Brave Tamer

Release date: December 29, 2001
Price: 4500 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color
Translated by Ajora Fravashi. Completed 2016-05-05

(Image: Ending battle sequence of D-1 Tamers in sepia.)

Narrator: Digital monster... It is an organism on the network that was born of the network. However, most people are unaware of digital monsters. They have continued to fight fiercely in the network world.

(There's the explosion from D-1 Tamers and then the screen goes to full color as Ryo wakes up in the distant past of the Digital World and starts exploring. A wild Monodramon appears.)

Monodramon: Ah! You came at last! You're a digimon tamer, right? Didn't you come to fight for us? Er, um... I forgot your name. I'm very sorry, can you tell me it?

(This is the point where the player can change Ryo's name. Ryo gives it, and aside from "Card Slash" it's the only thing he says.)

Monodramon: Ryo, you said? Nice to meet you, Ryo! I'm Monodramon! I was waiting for Ryo to come. Now, let's go! If I may ask. Ryo, since you arrived in this world, I'll accompany you to it*1. ... Eh? You want to know whom? It's ENIAC. ENIAC! The main computer of this world. Perhaps it would be better to say that it's the Digital World itself? Ah, let's go anyway. Surely the ENIAC will explain properly.

(They head to the big green column, where metal doors embossed with "ENIAC" in Digital World code part and allow them entrance. They walk up to a metal column over which a ball of light hovers. This is how the ENIAC manifests itself in the Digital World.)

Monodramon: Ryo, this is the ENIAC. The ENIAC is the core computer of the Digital World. The Millenniumon who flew to the future is aiming at it*2. Do you remember? The Millenniumon who Ryo defeated is now aiming to destroy this world.

Ryo: ...?

Monodramon: Eh? Millenniumon? Don't you remember?

ENIAC: Monodramon. It cannot be helped.*3

Monodramon: ENIAC, what do you mean?

ENIAC: Ryo's memory has been lost. Fierce battles left scars in his spirit. Monodramon,  you will become Ryo's partner to save this world from Millenniumon's evil hands.

Monodramon: Eh--!  M- me, fight?  With Mi-mi-mi- Millenniumon?! Bu-but I was only supposed to bring Ryo here. Th-that's...

(Cut to the opening screen with an image that will come up later, then to the future and Millenniumon's throneroom. This room bears more than a passing resemblance to the ENIAC's chamber. There are clone cultivation vats lining both sides of a red carpet that leads to the "throne", a gold circle around a pit of what seems to be pure data. There are several lines of data feeding into the pit. ZiydMillenniumon*4 sits atop it.)

Millenniumon: Hmm...

(Sparks run along the data streams, causing Millenniumon a good deal of pain.)

Narration: Bzz! Bzzzz! Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!

(Mille's mouths open in a scream and his chains glow for a moment)

Mille: Gaaa!

(The sparks die down, allowing Mille a moment's reprieve.)

Mille: Why...? Why have all the networks not yet become mine?*5 This world of the future... Despite my plan to dominate all, resistance groups now hamper me*6. Will I never be able to fully control the worlds?

(The screen shifts focus to the tanks.)

Mille: No matter how much strength I meet it with, I've had difficulty making one world completely mine. However, if I can make the world mine by creating it from zero...*7

(The focus falls on a larval-looking digimon floating in a cultivation tank.)

Mille: If the world's past is destroyed, then history can be altered. Heheheh... Digimon data will be sent from the future world to the world of the past, to create my new world... Hahaha! Won't it be fantastic? All human, digimon, network data will be transformed into a world that exists for my sake! Fwahahaha--!

(There's a silhouette of a kuwagamon against white and grey, then a cut. The scene returns to the ENIAC's chamber. Given what we witnessed, it seems that at some point in the future, ZiydMille will have usurped the ENIAC's position.)

Monodramon: Wait, ENIAC! It's impossible! I can't possibly win against Millenniumon! Right? Right? Ryo, don't you think so too?

Ryo: .....

Monodramon: Why won't you say anything? Are you mute because you lost your memory or...

(Monodramon is cut off by an earthquake.)

Monodramon: Wh- what the--!

(Monodramon and Ryo run outside, where a ToyAgumon runs up to meet them.)

ToyAgumon: It's terrible! A pure black thing flew by!

(A black seed-like object impacts a field close by and spreads a darkening infection.)

Narration: The Destroyed Crevasse was made!

ToyAgumon: It... it hurts! It feels wrong...! Help!

(ToyAgumon runs off.)

Monodramon: Ryo! Surely it's one of Millenniumon's digimon... Look! The ground is rapidly growing black... This world of ENIAC will be destroyed by Millenniumon... Right... Hmm! Augh! It's fine! All right, I'll go! So, Ryo! Look after me properly! Since it can't be helped, I'll go. Win or lose, I'll go along with Ryo's skillful commands. All right! Now, let's go, Ryo!

(The player is now allowed to rename Monodramon. The player can rename all the digimon who join Ryo, in fact. Then it's off to talk to npcs.)

Drimogemon: I heard, moge. Your memory's gone, moge. All the digimon in this world, everyone's very talkative, moge. It's good to take some time and ask around. That way, it won't take long to bring back your lost memory, moge.

Kapurimon: Hey, hey, what's it like to have amnesia? Did you really forget everything? I wonder if you'll remember this? Maybe~

(To the dungeon! It's very short and easily managed. Unlike earlier games, this game allows you to back out and the dungeons have random encounters, which allows the player a lot more leeway in leveling. Upon defeating the boss:)

Kuwagamon: Gigigi... I'm not the only one of Millenniumon-sama's minions... The next is a more powerful

(Kuwagamon de-rezzes and the win text is "Kuwagamon data obstructed!". Back in town, a wild Culumon appears.)

Culumon: It's gone! It's gone! Millenniumon's data was washed away!

(Ryo and Monodramon arrive on the scene)

Culumon: Hey, hey, Ryo! Millenniumon's gone, right? Hey, hey, how'd you do it, culu? How'd you defeat him, culu?

Monodramon: Ah, um, Culumon, we're really tired. There are so many questions.

Culumon: Ah, seems so! Hey, hey, Ryo, listen!

Monodramon: ... "Listen", Culumon?

Culumon: The doors inside the ENIAC are opening, cululu. Hey, hey, why don't we try to enter together? Cululu?

Monodramon: D-door? What door, Culumon?

Culumon: Monodramon's slow, culu~. The doors are opening, cululu. Gotta go in when they open. We'll go somewhere if we enter~. Hey, hey, Ryo, Monodramon, it's time to go, cululu~.

Monodramon: What-- What are-- isn't*8... Culumon, did you really come across a door?

Culumon: Monodramon, hush, culu! Come and see, culu...

(They enter the ENIAC's chamber, where a huge door sits in front of the ENIAC's column. The ENIAC is doing calculations.)

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653... 489 5512 11445 56... 9986 56 4785 1236...*9 Complete... Transmitting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... open...!

(The door opens and voices can be heard from within.)

???: Guilmon...!

???: Go, Takato... It's dangerous...

Culumon: Somebody's in danger, culu? Let's help, cululu.

(Culumon flies into the door because of course.)

Monodramon: Ah! Culumon!

(Ryo and Monodramon follow Culumon through the door and into another world. It's a wooded area occupied by Takato, Guilmon, and another Culumon.)

Takato: Haa... haa... It's useless... We can't escape, Guilmon...

Guilmon: Takato! Guilmon fight! We won't lose to impmon!

Takato: But...

Culumon (Tamers version): Ah! Impmon and the others came, culu!

(Impmon arrives with pagumon friends.)

Impmon: Haa-hahaha! You can't escape from me*10! Now shut up and turn over Culumon!

Culumon (T): No, culu! I hate impmon, culu!

Impmon: Why you little...! You certainly got guts*11! Go on, jerks!

(Ryo, Monodramon, and Culumon (BT) arrive and a Pagumon notices and tries to get Impmon's attention.)

Pagumon: Impmon-sama!

Impmon: What? Go already!

Pagumon: Iiiiimpmonsamaaaa!

Impmon: What of it! Shut up!

Pagumon: Culumon... Culumon arrived!

Impmon: I know about Culumon? Didn't we come here to catch him? Now go!

Pagumon: But Culumon is coming over here!

Impmon: Shut up! You think I don't know Culumon's right there? You're fine. Don't speak anymore! Now! Go already! ...? Culumon's coming? ...? Culumon's right in front of my eyes. Culumon is... coming?

(Impmon turns to see the other Culumon (BT), Ryo, and Monodramon)

Monodramon: Stop it!

Impmon: Here's a Culumon... There's a Culumon... ...? Well, this is good. Two Culumon in hand make a larger profit! All right, guys! Go for it!

(Battle start. It's a tough battle, but strategizing and using Impmon's party against him helps. Battle end.)

Impmon: Here's a Culumon... There's a Culumon... Even more Culumon...

Narration: Guilmon rescued!

Takato: We're saved. Er... Ryo-san, was it?*12

Monodramon: We came from the ENIAC. When the door opened and he heard a voice, Culumon entered and we followed him here.

Guilmon: [unintelligible]*13

Takato: Wait, I don't get it... In short, you're from elsewhere, right? My name is Takato. This is Guilmon, and that's Culumon. We were being chased by Impmon, who wanted to monopolize Culumon's power to evolve himself. Thank you for helping us.

Monodramon: We really need to return to the ENIAC. We have to do battle with Millenniumon to protect everyone.

Culumon (BT): Monodramon's so grave, culu~. Because there's only one fighting with Ryo, it's serious, culu~. Culumon is useless.

Takato: Millenniumon...? You mean the digimon that's the synthesis of Chimeramon and Mugendramon?  That's a super rare card! It isn't... not a strong digimon!

Culumon (BT): Millenniumon, the strongest digimon, culu! He's sending lots of bad digimon to destroy the ENIAC, culu. Ryo and Monodramon fight them, culu!

Takato: That's good.

Guilmon: Takato! Guilmon wants to help Culumon and the others!

Takato: Hehe. I was just thinking the same thing, Guilmon! This is our turn to help, right? Hey, Ryo-san, we want to help! Surely it'll be easier if you use Guilmon! I know! Um... here! This is a D-Arc! It should make battle considerably easier if you use a D-arc! It will search for strong digimon, of course, and then converts data from those digimon into something usable! Of course, you can also use digimon cards.

Monodramon: Huh. That's amazing... Eh? Ryo, what's wrong?

(There's an option to rename Guilmon, then he joins the party. Ryo gets a flashback to Anode, Tag, and D-1 Tamers in sepia)

ENIAC: Do you remember, Ryo? You and Millenniumon have been battling for a long, long time. In the summer of 2000, you and Ichijouji Ken battled with Millenniumon. Ken survived, but you were blown away to the world of the ENIAC. He is your shadow. He will never perish so long as you live. Ryo, wake up. The world of the ENIAC is the original world; Millenniumon destroying it will end the world. Ryo, remember. Those daily battles...

