/Takato's Crevasses. Time to rest and stock up, because these dungeons are evil.

*1 Does Rieko not remember that the D-1 Tournament was only a training program staged by the Holy Beasts for Ryo and he was the subject all along? Curious.
*2 Note: You can go back at any time to a building in the D-1 Tamers timeline that is occupied by a minomon, and play the quiz minigame. Unlike the shiritori, this DOES required working knowledge of the Japanese language. The questions are drawn up from a pool of a hundred questions and randomly generated, so any attempt to translate the entire hundred questions is going to be pretty useless. For those who do have a pretty good understanding of what's being asked, the rare cards you can get are as follows: 4 correct answers gets the Shiisamon card, 8 gets the Qinglongmon card, 12 gets the Baihumon card, 16 gets the Xuanwumon card, and 20 and over gets the Zhuqiaomon card.
*3 "Atanasoff" is the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the ENIAC's predecessor, and named for its creators: Professor John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. Unlike the ENIAC, it never really went past the prototype stage but was functional nonetheless.

Day 6

Dark Taichi's Crevasse: Perhaps it might not have been such a bad dungeon if the boss's room had been placed elsewhere. But lo, there it lies: sitting on the same floor as the entrance, just three rooms away. However, instead of breaking down a wall or two, it's up and down several floors (some with superheated surfaces, at that) just to get to the get to said boss's room. Wraaa. You'll want to scan at least one Pukumon btw, its card is needed in later dungeons if you want any amount of control. Once you're in the boss room though, there awaits the three artificial digimon: VR Omega, VR Apocaly, and VR Wargrey. They're all viral, so having the PF Virus Gear II equipped on all your digimon is a good thing. Once defeated, Dark Taichi seems particularly unconcerned about being beaten at once and it's on to Dark Daisuke's.

Dark Daisuke's Crevasse: Here's where you'll need the Pukumon card (PF Spike Shoes), because many of the floor surfaces are covered in ice and extremely difficult to navigate. At least the boss's room doesn't taunt you by being on the same floor. Once at the room, Dark Daisuke asks if Ryo is in such a haste to die again, comments on the foolishness of people, and says that he will relieve him. The battle is with VR-Imperial, VR-Venom, and VR-BlackWargrey. With GranKuwagamon, Sakuyamon and Wargreymon it isn't too hard, and it's off to Dark Takato's.

Dark Takato's Crevasse: PF-Controller cards (Elecmon) are in definite need here, because the electrical fields have a nasty habit of reversing the polarities of the control buttons so that to go left you'll have to hit the right button, and that's if you're lucky. Once at the boss's room, Dark Takato asks if Ryo has come again, then says that he wouldn't understand either. Something about how, though his opponent cannot win the battle, humans are a challenge to fight. This will be interesting, and he'll make Ryo enjoy it. ... Uhuh. Anyway, this battle is more involved than the others and involves VR-Duke, VR-Sakuya, and VR-SaintGalgo. VR-Sakuya's special attack is an instant-death-in-three-turns type, so it's best to delete that at the start of the round (yay, Nightmare Syndrome). Once this battle is over, VR-Duke evolves to VR-ChaosDuke, and the battle restarts. A more challenging battle, but is thankfully over soon enough.

With the defeat of the clones, the infections in the Atanasoff's region close up and Ryo returns to the ENIAC.

ENIAC: Ryo, the Atanasoff was saved by your work. However, I think you may have already noticed that this world is on the verge of vanishing. It will disappear in several hours, without waiting for Millenniumon's invasion.

Monodra: Ju- Just like that! We've done our best... Was it really pointless? Also, no method by our comrades...?

ENIAC: There is only one way... However, it is a severely dangerous way...

Monodra: Wha- what is it? But, as it is, won't this world be lost? If anything good can... If anything good can come of it, mustn't we persist?

ENIAC: Ryo, Monodramon. Go outside...

Ryo and Monodramon head out of the chamber and stand near the entrance.

Monodra: Th- this way?

ENIAC: This gate is... My remaining... All my power was used to... given to... this...

Monodra: Your last power?

ENIAC: This gate is... to the future... to Millenniumon's world... you can... go... However, to go to the future the energy is... the way there needs energy I don't have... But without energy... nothing...

Monodra: Go to the future? Well, this is the chance to fight Millenniumon directly...? But... there's no energy?