(Flashback sequence ends and it's back to the future with Mille, who is still encountering resistance.)

Mille: Hmm.

(Light sparks along the data stream, Mille screams in pain. Two Skull Satamon turn up to report.)

Skull Satamon: Um, many pardons, Millenniumon-sama. The resistance is tougher than expected...

Mille: ...Excellent. This is proof that the ENIAC's world is not yet under control. However, Ryo is preventing my ambition to revive in the ENIAC's world... Heheh. Interesting. This program exceeds expectation...

(Focus shifts to the larval digimon in a tank we saw earlier, which has now fully formed into a Deathmon.)

Narration: Deathmon! A technical digimon with a variety of skills. Its technique is used to weaken its opponent with a swirl of confusion!

Mille: Heheheh... Ryo, how will you repel Deathmon?

SkullSatamon: Millenniumon-sama.. Please excuse me, but Deathmon is a technique-type digimon. If Ryo attacks with brute force...

Mille: Heheh. Don't worry. Ryo hasn't yet regained his full power. How will he deal with an enemy he has never seen before? Heheheh. Won't it be a sight? His defeat is the destruction of the ENIAC's world, and the history of the Digital World can be rewritten. Once history is changed, all resistance against me will disappear at once. Heheheh, won't it be wonderful? This is how the real world can be controlled! Ryo... Your existence is...! Dread Deathmon's power, Ryo!

(Deathmon is given a silhouette-on-white and it's back to the ENIAC's.)

ENIAC: Ryo was blown to this world, and Millenniumon to the future. This is no accident, though by chance he was established as Chosen.*14 You must prevent Millenniumon's invasion and protect the history of the Digital World.

Monodramon: Since this world is where the Digital World begins, taking it over will make this Digital World disappear. If this ends, he'll remake the Digital World for his own sake. Is that it, ENIAC?

ENIAC: It seems that's his purpose.

(Another earthquake.)

Monodramon: Ah! Again...

(Ryo and Monodramon go outside, where ToyAgumon runs up to them.)

ToyAgumon: It happened again! Hurry! Hurry and help!

(A packet of black data falls where the last one fell, and the infection spreads as a new dungeon is born.)

Narration: The Precipitate Crevasse was made!

Monodramon: Ryo! Let's go.

Guilmon: This is Guilmon's first time fighting!

Monodramon: Guilmon's comfortable. You're not scared?

Guilmon: Skeered? Is it a bread?

Monodramon: Ah, no. Nevermind.

(On to the dungeon. The battle isn't difficult at all; Deathmon is weak to brute force, as anticipated by the SkullSatamon duo.)

Deathmon: As expected of one Millenniumon-sama approves of as an enemy...

Narration: Deathmon data blocked!

(Back in the overworld)

Culumon: Ryo! Did you win, culu?

Guilmon: Ryo won. Guilmon also worked hard.

Culumon: The ENIAC's door is sparking again, culu! Ryo, do you like the door?

Guilmon: Hey, Guilmon worked hard too.

Monodramon: Let's go, Ryo! Surely the door will lead us to another world.

(In the ENIAC's chamber)

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653... 489 5512 11445 56... 9986 56 4785 1236... Complete... Transmitting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... open...!

(There are two doors and voices can be heard from within. From the left:)

???: Kiii! I'll blow you away!

???: Taichi! Watch out!

???: Kiii! Kiki! Ukkii!

Culumon: ...?

(From the right door:)

???: V-mon Head!

???: Stop! You shouldn't fight someone like that!

???: Come back, Greymon!

Culumon: Somehow both doors look terrible, culu. Scary, cululu. Ryo, which way to go, culu?

(The player can only choose one. For completeness' sake, I've transcribed both.)

Branch 1: Save Daisuke

(The scene opens to Daisuke and V-mon facing an infected MetalGreymon)

MetalGreymon: Guooo!

Daisuke: It's useless... We can't win like this... V-mon. V-mon! Come on! V-mon!

V-mon: Useless... C- can't win...

Daisuke: V-mon! Dammit... What can... What's the best thing to do?

(Ryo, Monodramon, and Guilmon to the rescue)

MetalGreymon: Ga?!

Daisuke: ... Aah! Are, are you Ryo-san...?

MetalGreymon: Guooo!

(Battle and defeat MetalGreymon)

MetalGreymon: Gu... guo... o...

Daisuke: You did it! You defeated MetalGreymon!

Narration: V-mon rescued!

V-mon: Thank you, Ryo! Impossible, I never dreamed I'd meet you again in a place like this! ... Eh? ENIAC gate? Wait, I don't get it...

Daisuke: V-mon, I know. This person is fighting in world that's different from ours.

V-mon: A different world?

Daisuke: Yeah. I seem to recall Miyako talking about something like that. Like, there's not one world, but multiple worlds. I wonder if it's like a parallel world?

V-mon: Wow, Daisuke, you don't look like you'd be so well-informed, right~?*15

Daisuke: ... Hey, you.

V-mon: But, I remember. That time I fought the enemy Millenniumon together with Ryo. That guy revived, didn't he!

Daisuke: Is that right? You saw something like that... Dammit! I wasn't your first partner? I'm a bit jealous.

V-mon: Haha! Daisuke, jealous? That's not like you at all, Daisuke!

Daisuke: But Ryo-san is fighting something like that from before. He's fighting Millenniumon again?

V-mon: ...! Daisuke! Can I go for a little while?

Daisuke: Where to...? The toilet?

V-mon: No way! To go fight together with Ryo in that world! It'd be great! Right? If Millenniumon really revived, it'll cause disorder throughout the world! I... I want to help Ryo! It doesn't mean I hate you, Daisuke! Honest!

Daisuke: Hahaha! I know, V-mon. It's fine, go ahead. I get it, too: there seems to be no difference between the parallel world and the Digital World! Ryo-san! This guy's all mouth, but please take good care of him!

V-mon: Tsk, that was rude. ... Now, let's go, Ryo!

Branch 2: Save Taichi

(The scene opens to Taichi and Agumon facing Etemon)

Etemon: Ukiki! Weak! You're weak!

Agumon: D-- dammit... It's useless... No strength left*16...

Taichi: A-- Agumon!

(Ryo & co turn up)

Etemon: ?? What are all of you?!

Taichi: Ah...! Could it be you...!

Etemon: I don't know who that is, but that looks like an enemy! Ukkikki! Let's do it! You'll fight for him*17!

(Upon Etemon's defeat)

Etemon: Damn... What was that? ... the hell...

(Mid-screen text: Agumon rescued!)

Agumon: Thanks, Ryo!

Taichi: Impossible... You came to help us... It's been a very long time, Ryo.

Agumon: Eh?

Taichi: So, what's up? Perhaps you don't remember? I wonder if your memory fled in the fight against Millenniumon?

(The screen switches to an amber coloration of a story scene from Anode/Cathode Tamer, showing Taichi with the season 1 Chosen digimon)

Taichi: But surely you remember... You helped me a long time ago. On New Year's Eve, you went to the Digital World and substituted for me in the battle against Millenniumon. You and Agumon and the others helped us.

Agumon: Taichi, I fought together with Ryo! I'm not sure whether I'll be reliable but... I can't just stand by!

Taichi: Ah, I got it, Agumon! I can't cross over to that Digital World, but surely you can go to Ryo's world! A request, Agumon! Fight for me!*18

Agumon: Yeah! Leave it to me! ... Hehe, Ryo, take care of me!

(Back to the future with Millenniumon, who is still getting painful feedback from his data streams)

Millenniumon: Gahh! Why... Why can't I win... He is strong, admittedly, but why is he able to repel so many of my troops... It's unimaginable that his individual power is capable of so much. Troops... Ah, I see! He's*19 leaping to other worlds to gather friends. Heheheh. Indeed... The ENIAC is the source of the Digital World. The time axis of all things digital begins from there. For this reason, I want this world. I sent troops to the past; but, conversely, he proceeds to the future with the friends he gathers. In that case... Heheheh... In that case, it's as easy as talking about it. Essentially, splitting up the allied digimon will decentralize battle potential.

(The view switches to the cloning tanks, where embryonic versions of Coatlmon, Kongoumon, and Pharaohmon float in liquid)

Millenniumon: Small fish*20 will collaborate to fight. Heheheh... How far can they fight when they're alone? It'll be worth seeing... Ryo...

(Kongoumon, Coatlmon, and Pharaohmon are sent to the ENIAC's in a packet of black data, forming the Divided Crevasse. Included are translations for the NPCs before encountering the bosses.)

(ENIAC Field npcs:)

ENIAC: I sense three forces... It seems that the forces will split your team into three. Ryo, your digimons' limits must be elevated to fight one on one.

ToyAgumon: On the next generation of evolution, the reader chart... I mean, at that point you can adjust two parameters. When you evolve to ultimate, you can tweak a maximum of 12 parameters from six*21.

Kapurimon: Because I'm a baby digimon, my reader chart hasn't moved up two more points. I want to hurry up and evolve to child faster and gain more customization.

Gotsumon: Hey, we met in a good place! You forgot everything before this, didn't you... When you scan with the D-Arc, you're more likely to succeed with the scan when the enemy is weak. Remember that well.

Numemon: Collecting various cards...? Anyway, on the D-Arc scan, you have no choice but to convert collected scan data at the D-Arc shop into cards. So if you have a card you don't need anymore, you can try out combinations in card jogress. Well, anyway, wouldn't it be better to turn two unwanted cards into one? If you have P-Factor and Plug-in Cards, they can't be used up and will pile up. If you're not using them for other friends, you can jogress them! However, because there are skills that destroy installed P-Factor and Plug-in Cards, it's better to have extras of important cards.

Gekomon: Geko-geko!! The corrosion got this far so fast, geko! Are you guys gonna finish off Millenniumon, geko? Hurry up and do something, geko... As it is, something horrible will happen to the ENIAC's world, geko...

Drimogemon: You might already know this, moge... Cure poison status immediately! In battle, poison status can trim down HP.

(NPCs in dungeon)

Kapurimon: Before I knew it, I kept coming and going to the same places and became exhausted.

Gotsumon: Beware of attacks from strong, scary digimon in this basement.

Gekomon: I heard something about that Otamamon guy starting something somewhere, geko... I haven't found it even after walking the same places and haven't gone back in forever, geko.

Leomon: Have you heard of the PF Evoluter? It's Culumon's program factor card. Incorporating this on two digimon allows them to jogress.

[Otamamon's Inn]

Otamamon: Welcome to Otamamon's Inn, tama~ Such a place is needed because tourists*22 are unending, tama~ One person per night is 400 BIT, tama~ ...That'll be 1200 BIT, tama~

[If player selects "No"]

Otamamon: See you again, tama~

[If player selects "Yes"]

Otamamon: Go make yourself at home and relax, tama~

[After fade to black:]

Otamamon: Good morning, tama~ Did you rest well, tama~? We await your return, tama~

(Resuming dungeon crawling)

Ogremon: Someone made it all the way here at last; however, the way ahead appears blocked. What on earth will you do?

(Ahead, the boss floor is blocked by three stone blocks)

Narration: Written on the lithographs is the following: "The three seals should be simultaneously dispelled... One requires magic; One, strength; One, speed."

(The party cannot proceed, so they return to the ENIAC)

Culumon: You came back, culu?

Monodramon: It couldn't be helped. We couldn't proceed.

Culumon: If you ignore it, feelings will get worse, culu.

Monodramon: I know... But, what can we do...

Culumon: In that case, Culumon will destroy the lithographs completely, culu!

Monodramon: They're unbreakable...

Culumon: So I'll tickle them, culu! Then everyone can tickle the lithographs at once, culu!

Monodramon: Tickle... Well...

Culumon: Everyone tickles at once, culu!

Monodramon: ...? What was that...?

Culumon: Tickle, culu?

Monodramon: No... The three seals should be simultaneously... means... I think, surely three digimon can press the lithograph! That's it, Ryo! If we go all at once with three of us, then that should open the way!

(Back to the dungeon. The party splits up to press on the lithographs.)

Narration: Everyone presses in the lithographs!

(The left room holds Kongoumon, the top holds Coatlmon, the right room holds Pharaohmon. Party lines splits like so: First member goes to Kongoumon, middle to Coatlmon, last/newest to Pharaohmon.)

Kongoumon: Hahah... Welcome to your defeat! Now come!

(Upon his defeat:)

Kongoumon: F-- Foolish... to have been defeated by a single digimon...

(Mid-screen text: Kongoumon data blocked!)

(Coatlmon pre-battle)

Coatlmon: Kukuku... Can only one of you defeat me? Come, let's begin!

(Upon his defeat:)

Coatlmon: That was... re-- regrettable...!

(Mid-screen text: Coatlmon data blocked!)

(Pharaohmon pre-battle)

Pharaohmon: Fuooo... Whosoever disturbs my sleep hampers my revival!*23

(Upon his defeat:)

Pharaohmon: Fuooo... Un... unbelievable...!

(Mid-screen text: Pharaohmon data blocked!)

(After the three-way battle, a digiport appears in the ENIAC's world. Culumon runs up and disappears through it because he has no sense of self-preservation.)

Culumon: What's this, culu? What's happening, culu~?

(ENIAC field npcs before going into portal)

Drimogemon: Terrible! Terrible! So terrible, moge!!  A terrible strange mark suddenly appeared here! And, moge! There was a light and Culumon flew in and disappeared in it, moge!

Gekomon: I wonder what the key is to opening a locked treasure chest, geko... Of course, it's not like a thief can open them, geko?*24

Numemon: Always pay attention to your YP. Devolution happens when it hits 0. But don't worry about it too much, even if there's accidental devolution? It's because they'll quickly evolve to their original level anyway.

Gotsumon: Do you remember jogress? You can jogress evolve by inserting the Culumon card. Naturally, you can't jogress with just one, right?

ToyAgumon: You're looking for Culumon? Isn't he always aimlessly wandering off somewhere?

Kapurimon: You should always go to Jijimon concerning the reader chart. It's important to adjust the ticks to suit the situation at the time. Occasionally it's important that a tamer understand the sensitivity of a situation.

(That's all the npcs. It's on to the digiport. It leads to the Anode world.)

Culumon: Oh, it's Ryo! Did Ryo come to play too, culu?

(There's an amber-colored still screen of Anode!Ryo at Leomon's coliseum)

Culumon: The digimon here were saying, culu~ Ryo fought here a long time ago, culu~? They say this world at that time was the world of the past*25 that you went to, culu~?

ENIAC: That's right, Ryo. This is the first Digital World you laid eyes on.

Culumon: Oh, it's ENIAC~ But, why did we come to such an ancient world, culu~?

ENIAC: The ENIAC is the root of all of the Digital Worlds. By preventing Millenniumon's invasion, instead that energy created a new path that crosses space-time*26. (Amber still, Ryo at Penmon's shop) Millenniumon's power is great... However, when he is defeated, Millenniumon's power will become a vast store of energy for me. That energy is linked to evolutionary data, and creates a door to new space-times...

Culumon: Eh~ Well, if Millenniumon is defeated, can we go to other places faster?

ENIAC: That's right. Although his power is a threat, it may also become a source of power for me again.

Culumon: Wow, culu~ Well, want Ryo to defeat Millenniumon, culu~ If it happens, wanna play in other places~ Heheh, it'll be fun, cululu!

(Screen goes back to overworld view in the Anode world and player regains control)

Culumon: Anyway, since Culumon has already played too much, gonna go back. Bye-bye! Cululu!

(Culumon runs back to the ENIAC's. The following is NPC text in the Anode world)

Mushmon: This is the Anode world. There's a Portable Coliseum and Nanimon Shop here! Here you cannot exchange infrequent cards, so stretch your wings and relax while shopping.

Bakemon: This is the Anode world, the opposite of the Cathode world.

Tonosama Gekomon: You bought a "smoke screen"? It's a useful card! You can reliably escape if you use it in battle.

(Portable Coliseum; this relies on a connection to a peripheral toy I don't have)

Leomon: Well met! This is a chamber for battle. [options: Portable Battle, Leave]

[Portable Battle]

Leomon: Now, choose a good digimon for battle!


Leomon: You can come to battle at any time

(Back to the ENIAC's:)

Culumon: Ah, it's Ryo~ Ryou came back, cululu?~ Yeah! There are more doors in the ENIAC, culu! C'mon, c'mon, let's hurry up and enter, culu~

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653... 489 5512 11445 56... 9986 56 4785 1236... Complete... Transmitting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... Open..!

(From the left door:)

???: Meramera*27 I'm burning!

???: Sora...!  Sora, wait...

???: Buoooo... Gogogooo...*28

Culumon: ...? What's burning?

(From the middle door:)

???: I will win this match! *29

???: Very well, let's...!

???: Okay... Armor evolution!

Culumon: Huh~... Looks like a period drama, right~

(From the right door:)

???: All you need is power!

???: Don't! Don't go, Renamon!

Culumon: Somehow the doors are very alike, culu. Which door will Ryo enter, cululu?

Branch 1: Save Sora

(Meramon versus Adventure ‘99 Sora and Piyomon. Piyomon is lying down in exhausion.)

Meramon: Merameramera... I'm burning~! Ha-hhahhahha... Surrender already. You guys won't be able to escape. Watch my fire dance while you die!

Sora: Ahh! Piyomon! Pull yourself together, Piyomon...!

Piyomon: Oh, Sora... I'm sorry... It looks like I'm useless... Sorry, Sora.

Sora: Pi... Piyomon...!

(Ryo and his party appear)

Meramon: ...? Mera!? Wh- who are you*30?

Sora: Could it be... You're Ryo? It's Ryo!

Piyomon: Ahh... Ryo came for us? Un... unbelievable...

Meramon: Merameramera... I don't understand, but you're the enemy! Hey! I'll make you burn out!*31

(Piyomon rescued!)

Sora: It's been a long time, Ryo... You and Piyomon fought so much with Millenniumon, I wonder how much more it will be before*32... Even though it seems like the great old days, it was really rather recently. Heheh... Isn't this a wonder?

Piyomon: But why did you come to such a place? Wouldn't you have come just for us?

Sora: Hmm... Mm... Eh? Millenniumon, too? Oh, I see...

Piyomon: Sora, I...

Sora: Yeah, I know, Piyomon! You'll want to fight together with Ryo, as he did for us before... Now here she is, with our thanks*33.

Piyomon: Thank you, Sora!

Sora: But don't you forget, after the battle, you must return promptly!

Piyomon: Haha... I know, Sora! ... Let's go, Ryo. I don't know whether I'll be useful, but I'll do my best!

Branch 2: Save Miyako

Igamon: Today we shall settle the matter, Hawkmon! The prime shinobi*34 of the Digital World! Now, the match!

Miyako: Hawkmon, have at him!

Hawkmon: Fate will decide this*35, Miyako-dono!

(Igamon and Hawkmon square off and Hawkmon is injured in the fight)

Miyako: W- wait, hold on, Hawkmon!

Hawkmon: Forgive me... The enemy will surely act...

Igamon: Ha-hhahhahha! So Hawkmon has also heard such rumors! Well now, in that case, will you accept and disappear? Farewell, Hawkmon!

(Ryo & co arrive)

Igamon: Hmm? Knaves! Though this fellow has never him, he came to help Hawkmon... Then he is my enemy! That I shall kill with my bare hands...

(Hawkmon rescued!)

Miyako: Aren't you strong? Ryo, right? Hawkmon, do you know this guy?

Hawkmon: No... I thought surely he must be of Miyako-dono's acquaintance, but...

Miyako: Eh? Came through time? You want me to lend the strength to defeat Millenniumon..? It's such a sudden thing to say so willy-nilly. Hey, Hawkmon...

Hawkmon: I certainly do not understand why this is so abrupt.... However, this person uses the same digimon as Miyako-dono... Miyako-dono, if my service may be of some small use, may I go to battle with this person?

Miyako: ... Hawkmon.

Hawkmon: What I understand is that this person is fighting desperately and the enemy is strong...!

Miyako: ... Are you leaving me? Hawkmon...?

Hawkmon: No, please do not misunderstand. This is but a temporary alliance.

Miyako: ... pfft heheheh... ahaha...!

Hawkmon: Miyako-dono?

Miyako: Hehe... I get it, Hawkmon. For all that, I get it! This guy battles with really strong digimon, right? Because this person who's assembling comrades defeated Igamon. Hehe... As expected of my Hawkmon! You were scouted by an amazing person! It's an honor, eh? Go on! Amazing things will be said about

Hawkmon in the digimon world!

Hawkmon: Miyako-dono. Yes! I shall go!

Branch 3: Save Ruki

Indaramon: Heheheh... Having said that, even Renamon falls to the ground... After all, digimon exist to fight. Though humans caused you to lose focus, you are not my enemy.

Ruki: ... Wha! What is he! Renamon! Have at it!

Renamon: ... Leave it to me!

(Indaramon and Renamon battle, Renamon is injured in the fight)

Indaramon: Ha-hahhahha! You're defeated, Renamon! This is because of your bond to that human! Come, Renamon, step aside so that I may defeat the human. With it scoured away, you shall awaken to true power. Hehehe... You will truly understand that that trashy friendship is an unacceptable hindrance.