ENIAC: However, only one powerful energy can be obtained... The way is... it is... that...

Monodra: ...That?

ENIAC: Digimon cards can be inserted into the gate... The cards are a mass of programs... The programs produce energy...

Monodra: The digimon cards we got with the D-arc?

ENIAC: Correct. Digital monsters were originally masses of program data. It can be changed to the energy of a program. And energy increases with the higher level programs...

Monodra: Card...

ENIAC: A converted digimon is energy... You cannot return twice. Moreover, if the energy allocated is exhausted while Ryo is there, in the future... Ryo... You may become lost and vanish.

Monodra: Just like that... Bu- but which digimon will become the energy of which rank? After Ryo defeats Millenniumon, won't there be any time left before it runs out? Just, ah, how many digimon should be inserted into the gate?

ENIAC: You don't understand, if they are not converted... how many digimon must be converted to energy... Ryo, it is you who must decide this... If the energy is run out before the defeat of Millenniumon... the digimons' sacrifices have... will become... futile...

Monodramon: ............. Ryo! This is the only way! ...Everyone will be glad to sacrifice themselves for Ryo's sake... surely! For the defeat of Millenniumon. Which way to destroy the castle. If that's the case... *1

ENIAC: Come now... no... time... My power is... running out before... Hurry... hurry, go...

A circular gateway appears just before the ENIAC's chamber/building. Stock up, level up at the other dungeons, do whatever it takes to be prepared before going into the gate. This is the point of no return. I also suggest investing in two Clockmon cards. They're worth 30 minutes each, which is higher than you can get even with the highest ranking cards (Kurumon and Impmon, rank 7 and only worth 18 minutes each). Cards also needed as an absolute must because Millenniumon's world is there to frell you over are Program Factor cards (PF-Controller for the electric fields, PF-Spike Shoes for the ice fields, PF-Funou to prevent the blocking of certain attacks), Recover HD (Piccolomon cards), Gold Chips (Impmon cards), Stinky Breath (Sukamon card), and enough Floppies, Plug-Ins and Metallic Chips to pull you through. The regular enemies alone are enough to wipe you out if you're not careful. Also, if you go back to talk to the ENIAC, it says something rather alarming.

ENIAC: Digimon must be converted. Mature, strong digimon become greater in energy than many young digimon... And Ryo, take Monodramon when you go! Monodramon will become the last trump card.

When you step up to the circle, you're asked to add digimon cards to generate enough time to run through Millenniumon's stronghold. Two clockmon cards are your best bet. Afterwards the ENIAC says that their (the digimons') sacrifice must not be in vain, and then the scene then cuts to the future, where two Skull Satamon run up to Millenniumon's throne.

SS1: It's terrible, Millenniumon-sama! We sense an unknown dreadful power coming in this direction!

Mille: I see. He's coming at last. My wound teaches me... He is coming... My beloved... *2

And now, the dungeon. Millenniumon's world is one of the most frustrating dungeons I've ever encountered. You can and will be systematically poisoned, slip and fall on your posterior in the ice-covered floor level, flamebroiled, electrocuted, and smacked around like a rag doll. The PF-Controller will prevent the electrical fields from reversing the polarity of the control buttons, and the PF-Spike Shoes will keep you from slipping and sliding by in the ice fields, but other than that, well, you'll be on your own. Also, yank out the Sukamon cards every now and then, they will prevent random battles for a short period of time. And trust me, you need as much time as you can get because even the random battles will eat up precious minutes. Also, inn on the 3rd floor. Take advantage of it.

Millenniumon is sitting, pleased as can be, in the middle of the 5th floor.

Mille: Ryo has come so far at last. I had this premonition... If you could never be defeated by others... Only I have the ability to defeat you... You and I have an existence that cannot be separated... Yin and Yang... Like two sides of a coin, our existence cannot be separated... Come now, let's go. Let us battle without hesitation!

Then Millenniumon attacks, with Armagemon and Diablomon as his cronies. I tried, I really did. Monodra struck out with Mugen Cannon (because I am a sick, sick puppy), Sakuyamon with her attack-deleting move, Seraphimon with Ultimate Fire. Then it begins, the slaughter of my party before my very eyes. Millenniumon strikes Monodra, taking off more that 300+ HP and wiping him from the battle. Sakuyamon and Seraphimon are as easily disposed of as he, swatted out of the battle like rag dolls with nothing more than the claw-waving of Diablomon and Armagemon. When it's over, Millenniumon gives that breathy chuckle of his that he always uses when Ryo's around ("kukkukku")*3, and begins his speech.