Renamon: ... Ng!

Ruki: Re... Renamon, you can't...

Renamon: ... Ruki.

Ruki: Unbelievable! You can't! Hey, Renamon! Tell me you're not!

(Ryo & company appear on the scene)

Indaramon: Hm. Who? Who dares...? You*36, you're not of this world.

Ruki: Not of this... world?

Renamon: ...?

(Renamon rescued!)

Ruki: Thanks, er.... Ah, you said it's Ryo? For helping us..... Eh? You want me to lend you Renamon? Mil... eh? Millenniumon? That kind of digimon is targetting your world? But that's a bit sudden to say such a thing.

Renamon: No, Ruki. I'll go.

Ruki: Eh? Wait, am I really a hindrance to you?

Renamon: No!

Ruki: ... ...

Renamon: I understand... More important than anything else, the friendship of humans is true strength. As this tamer has now proved.

Ruki: Then why do you want...

Renamon: However, I truly believe in Ruki. The feeling of true friendship, I finally understand it. That's why I want to go to battle once with this person, to see what separation from Ruki is like. To discover, Ruki...

Ruki: How can you find what you don't know?

Renamon: Ru... Ruki...

Ruki: It's fine. Go on, go on. Ryo-san, a request. Keep up Renamon's training for me.

Renamon: Thank you, Ruki.

Ruki: Well, that's friendship, right?

(Back to the future with Mille. Zambamon and Lampmon walk through a devastated landscape with broken buildings. The scene switches to Millenniumon's throne room.)

Mille: Ryo... Why on earth does he continue fighting this much? ... Why...? Mm! Who's there?

(Zambamon and Lampmon stride up to Millenniumon.)

Zambamon: Lord Millenniumon... The subjugation of that fool, Ryo*37... why can we not be awarded that duty?

Mille: Zambamon, Lampmon...? Wasn't subjugation of the resistance left to you*38? What of the resistance?

Lampmon: We'll end him immediately, in the blink of an eye! Lord Millenniumon is merely playing with Ryo!

Mille: ... ...

Zambamon: Cease this at once, Lampmon!

Lampmon: Lord Millenniumon, why not leave Ryo to us? It's not that we don't trust you, but the connection between you and Ryo is deep... Well, trust us to dispose of that at once, OK? Will that be fine?

Zambamon: La- Lampmon! How can you speak like that... ...However, Lord Millenniumon, this is my request: If we defeat Ryo, then there will be no problems. Please!

Mille: ... Eheh... If you say to trust you, then go to the ENIAC. Deal with it Zambamon, Lampmon.

Zambamon: Ha! Please leave it to us!

Lampmon: All right! Let's go!

(Once the two leave there's a moment of silence, then Millenniumon chuckles to himself.)

Mille: Heheheh... Fools*39. Well, if they really can defeat Ryo, that thing will not cross over... Why don't we see what you've got, Ryo?

(Again, another packet of black data plunges into the ENIAC's world, the infection spreads further, and the Crevice of Two Claws opens up. This is a really tough boss battle, so preparations took a  long time)

Narration: The Crevice of Two Claws was made!

(Talking to the ENIAC, other npcs before going on to the bosses)

ENIAC: I feel the excess power of two forces. Two forces of opposing strengths will attack you. Ryo, focus on skill resistance.

Drimogemon: Millenniumon sending data to this world from the future is like the beating of a drum. It'll become more complex, moge. Check your progress on the map in the D-Arc, moge!

Geckomon: Gekogeko! The latest news, geko! In order to heal injuries, why don't you start by going to that cloak room, starting treatment, and waiting a little while, geko? That's right, geko! Starting treatment that way heals quickly and keeps raising LP, geko! However, the reader chart will reset when you surrender your digimon to the cloak room, geko. You would have to raise up LP again. Anyway, that's all there is to know about treatment!

Numemon: You may not already be aware, but did you know that some digimon cards disappear as you use them? Because of that, you better take them over to Nanimon and ask him to add them to the album collection! Did you know that you can see those cards even if you're no longer using them? It seems like a good thing afterwards. This way, you can start recording the cards you saw.

Gotsumon: Have you tried card jogress much? As a rule, it's understood that cards can be created from each other. There's one thing you need to know: when you begin, choose two cards you want to change. It seems to me that that decision is really up to you. There are many mysteries and I don't know more than that. All I know is that there's a rule to this.

ToyAgumon: Do you know the difference between SP, PAPP, TAPP? Though important, these three and SP are often misunderstood. SP is in "normal attack", PAPP is "personal attack skill", and TAPP is "all attack skill"; each aids in avoiding those attacks. The bottom line is, when you fight an enemy, it helps to ascertain their attacks sometimes.

Kapurimon: Millenniumon's data is eroding this place. Why can't you hurry up...

(Dungeon npcs)

ToyAgumon: For some reason, this hole has lots of Jijimon Labs. You can study reader charts here, eh?

Gotsumon: Isn't it weird here? Don't the enemies' attacks change radically in mood?

Centaurmon: Mushamon, BigMamemon... That's it! I see... heheheh...

Kapurimon: Eheheh~ I got it! How sensible of Jijimon! I'm not telling you!

(Boss battle with Lampmon and Zambamon. They hit really fast and really hard, so it takes a while to prepare for them even when you heed all the game advice.)

Lampmon: Kakkakka... This is Ryo? Isn't he a tiny guy? Yet, to Millenniumon he'll fall. Now, let's go! If I defeat you, I'll become leader of Millenniumon's troops by tomorrow!

(Upon Lampmon's defeat, it's on to Zambamon:)

Zambamon: Good heavens! La... Lampmon! ... Ryo, unlike Lampmon, I won't be unprepared. Now go!

(Upon Zambamon's defeat:)

Zambamon: Kuh... Lord Millenniumon... We were careless... Something like this was impossible...

(Mid-screen text: Lampmon data blocked!) (Mid-screen text: Zambamon data blocked!)

(Talking to NPCs before proceeding with the story)

Geckomon: Gekogeko? Hmm... You haven't seen Culumon in a while, geko?

Numemon: You won't want the super-strong suicide-style skill, however... you can prevent injuries by first inserting the plug-in card.

Kapurimon: Can't find Culumon? Maybe he found something interesting to look at?

ToyAgumon: Where's Culumon? He didn't come here~

Drimogemon: Mogemoge? Didn't Culumon head into that strange mark over there, moge?

(Culumon is in Cathode world) Culumon: Ah, Ryo's here too. This is exactly like the world we came to before, cululu.

(Penmon waddles into the scene and talks like a pokemon)

Penmon: Pen pen pe-n, pen pen pe-n.

Culumon: A weird penguin came, cululu.

Penmon: Ryo! It's been a while. This is the Cathode world, the inverse of the Anode world.

Culumon: What's inverse...?

(Amber story-image screencap of Shellmon attacking Ryo, from Cathode Tamer)

Penmon: So! Ryo, do you remember? After your battle in the other world of Anode, another you was fighting Millienniumon in this Cathode world.

Culumon: Another Ryo? I don't understand, cululu.

(Amber story-image screencap of Agumon attacking Shellmon, from Cathode Tamer)

Penmon: Pepepe... It's fine to not understand. I understand little, myself. However, this much is certain: Ryo-san always comes to fight Millenniumon! He fights in various places in various worlds. Whether or not you remember, the Cathode world was saved by Ryo-san's strength. Now, let's go to town! Everyone's been waiting for you. Our dear hero!

Culumon: Well, Culumon's going back. It's the same as the other world. I'll return to the ENIAC's, cululu~

(Player now has freedom of movement; the following is NPC text:)

Kentarumon: This is the Cathode world, the inverse of the Anode world.

ToyAgumon: Here in the Cathode world, there are the Penmon Trading House and the Nanimon Shop! It'll be good to stop by once for very rare cards.

Yukimibotamon: You can definitely buy the recommended card "Saber Leomon" here! It's a summon card that uses his "Nail Crasher" personal attack, the best for destructive power!

(Penmon's Trading House; requires peripherals I don't have:)

Penmon: Hello! This is Penmon's Trading House! (Options: Digimon Trade, Card Trade, D-1 Tamers, Tag Tamers) Penmon, for all options if you don't have the peripherals: Communication standing by. Huh? There's a communications error. Won't you try again? Penmon: See you later.

(Back at the ENIAC's)

Culumon: Ah! You came! Now let's go, cululu!

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653...489 5512 1145 56... 9986 56 4785 1236... Complete... Transmitting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... Open..!

(From the left door:)

???: Oh guest! Pay up~! *40

???: What the!  You've gotta be kidding! *41

???: You're bilking me, guest!

Culumon: ..? What's bilking?

(From the middle door:)

???: Haahhahha... Taken in by the power of darkness!

???: Ken-chan! Watch out!

Culumon: U~m... Would he be taken~?

(From the right door:)

???: Realize! He's tracking...!

???: Ahahahahaha! Gagagaagagaga!

Culumon: Somehow the doors are very alike, culu. Which door will Ryo enter, cululu?

Branch 1: Save Yamato

Digitamamon: Oh guest, you can't eat or drink without money. Well, if you have no money, I'll let you work here.

Yamato: So just give me a little moment to speak! Look, you don't get it!

Gabumon! Hey, Gabumon! Pull yourself together, Gabumon!

(Ryo & co arrive)

Digitamamon: Oh? Other customers?

Yamato: Could it be... Ryo? Why are you in this place?

Digitamamon: Hmmm? That's him? So that means he's a fellow bilker! Uoooo! Hammer of justice! Take it!

(Gabumon rescued!)

Yamato: Thanks, Ryo. For helping in such an awful place. But why did you come to a place like this? Hm... Hm... Millenniumon? Ah... I see...

Gabumon: Could it be that the same Millenniumon Ryo and I fought has revived?

Yamato: Seems so...

Gabumon: ... Yamato?

Yamato: Hey, Gabumon. Don't you want to fight together with Ryo? I also know that Millenniumon is very strong... I heard from Taichi that that diablomon was used as a lure. ... Hey, Gabumon, you can't beat that guy by force, you need to weigh your strengths.

Gabumon: I thought about that, Yamato. Ah, it'll be fine. I'll go!

Yamato: So, Ryo. Did you bring Agumon? Surely they can jogress if you have Agumon. Not even Millenniumon can stand up to an enemy like Omegamon! Well, be dependable, Gabumon!

Gabumon: Ahh, leave it to me, Yamato!

Branch 2: Save Ken

Chimeramon: Kukkukku... You underestimate the power of darkness, Digimon Kaiser... No, Ichijouji Ken.

Ken: Kuh...

Wormmon: Sorry... It looks like I was useless.

Chimeramon: Obstinate, eh? Now, return to my origin... You are the child who received the baptism of darkness. Darkness returns to darkness. Come... come!

(Ryo and co. arrive)

Chimeramon: Hmph! This is...?

Ken: Ryo-san!

Wormmon: Ryo!

Chimeramon: You're *42 Ryo? I see. You're your enemy!

(Wormmon rescued!)

Ken: Ryo-san, what are you doing in a place like this... Ah! Perhaps Millenniumon is? I see. Hmm. Millenniumon revived! ... Ryo-san, I searched so much for any sign of you since then...

Wormmon: Ken...

Ken:  ...? Ryo-san, don't you remember me? ... I see. It was a fierce battle, but sooner or later you'll remember. Together we fought as companions in the Digital World. ... That's right, Wormmon. Why don't you go with Ryo-san? Wormmon: Eh? It's okay, Ken-chan?

Ken: I know, Wormmon. You'll regret being left behind in the battle against Millenniumon's revival. Go ahead. While you're at it, maybe Ryo-san's memory will return.

Wormmon: Yeah! ... What about V-mon?

Ken: Right; If you have V-mon, then Wormmon can jogress with him. Imperialdramon cannot be born without Wormmon and V-mon. With him you'll have absolute victory!

Wormmon: I'll go then, Ken-chan.

Ken: Ahh, I'll rely on you, Wormmon!

Branch 3: Save Jenrya

Gorimon: Guaaa! Gaggaggah...

Jenrya: Te- Terriermon!

Terriermon: Eheheh... I lost... Sorry, Li...

Jenrya: S- sorry... I'm useless... I'm just a gutless... Sorry, Terriermon...

Terriermon: Li...

(Ryo & co. arrive)

Gorimon: ...! Gori?!

Jenrya: Y- you're...?

(Terriermon rescued!)

Jenrya: Oh, I get it. I must be slow. Your name is... ? Ah, it's Ryo-san *43. I'm Li *44. This is Terriermon, my partner.

Terriermon: Li, these digimon are really strong, aren't they?

Jenrya: Ahh... So, why did you help us? ...? Eh? Millenniumon? Surpassing time? Digital World? ENIAC? Gathering digimon... to fight... To fight the future? Hmm, that world, it sounds a bit fantastical...

Terriermon: Hey, Li... I...

Jenrya: I know, Terriermon.

Terriermon: Eh?

Jenrya: I'm not foolish; wouldn't you want to try to fight alongside this person with all your strength?

Terriermon: Li...

Jenrya: As it is, I think I was fighting while frightened of Terriermon's evolution. It'll be good for us to separate for a while... By no means would it be a break up, you know? Terriermon.

Terriermon: Yeah, I get it.

Jenrya: Ryo-san. Please, for Terriermon. Please guide him to the correct evolution. Terriermon, you can't play around just because I won't be there.

Terriermon: Ehehe, I know, Li. I wonder if you have Guilmon and Renamon? With her and Guilmon, perhaps we can Jogress. I miss Guilmon and Renamon.

Jenrya: Well, we'll depend on you, Ryo-san. Be good, Terriermon!

Terriermon: Yeah! We're going, Li!

(Back to the future with Millenniumon in his throne room, where he reviews the defeat of Zambamon and Lampmon.)

Millenniumon: Hmm... Despite everything, it happened as I thought it would. They didn't expect that Ryo would defeat them.

(The scene cuts to the cultivation tanks; in one of them is a floating black egg)

Millenniumon: This is my true objective... This will resolve all if it is skillfully raised. This is the first step of a great beginning. This is where it all begins...

(The egg is sent to the ENIAC's world, infection spreads, so on.)

Narration: The Crevice of the Black Egg was made!

ENIAC: A great evil will soon awaken. Ryo, hurry! Do not wait. The more time passes, the greater it will become...! Run, Ryo.

(Pre-dungeon NPCs)

Drimogemon: Uhh... It... it feels terrible, moge... approaching that hole... No, it feels like, moge... Like the end of the world is near already, moge...

Gekomon: Injuries are absolutely troublesome, geko... If you want to avoid injuries as much as possible, raise the LP in the reader chart. It will lower SP, geko... That should be good news for your worries, geko! Apparently there's a program factor card called "PF Pain Card", geko? When you incorporate it into your digimon at Nanomon's D-arc Shop, they can take whatever without getting injured, geko! Did you know that already, geko?

Numemon: Heeh... There are card shops in other worlds? Surely my card is sold out or in short supply everywhere. Hahaha~

Gotsumon: The latest news! The Culumon card seems to have a great influence on the direction of change generated by digimon card jogress? I wonder what will happen if you chose two Culumon cards? What about you?

ToyAgumon: You can go where you went before, but... Raising EXPP is good for faster growth, but then YPPP goes up too, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. Well, you have to consider whether you want to evolve quickly after you fight for a while...

Kapurimon: Which is the best primary parameter to raise? It looks like... To me, it's EXPP. It's a shortcut to become stronger with an early evolution.

(post-spelunking dungeon npcs)

Pagumon: Certainly, if there's a treasure chest, the key will be somewhere on this floor. If it was anywhere. Yeah.

Kapurimon: I heard from Gotsumon that there was an unusual black digiegg somewhere in this hole. I wonder what digimon will be born from it?

Toyagumon: The black egg will grow faster if you dawdle. If so, it'll be dangerous...

Gotsumon: Minotaurmon's Dark Side Quake is dangerous. But, you can insert my "PF Suicide Card"! Yeah, it's my digimon card! It's the strongest program factor card! ... Hey, wait! Why are you holding your D-arc...

Numemon: Have you been attacked by PicoDevimon somewhere in this hole? Watch out for that guy! He has naughty, sticky fingers and his shot is a painful gamble to the right. Ngyahaha.

Gekomon: Someone took this key earlier, geko... Why open that treasure box now, geko... Maybe it was done by a thief-like digimon, geko?

Ogremon: Feh! That ass Leomon is manipulated by Millenniumon *45. Maybe I should show mercy. Leomon, that ass...

Ogremon 2: Whew... You made it all the way here at the start of evolution. Must've rode a unimon. Got here in a blink of an eye, gyahahaha

Gotsumon 2: Unimon?? I'm pretty sure I was attacked in this hole by one with Mushamon somewhere in this hole... but...

Branch 1: Make it to the boss under 10 minutes; the egg hatches into Dark Tyrannomon

Narration: What a maniac!

Dark Tyrannomon: Gugagagaa...!

Dark Tyrannomon (upon defeat): Gu guaa...

Branch 2: Make it to the boss between 10 to 20 minutes

Narration: Ten minutes have elapsed...!

Skull Greymon: Gugagagaa--!

Skull Greymon (upon defeat): Gu guaa...

Branch 3: Make it to the boss in over 20 minutes

Narration: Twenty minutes have elapsed...!

Black Wargreymon: You all were too slow... I developed from the black digiegg...! Hahhahha... You were too late!

Black Wargreymon (upon his defeat): Th-- this was foolish...

Branch 4: Make it to the boss in over 30 minutes

Black Wargreymon: Gaggaggagga... You all were too slow... The black digiegg is fully grown! Soon I will make you curse your powerlessness...!

Black Wargreymon (upon his defeat): Th-- this was foolish...

(Mid-screen text: BWargreymon data blocked!)

(Back at the ENIAC's. Culumon is missing again. Talking to field npcs)

Numemon: Hey, there you are! I heard there was a lot of trouble with the black digiegg. You're lucky the black digiegg wasn't born from me. Ngyahaha~

Gotsumon: Though you can't prevent all injuries, you can stop suicide-type skills by preparing and incorporating the eradication-type plug-in card.

Kapurimon: Looks like you beat back Millenniumon's data for now, eh? But... surely it'll come again. The peace of the ENIAC's world is slowly scattering... There's really nothing that can be done...

ToyAgumon: Culumon? Where'd he go...?

Drimogemon: Didn't Culumon go elsewhere in this world, moge?

Gekomon: Isn't he at that strange place from before, geko? Maybe I imagined it, geko...

(Off to the old-school digiport, which now allows the player into the Tag Tamers world)

Culumon: Ah, it's Ryo~. I haven't seen this world before~. Ryo, go take a look at everything, cululu. Come to think of it, an old man was*46 looking for Ryo~. Culumon thinks he should head back while Ryo looks for the old man, cululu~

(Culumon wanders off, allowing the player freedom of movement. Off to talk to NPCs)

Leomon: Have you met with Gennai-san? He's in town; recently he's been strangely lonely. Well, as long as you're here, drop by and visit.

Lopmon: Do you know "Stinky Breath"? It's Sukamon's card... It's quite handy when you use it in dungeons because enemies will avoid you! It makes the mouth reek...

Ogremon: This is the Tag world... There's a D-3 Coliseum and Nanimon Shop here! Surely you can find digimental type and program factor cards here? Well, it's a first step!

Gennai: Ryo... It's been a long time, Ryo... What? Memory's fuzzy? Ahh, I see, I see... You*47 were blown away from us by Millenniumon... Which, why don't I explain it in order?

(Sepia screenshot of Tag Tamers, where Ryo and Ken meet V-mon for the first time)

Gennai: In the summer of 1999, Taichi, Yamato, and the others, along with Agumon and others, came to save the Digital World. The Digital World became peaceful after the defeat of Apocalymon. However, Mugendramon and Chimeramon, barely surviving, became a new digimon. They became Millenniumon. By going back in time, Millenniumon would throw the adventure of Taichi and the others into chaos. That you prevented.

(Sepia screenshot of Tag Tamers; Ken being hit by the Dark Seed)

Gennai: Millenniumon was destroyed by your power, but he revived again and again. However, through the efforts of you and the digimon, he has been obstructed every time. That's right. You fought together with the Digimon Kaiser-- rather, Ichijouji Ken. However, during the last battle, you and Millenniumon were blown away in an explosion. You to the world of the past, him to the world of the future. It's said*48 that Millenniumon already dominates the world of the future. But for complete dominance, the source of the Digital World, the ENIAC, must be completely destroyed so that he may remake history to his liking and achieve total domination. Ryo, this may be the last battle. Do not let the Digital World be his! Protect the ENIAC thoroughly.

(Player gets freedom of movement again. Talking to Gennai again will start up a minigame called shiritori, which is a Japanese word game. How it traditionally works is this: one player is offered a word and must come up with another word that starts with the ending syllable of the first word. The next player takes the terminal syllable of that word and comes up with another word starting with that syllable. And so on. The game ends if the terminal syllable is 'n', the player repeats a word, or they are unable to come up with a word. The twist here is that the word pool is limited to the names of digimon whose cards Ryo already has in his album. The -mon part is simply dropped in favor of sticking to the rules. The next few paragraphs are minigame-related:)

Gennai: Well, well, if it isn't Ryo! Good of you to come. Recently, I've gone completely absent-minded. I can't remember digimon names very well. Hm? You'll play a digimon name shiritori with me?