Mille: I cannot be defeated. I must have said this a long time ago too... I shall never die. I exist to take my revenge from you. Each time this revenge is stifled, I will become stronger. *breathy laugh* I cannot be destroyed in battle.

Monodra: Is that right... Such an idiot. It doesn't matter whether or not you can be destroyed, you will not win!

Mille: That is correct. I cannot be defeated. If my desire for revenge against you disappears, then perhaps I shall be defeated. However, such a thing will not happen.

Monodra: Why's that... Bullshit...

Mille: You teamed up with the wrong forces. Heh, we*4 could have been the best partners, but that can no longer be...

Monodra: ...? ...inside? is!

Mille: ...?

Monodra: Ryo! It's a Jogress! Millenniumon and I are Jogressing! It is necessary to become partners!

Mille: ...What! D- Don't play such a trick! Such a thing is impossible!!

Monodra: Ryo, this is our only chance. Millenniumon's physical strength must be shaved down to its limit. At that minute, I Jogress!

Mille: You're playing a trick! This is impossible!

Monodra: Ryo, When we meet again shortly, will I be Monodramon...? Or am I likely to become Millenniumon... As a digiegg. To seal eternally.... ....... Well! Let's go!

And now, the final battle. Millenniumon and his minions are just horsing around now, since their physical attacks no longer wipe out a digimon in one swipe. Since Sakuyamon always attacks first in battle, I have her deleting the enemies' special attacks with Nightmare Syndrome. Why? Diablomon's special attack will delete an ally's special attack, Armagemon's Ultimate Fire will do massive area damage, and ZeedMille's Time Destroyer will render multiple allies' special attacks useless. When Millenniumon's entire party falls, Millenniumon and Monodramon jogress and turn into a gold-and-purple banded digiegg.

Narrator: Millenniumon and Monodramon were no longer there. There was only one digiegg...

Fade to black.

Narrator: Millenniumon's ambitions were wasted. The long, long fight was finally at an end. The future of the world resumes its normal state of being. The world of ENIAC obtains peace.

Ryo stands before the ENIAC's chamber and the digimon who had gathered around it. Guilmon thanks Ryo for defeating Millenniumon, Toy Agumon follows suit and wonders if all the timelines have regained peace. Kurumon echoes the sentiment and say their goodbyes since they'll be returning to their own times. Then Ryo and the egg enter the ENIAC's chamber.

ENIAC: Thank you, Ryo. All our peace was regained by your efforts, courage and friendship. This world, and all the worlds of the future recovered their original times.

There is a brief cut depicting the D-1 Tamers kids helping to rebuild the ruins left behind by Millenniumon's forces, then back to the chamber where Ryo steps closer to the ENIAC's pedestal.

ENIAC: Monodramon is still in the digiegg. I feel it in me, the beating of the right heart. You can hear it in the middle of the egg, Ryo... Farewell. The digiegg is incubating, and it will meet you later. Goodbye, Ryo...

Fade to black, where the staff credits roll.


*1 - Monodramon had a long period of silence as he contemplated this before saying anything. When he does respond, it seems like he's trying to convince himself that it's not so bad, more than anything else. It just comes across as really hollow to me. Additionally, I'm getting flashbacks to D-1 Tamers, where Ryo had no choice but to sacrifice several digimon in the Digimon Graveyard if he and the rest of the party would be allowed to escape.
*2 - If anyone can make me a screenshot of this line (ware no koibito ga na), because I know some of you out there are playing this on emulator, I'd much appreciate anyone sending it to me!
*3 - Funny that. In Tag Tamers, Mille's tendency to titter like that really caused some people to question his motives. He'd titter in Ryo's presence, but be outright insulting and bitchy in Ken's presence. Now we know why!
*4 - Millenniumon is using "wareware" ("we/us," basically) in this sentence, which is ... odd considering he considers everyone else below him. That word would elevate Ryo's status as equal to his. Then again, considering the revelation of his feelings for Ryo, it isn't so surprising.

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