(Yes/No; if No:)

Gennai: Oh... *sigh* So lonely...

(If Yes:)

Gennai: Oh, oh, I'm so happy. Do you want to hear the rules?

(Yes/No; if No:)

(Yes/No; if Yes:)

Gennai: For example, the 'n' of 'agumon' thereby brings it to an end? Therefore, we ignore the 'mon' and start with a digimon, taking from the 'gu' of 'agumon'! Well, let's lago*49 right now~. Which digimon would you like to start with?

(Ending the minigame:)

Gennai: Too bad, Ryo; you got so far! However! You lasted up to an amazing 26*50 rounds!! Well done, Ryo! I present you with a much-valued card as a reward! Asipatrava Card obtained! Well~ Today was fun; come back to play again.

(Back to the ENIAC's, where Culumon awaits)

Culumon: Ryo's back. There are more doors, culu. I hear Millenniumon's power opposing the ENIAC, but... But... that creeping oppressive something isn't here yet? Maybe it's my imagination? Cululu...

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653... 489 5512 11445 56... 9986 56 4785 1236... Complete... Transmiting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... open..!

(From the left door:)

???: Koushiro-han! Such circumstances...!

???: It's useless! I can't analyze...


Culumon: ...? Are they studying?

(From the middle door:)

???: Zaza... zazaza~...

???: I won't lose if I'm in the water...!

???: Aaa~ help~

Culumon: Umm... Seems like they're playing in the pool~

(From the right door:)

???: Doridoridori--

???: Now, let's go! Armor evolution--!

Culumon: Somehow the doors are very alike, culu. Which door will Ryo enter, cululu?

Branch 1: Save Koushiro

Andromon: Eliminate you all... Eliminate... Elim... *51

Koushiro: This, this is... Tentomon! Are you okay? Tentomon...!

Tentomon: D-- dammit...!

(Ryo & co. appear)

Andromon: ...! Enemy in sight! Eliminate...!

(Tentomon saved!)

Koushiro: Ryo-san! We missed you. No malice was intended during the battles of the D-1 Tournament. Please forgive us.

Tentomon: Ryo-han *52, it's been a while. ...Eh? Millenniumon again? Hmm, he's quite persistent...

Koushiro: Is that so? After the end of the D-1 Tournament, Millenniumon hurled himself at Ryo-san and exploded... Eh? So he's in the future? Ryo-san is in the world of the past? ... Hmm. That's fascinating.

Tentomon: Wh-- what is it, Koushiro-han?

Koushiro: Tentomon, will you fight alongside Ryo for a while?

Tentomon: Eh? Sure, but...

Koushiro: For a little while, I... I would like to properly analyze this parallel world. It just means that I'lle here alone for a while. Contact me if you find the answer! Or something like that!

Tentomon: Gah!! So that's why...

Branch 2: Save Jou

Gomamon: It's still bad. Sorry, Jou.

MegaSeadramon: Hahhahha. You're nothing but mouth. Now, let's put this to an end at once. Prepare yourself.

Jou: Th-- that's! I'm not ready! Help, Gomamon!!

Gomamon: Jou...

(Ryo & co. appear)

MegaSeadramon: Eh? Who's that?

Gomamon: Ah! Ryo!

(Gomamon saved!)

Gomamon: You've been missed, Ryo. We went on an adventure together.

Jou: Um... Thanks for the help. But why are you in an unbecoming little place like this? Eh? Millenniumon? He revived? But he's attacking from the future world? Hmm. I don't quite get it, but it sounds terrible.

Gomamon: Jou, is it okay if I go help Ryo? If that's the case, the matter of Millenniumon can't be left alone. Someday it might affect our world.

Jou: Gomamon... But, um, well... It's just that I think I'll be a little lonely. I'm useless, but Gomamon, you're useful and I think you should go. Gomamon, go along and work hard.

Gomamon: Yeah! Leave it to me!

Branch 3: Save Iori

Drimogemon: Uhohhohho... It's said that Armadimon can't do a thing in the water! Hahhahha! Serves you right, pest!*53

Armadimon: It's hopeless, dagya...

Iori: Armadimon! Hold fast!

(Ryo & co. appear)

Drimogemon: Well now... All it takes is one easy hit to do you in! Well then... ...? What's this? Who's coming, beh? I wonder just what you'll do, beh!

(Armadimon saved!)

Drimogemon: Kuh... St--strong, beh. Gack!

Iori: Thank you very much for helping us. I am Iori, this is Armadimon. You're... You said Ryo-san? Eh? Millenniumon? He's attacking the Digital World from the world of the future? He's such a...!

Armadimon: I'm surprised, gya!

Iori: Eh? Armadimon? You want to lend a hand? Well... Saying that kind of thing... You do, Armadimon?

Armadimon: I... It'll be good for me to go, dagya. As a digimon, I understand, dagya. If I don't help this guy, that bastard Millenniumon will surely change this world to a horrible place, dagya!

Iori: Is that so? Heheh, I was actually thinking the same thing. I think, perhaps, this battle happened today so that we could help this person. So, please go with him, Armadimon. Please help him smack and defeat Millenniumon!

Armadimon: Iori...! Got it, dagya! I'll go smack him for ya, dagya.

(Back to the future with Millenniumon in his throne room, where he's alone until two SkullSatamon approach him.)

SkullSatamon: L-- Lord Millenniumon! That Ryo*54 has destroyed the egg as well! The resistance's power in that world is rapidly rising; it's dangerous as it is!

(There is a cut to a close-up of the cloning tanks. Suspended in the middle tank is a clone of Taichi, and in the tank to the right of him is a Daisuke clone.)

Mille: Hm, very well. I do not care about such things as the resistance. My concerns are whether these are raised well. That's all.

(Cut again to the Daisuke clone's tank. To the right of that is Takato.)

Mille: They will become my ultimate victory when they are completed. Of that, there's no doubt. Heheheh... Until then, it is enough to taste transient victories.

(And cut to the Takato clone.)

Mille: A despairing memorandum shall be a brief joy.

(Finally, cut to the throneroom proper.)

Mille: These will take some time still to grow. Until the time they may work, which prototype may I offer? Although the prototype possesses little...

(A dark figure appears before the throne then. Dark and somewhat familiar.)

Mille: The duty assigned to you*55 is merely to buy time. Well, that will be the extent of it. Now, go!

(The prototype clone stands as a black silhouette against a smokey background, and the scene cuts to the world of the past where the black data plunges into the ground and the infection spreads. The Trap Crevice appears. Off to talk to NPCs)

(ENIAC Field)

ENIAC: A great intelligence is waiting for you in the basement. Ryo, to be victorious over him, you must go all at once. Compromise or mercy will give rise to the resurrection of evil. Be careful, Ryo.

(Trap Dungeon NPCs)

(Floor B1:)

Gotsumon: Watch out for Phantomon's Soul Chopper! It's an elimination-type skill that takes a fixed amount of time to pass before disabling one from battle. It's really annoying, isn't it.

Ogremon: Was it said that there's a Gekomon Kingdom here? They... In the middle of a place like this, I'm suspicious.

Numemon: If you want to be spared damage, just install Nanomon's PF-Elimination Card. Or something like that, to prepare. Gyahaha.

Gekomon: Because it feels cooler underground, it's very easy to waste time resting here, geko.

Gekomon 2: Ahead of here is the Gekomon Kingdom, geko! This means that suspicious types shall not pass, geko!

Gekomon 3: I really liked it here, geko. This coolness is more comfortable than at the ENIAC's town we came from, geko!

(Floor 1:)

ToyAgumon: These floors will rotate and annoy you. I wouldn't go where you're going.

Drimogemon: The above floor is extremely hot, moge. Watch out for the red rooms in particular, moge! The heat will deprive you of more and more strength, moge!

(Floor 1, isolated area:)

Gekomon: The interior is Tonosama Gekomon's room, geko. Be careful not to be impolite, geko.

Gekomon 2: It is with great pains that we took refuge from the ENIAC's town in this hole, geko. The upper floor of this hole grows several degrees hotter, geko. There's a bit of anxiety ahead, geko.

Gekomon 3: Our lord has come to the inner chamber, geko.

Tonosama Gekomon: Oh! You made it! Well, why don't you sit back and relax. Hm? Why am I on this first floor, knowing it's hot? Everyone's always worried about that! A digimon does not always rise to the top unless they stand on others, gahahaha!

(Floor 2:)

Leomon: Watch out for the WaruMonzaemon on this floor. His skill will reduce your YP and endanger you by bringing you close to devolution.

Centaurmon: Please watch out for Flymon's Deadly Sting. With it he can paralize and wipe out everyone.

Kapurimon: It's really hot here. I wonder if Yukidarumon would come...

(Floor 3:)

Numemon: Weird digimon are gonna attack you in a place like this. You'll figure it out. Ngyahaha

Ogremon: Whew~ I'm really gonna give up. Fly into the emptiness~ That was some blow.

(The boss battle does not come with preliminary text. It goes straight to battle and the ENIAC's warning helps: If an airdramon is defeated but one or more remains to go onto the next round in the battle, that airdramon will be resurrected with some HP remaining. They have to be eliminated all at once. When they're defeated, the Kaiser clone appears:)

Kaiser: Heheheh... I*56 am simply Lord Millenniumon's tool. It's too late. My victory is that even now, Lord Millenniumon's great project begins.

Narration: The Kaiser's face collapsed from within, wiring thrusting outwards. The Kaiser was Millenniumon's creation, an 'artificial Kaiser'!

(ENIAC field npcs)

Numemon: The ENIAC's world has been corroded in the end... Well, it's become a perfect world for my image. Ngyahaha~ Hm? Is that mean? Soon this place won't corrode afterwards?

Gekomon: Huh... So, geko... Recently I thought it strange that I hadn't seen the shape of my friends, but everyone took refuge in that place, geko? But... Why leave me behind, geko?? Eh, it's probably hot and dried up, geko. Augh! Who'd believe it, geko!

Drimogemon: You're amazing, moge! You beat back the data Millenniumon sent again, moge!

ToyAgumon: A gate connecting to another world appeared again~

Kapurimon: In that case, Culumon already went to the other world~

Gotsumon: Which is the ultimate program factor card? That's right. If it was me, I'd still go with defense rather than attack, like PF Counter... Or maybe something like PF Critical...

(Off to find Culumon, who jumped into the digiport and ended up in the D-1 Tamers world/timeline. NPCs are named as according to the D-1 Tamers guidebooks. Boy with ballcap: Kazuya. Girl who looks like a prototype of Shaochung with glasses: Naomi. Pink-haired: Rei)

Culumon: Ryo finally came~ Everyone's been waiting for you, cululu.

Rei: Hey, Ryo. Do you remember me?*57

Naomi: You beat us pretty badly. No hard feelings, we'd have done it, too.

Kazuya: This is the world where we and Ryo fought in the D-1 Tournament. That was something.*58

Culumon: It looks like Ryo's a hero in this world. Culumon's jealous. Well, Culumon's going back, so Ryo should go back to the ENIAC's place too. Ah! That's it! I want the ENIAC to hear it from Ryo. Recently the ENIAC's town has been weird. There's no reason for it, but... ... Later, I'm going back! Cululu~

(Culumon runs off, leaving Ryo with the D-1 kids)

Rei: Those are some real funny-looking digimon ya got in your world. First time I've seen 'em. Ain't it been a while since you've been here? Stopped playing around, huh. Everyone was waiting for some sign of you!*59

(Scene cuts to a sepia-colored D-1 Tamers screenshot of the tournament tower grounds)

Naomi: Though we were in the wrong at the time, everyone became your enemy. However, you're the one the Four Holy Beasts chose and I surely believe that's enough.

(Scene cuts to a sepia-colored D-1 Tamers screenshot of a full-screen sprite of Baihumon)

Kazuya: At the time, Millenniumon revived! We... what use were we when you were burdened with everything?

Rei: But! We all believe you're sure to win! Hey, when you defeat Millenniumon, come back to town! Promise, Ryo!

(Freedom of movement and it's off to talk to npcs)

Pagumon: Have you already tried going to the Digimon Cart House? I'm always stopping at one thing... I wonder what kind of amazing things you can win when you get all the answers correct?

Ogremon: Yo! You still battling daily? Well, it's good to battle, but you came here. Still, go relax with a quiz challenge.

PicoDevimon: Here in the D-1 world are the Digimon Cart House and the Nanimon Shop! I wonder if you can find rare cards in there? Well, anyway, why don't you give it a try!

(Next is the Mino Monta homage, a quiz minigame with a pool of 100 questions and 20 maximum to be answered per session. As 100 is a lot and they're randomly generated, I'll only provide an example. The rewards are the Holy Beast cards, which cannot be acquired elsewhere.)

Minomon: Good evening, everyone! It's time for the Digimon Final Answer Quiz. As always, I am your host, Minomon. Today's guest serves the present ENIAC with honor, the Legendary Tamer, Ryo. Everyone, please welcome him with your applause.*60

(Ryo turns up at the... desk? Whatever it is on screen. I don't watch these kinds of shows.)

Minomon: Ryo-san? Are you ready? So, you'll begin immediately! The first question: Concerning the chick-type digimon Piyomon, what would yo usay her special skill is?*61

(The answer selection menu comes up: Magical Banana, Magical Thinder, Magical Fire.)

(If correct, and fast-forwarding to the ending)

Minomon: Correct answer! All answers are correct! Because you've answered all the questions right, we'll give you the Zhuqiaomon card! We'll sit together again next week! I'm your host, Minomon, and adieu and farewell!

(If under 4 correct:)

Minomon: What a pity! Unfortunately, there is no prize this time. So, everyone! We'll sit together again next week! I'm your host, Minomon, and adieu and farewell!

(If over 4 correct:)

Minomon: What a pity! Since you've answered over four questions correctly, you'll receive the Shiisamon card. So, everyone! We'll sit together again next week! I'm your host, Minomon, and adieu and farewell!

(And so on. Variations: over 8 gets Qinglongmon, over 12 gets Baihumon, over 16 gets Xuanwumon, and 20 gets Zhuqiaomon.)

(Back to the story. Stepping out of the D-1 world brings up Culumon and continues the plot.)

Culumon: Welcome back, cululu! Well, let's go~!

ENIAC: Load... 097845 1548 99653... 489 5512 11445 56... 9986 56 4785 1236... Complete... Transmitting... transmitting... ENIAC gate... Open..!

(From the left door:)

???: Hahhahhah... You will become my gears...

???: Takeru. Takeru!

Culumon: ...? Is he gonna make something~?

(From the middle door:)

???: Heheheh... Now, return to your original position...

???: No! I have a friend now!

???: Big brother... Help...

Culumon: Umm... Seems like Romeo and Juliet~

(From the right door:)

???: Lovely Attaaack!!

???: Kyaa! Let's run! Palmon!

Culumon: Somehow the doors are very alike, culu. Which door will Ryo enter, cululu?

Branch 1: Save Takeru

Devimon: Now come quietly and be devoured by the faction of darkness. It's hopeless; you will become my gear and it's useless to resist.

Takeru: No! No way! I'm Yamato's little brother! I won't lose to something like that!

Patamon: It's useless... Sorry, Takeru...

Devimon: Hahhahha... Things such as the power of Light! What fools... Your deaths will be quick.

(Ryo & co. appear)

Devimon: Well, you will also come with me! Become part of the darkness!

Takeru: Oh no... ...! Is... Is that possibly... Aah! It's Ryo-san! Ryo-san came!

Devimon: F-- Fools! Dammit! Impudent...

(Patamon saved!)

Takeru: Thanks, Ryo-san! I can't believe Ryo-san came... Still, I'm glad. But, why did you come to a place like this? Eh? Millenniumon? That Millenniumon? But didn't Ryo-san defeat him a long time ago? What, he revived? Really...?

Patamon: Takeru!

Takeru: Yeah! Hey, Ryo-san, take Patamon to your world! I can't go , but I think Patamon would surely be good for something! Hey, Patamon, was that what you wanted to say?

Patamon: Yeah! Ryo! Let me help with something! Eh? It's okay? Thanks, Ryo!

Takeru: Be good, Patamon! Beat Millenniumon along with Ryo-san!

Patamon: Yes! I can do it!

Branch 2: Save Hikari

Vamdemon: Tailmon, Wizarmon is dead. It's hopeless for you*62; return to your place.

Tailmon: No, I won't go back. I'm with Hikari. I... At last I realize what's really important. Wizarmon... He... He taught me!

Hikari: Tailmon! No! You'll die!

Vamdemon: This is fear. Surely the most beautiful fear... Now, Hikari, you will die while shrouded in fear!

(Ryo & co. appear)

Vamdemon: ...! You!

Hikari: ! It can't be... Ryo-san?

Vamdemon: You will also die in fear.. hehhehheh...

(Tailmon saved!)

Hikari: It's really Ryo-san, right? I didn't think I'd meet you again! I'm happy to see you.

Tailmon: Ryo, is it because of Millenniumon that you appeared here?

Hikari: Huh? Wasn't Millenniumon defeated by Ryo?

Tailmon: He must have revived...

Hikari: I-- I see...

Tailmon: Ryo, if I understand what you say, you came to take me with you? Hikari, this is important. Millenniumon dominates all of time and space. If he is not defeated here, our worlds will perish. Do you understand, Hikari...

Hikari: ... ...

Tailmon: ... Hikari...

Hikari: Yeah! Sure. I'm just a little sad! At least I know Ryo-san. Surely Tailmon will be useful to you. This will surely hold Millenniumon back ... I have a hunch. Well, take care, Tailmon. I won't forgive you if you lose.*63

Tailmon: Hikari... Thank you, Hikari.

Branch 3: Save Mimi

Mimi: Palmon! Palmo--n!

Monzaemon: Well, from your beauty, you'll make a beautiful doll. A beautiful doll will be forever ageless...

Mimi: Noooo

Palmon: Mimi! I ran without thinking!

Mimi: Palmon, that's so...!

Monzaemon: Hohhohho. Lovely Attaaack!

(Ryo & co. appear)

Monzaemon: Mon?! Who is~? Houu, you have a lovely body, eh... I think you'll adorn my collection!

(Palmon saved!)

Monzaemon: Mon mon digimon pendulum... Kuu... I lost...

Mimi: Thank you, Ryo! Heheh, I have a surprisingly good memory. We met once before~.

Palmon: Thank you for your help. But, why are you in a place like this? Oh, perhaps Millenniumon...?

Mimi: Ehhh? Wait a minute, Millenniumon's that guy Ryo fought before? And... what? He revived? ... He revived. Oh, so... Ehh?!

Palmon: I understand, Ryo. I'll go with you. Heheh, I knew you'd come for us. Hey, Mimi, I'm going to go fight together with Ryo! That's okay, right?

Mimi: You have to go? If it's Millenniumon, it really can't be helped. I'm useless... Right! Palmon! Take care! But, just because you look clumsy outwardly, it's no reason to tug Ryo's leg*64

Palmon: Th-- that's~

Mimi: Hey, Ryo! Once you defeat Millenniumon, come back to this world to play! I'll be waiting! Be strong, Palmon!

Palmon: Mimi... What on earth... Well, okay... Let's go, Ryo!

(Back to the future with Mille in his throne room.)

Millenniumon: The Kaiser failed... Nevertheless, the outcome appears to have served its purpose.*65

(The scene cuts to the cultivation tanks, focusing on an artificial version of Taichi.)

Millenniumon: Now then! Go! Unleash all your power to destroy the ENIAC!

(Focus switches to the fake Daisuke.)

Millenniumon: Go now! Your data is complete!

(Focus switches to fake Takato.)

Millenniumon: By destroying the ENIAC, all of history will be mine!

(Then there are black silhouettes of the three and they're sent to the ENIAC's. Meanwhile, in the ENIAC's world, Ryo and Monodramon stand before the ENIAC in its sanctum...)

Monodramon: Hey, ENIAC. Culumon has been acting odd. There's a bad feeling in the ENIAC world...

ENIAC: That is correct. Culumon is aware. This world will not last much longer.

Monodramon: Ehh? Wh-- what do you mean? Because Millenniumon's power will become the ENIAC's power!

ENIAC: His forces are amplified... But I am exhausted from repeated battles. It will not be much longer now...

Monodramon: But we worked so hard up to now...

(There's a quake and the screen shakes.)

Monodramon: Wh-- wh--! What the? ...! Maybe...

(Ryo and Monodramon exit the chamber, where ToyAgumon faces Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato.)

ToyAgumon: It's Taichi! Taichi and the others came!

Monodramon: Eh? Reinforcements arrived?

ToyAgumon: With this, the ENIAC can be saved! Hooray! Taichi and Daisuke came! Even Takato turned up! We'll be okay!

Monodramon: *sniff sniff*

(There's something a little off with Taichi & co. They all have red eyes.)

Dark Taichi: What's wrong, Monodramon? Come now. You don't have to be afraid of Millenniumon anymore now that we're here.

Dark Takato: That's right. Come now...

Monodramon: This smell...

Dark Daisuke: Come now...

Monodramon: ... It's wrong!

Dark Taichi: Come now...

Monodramon: They're the enemy! They're not the real thing! They smell like the enemy! Ryo, don't get any closer!

Dark Taichi: We are Lord Millenniumon's creations, synthetic Tamers. The strongest Tamers, without human weakness.

Dark Daisuke: We are created from programs now as proof that friendship and the like are unneccessary for battle.

(Dark Daisuke and Takato start speaking in a robotic voice)

Dark Daisuke: Hahhahha... Now, forget it all and go back.

Dark Takato: Go back.

Monodramon: D-- dammit...

(The screen shakes violently again)

ENIAC: SYSTEM DOWN... DOWN... PROGRAM SHUT ... DOWN... ... ... ... ...

(Back to the future with Millenniumon)

Mille: Heheheh... The ENIAC is finally dead. As expected of my artificial Tamers. Now to go see the world which has become mine.

(Sparks of light start feeding through the data streams to attack Millenniumon)

Narration: Bzz! Bzz! Bzbzbzz! Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!

Millenniumon: What! What could possibly...?

(Two skullsatamon stride up to the throne)

SkullSatamon: Lord Millenniumon! It-- it's terrible! Nothing... nothing has changed! The resistance attacks us; the world is still as it was before!

(The screen cuts to an overworld shot of a damaged town)

Mille: Ridiculous. The ENIAC's energy surely should have... But why? I would have thought that history would change if the ENIAC was destroyed, as should the world...

(Scene switch back to Ryo in front of the ENIAC's chamber. Then there's the animation of the doors parting and he enters. The scene switches to the interior.)

ENIAC: Ryo... Ryo, go to the Atanasoff...

(Scene switch to a view of the Atanasoff's world)

ENIAC: Millenniumon was in error... The world's first computer... There wasn't just one. One was the ENIAC. And there was another computer... It is the Atanasoff...

(Scene switch back to Mille)

Mille: Perhaps... Come to think of it, wasn't there a rumor that the ENIAC wasn't the original computer? I'm sure I heard something like that. It was said tobe the Atanasoff...

(Back to the ENIAC's)

ENIAC: The Atanasoff and I were produced almost simultaneously... However, it is continuously said that the historical origin of the digital age is ENIAC. The Atanasoff became my shadow and continues protecting the Digital World...

(Cut back to the Atanasoff's world again)

ENIAC: It's only a matter of time before Millenniumon notices the Atanasoff. Go now, Ryo. If the Atanasoff is not protected, this time will truly be ruined if you wait...

(And it's back to the future with Mille)

Mille: I feel it! There is a small world is in the shadow of the ENIAC. It's there! The Atanasoff! Heheheh... The rest is easy if the location is known. Go forth, artificial tamers! Destroy the Atanasoff, and surely this time the world will be made completely mine!

(Back to the ENIAC's...)

ENIAC: Go, Ryo... Millenniumon already ventures to the Atanasoff... Now... hurry... hurry...

(A single door opens in front of the ENIAC's column and one black data packet drops per announcement to result in the three pits in the Atanasoff's world.)

Narration: Dark Taichi's Crevasse is made

Dark Daisuke's Crevasse is made

Dark Takato's Crevasse is made

(NPCs in the ENIAC's world)

Drimogemon: Atanasoff's world... In other words, ABC. Atanasoff-Berry Computer. It was born a little earlier than the ENIAC as the world's first computer, moge.

Gekomon: Gekogeko! Huge scoop! The latest news, geko!! In the past, it's been accepted theory that you can only heal injuries in the cloak room, geko. But! An item card that heals injuries actually exists, geko! The buzz on the street now is, what kind of digimon is it, geko! You think it's what card? Do you mean... You had it?!

Numemon: What are the ultimate rare cards? Um... That's right... In fact, they're cards that cannot be generated by card jogress. I heard it from Nanimon. They're of the Twelve Heavenly Generals and Four Holy Beasts!

Gotsumon: Scoop! Scoop! The latest information! It seems that a card's attributes gives the most influence to the direction of the card jogress. The attributes are... What was that? Sorry, I forgot, eheheh.

Kapurimon: I... I still believe the ENIAC was this world's first computer. To be honest, it doesn't seem so... I'd boast about it, but I'm a little disappointed.

ToyAgumon: Somehow Kapurimon seems to be in a slump. But surely he'll feel better immediately after a no program. Ah... This is a secret of the ENIAC.

(On to Dark Taichi's dungeon. The following are from NPCs)

Kapurimon: I haven't been looking into just the first floor. This world has three pits. I wonder if the others are just like this one?

ToyAgumon: Be careful of the purple areas in the basements! For some reason, you enter a poisoned state just by walking in them...

Drimogemon: I don't know why, but I was suddenly poisoned, moge. Bring more poison chips, moge.

Pagumon: It's also unbelievably complicated here. Once you leave the ENIAC's town, it's a good idea to bring more item cards.

Centaurmon: From time to time, Pichimon roams to attack alone. Somehow it's anticlimatic.

Leomon: Watch out for Marine Devimon! His hold-type skill reducec parameter values by two degrees that don't return!

Gekomon: To prevent the poisoned status... I forgot which digimon card was good to install, geko...

Gotsumon: Marine Angemon appeared in this place a little while ago when I was suffering from poison. Somehow my poisoned state was cured? He... Somehow he was an enemy and somehow an ally? I didn't know him very well.

Kapurimon: Marine Angemon's Ocean Love! It's definitely the most desired skill.

Pico Devimon: I'm surprised that someone like that can come to a place like this.

Mushmon: It's nice and peaceful here. I haven't been attacked by enemies.

Bakemon: This here is a dead end. Better turn back.

Ogremon: Damn! After coming so far, I came to a dead end. It ain't easy anymore! Sheesh.

(Boss battle)

Taichi: Anyway, I'm not concerned with you defeating me once so nonchalantly. Go ahead and leave.

Narration: The Artificial Taichi's data blocked!

(Dark Taichi disappears, and so does the dungeon. NPC script at the ENIAC's doesn't change, so it's off to Dark Daisuke's dungeon. NPC text follows)

Gekomon: The structure of the first floor here looks just like the one in the other pit, geko! Geko... In this hole, there's an evil presence in that direction.

Gotsumon: Th-- th-- this pit is so cold that I c-- c-- can't stop shivering. Be careful; sometimes there are places so frozen that that they're slippery and you'll end up sliding.

Leomon: Skull Satamon's Nail Bone is a suicide-type skill that's pretty strong! Watch out!

Numemon: Anyway, this is good! It's usually so cold here that sightseeing digimon don't visit~

ToyAgumon: Watch out for Vadermon's Devil's Blown Kiss~ It lowers all the max attack evasion type parameters.

Gotsumon 2: Dammit! I went to so much trouble to install a program factor card and that jerk Digitamamon deleted it...

(Boss battle)

Dark Daisuke: Hmph. Rushing to death again? Human beings are stupid. However, it seems comfortable...

Narration: The Artificial Daisuke's data blocked!

(Dark Daisuke disappears and takes his dungeon with him. Off to Dark Takato's dungeon)

Centaurmon: The structure here is unlike the first floor of the previous two pits. I wonder if there's a special reason for that.

ToyAgumon: There's strange, irregular voltage everywhere inside here. It seems like the mechanical types become berserk.

Drimogemon: It's really dangerous here, moge. Mechanical digimon without digital data are starting fights, moge. Which digimon are weak to changes in voltage, moge...

Ogremon: Here is... I think I was attacked by just mechanical types here. It looked like Etemon a little while ago. Maybe it's my imagination? I'm probably just tired from the strange voltage here.

Kapurimon: The voltage here is odd. Surely somewhere on this floor, maybe in those yellow areas. I completely lost control of myself because of the electrical leakage.

Numemon: Argh! A little while ago, we were fighting and attacked by Tankmon. Before I knew it, my installed program factor card was completely deleted.

Gotsumon: You'll get seriously injured by Clockmon's suicide attack.

Bakemon: There's a dead end ahead... turn back...

Leomon: Watch out for EBEmon's special attack in the lower floor! His skill is an elimination-type.

Gekomon: Ribbit?! I was found in the end, ribbit. This was my secret oasis, ribbit...

(Boss battle)

Dark Takato: Heheheh... You came... However, your arrival wasn't unexpected. Even if the battle is a challenge, I won't lose to something like a human. Hm. How amusing. I hope you'll make it interesting. Now, have at it.

(A note on the boss battle: Dark Takato's is the trickiest because he gets a second attempt by evolving Virtual Dukemon to Virtual Crimson Dukemon, who is even more annoying because he has a revival skill and can bring back the dead. When Dark Takato is defeated, there's no follow-up text beyond the narration below.)

Narration: The Artificial Takato's data blocked!

(The last pit seals, the screen shakes, and it's back to the ENIAC)

ENIAC: Ryo, your efforts saved the Atanasoff. Nevertheless, I'm concerned and I think that this world is on the brink of vanishing. It will disappear in a few hours even without Millenniumon's invasion.

Monodramon: B-- but! All our hard work... Was it really useless? Is there no other way...?

ENIAC: There is only one way... However, it is a harsh and dangerous road.

Monodramon: Wh-- what does that mean...? But, as it is, won't this world be lost? If that's the case, anything we do can... If anything good can come of it, mustn't we persist?

ENIAC: Ryo, Monodramon, go outside.

(Ryo and Monodramon head out of the chamber and stand near the entrance.)

Monodra: H-- Here?

ENIAC: This gate is... My remaining... All my power was used to... create... this...

Monodra: The last of your power?

ENIAC: This gate is... to the future... So you can... go... to Millenniumon's world... However, to go to the future the energy is... the way there requires energy I don't have... But without energy... nothing...

Monodra: Go to the future? Well, this is the chance to fight Millenniumon directly...? But... there's no energy?

ENIAC: However, the only way to obtain that powerful energy... The way is... it is... that...

Monodra: ...That?

ENIAC: Digimon cards can be inserted into the gate... The cards are a mass of programs... The programs produce energy...

Monodra: The digimon cards we get with the D-arc?

ENIAC: Correct. Digital monsters were originally masses of program data. It can be converted to the energy of a program. And energy increases with the higher level programs...

Monodra: Cards...

ENIAC: A converted digimon becomes energy... You cannot return again. Moreover, if the energy allocated is exhausted while Ryo is there, in the future... Ryo... You may become lost and vanish.

Monodra: Th-- that... Bu-- but which digimon has how much energy?! After all, we don't know how long it may take for Ryo to defeat Millenniumon? Just how many digimon should be inserted into the gate?

ENIAC: You don't understand, if they are not converted... how many digimon must be converted to energy? Ryo, it is you who must decide this... If the energy is expended before the defeat of Millenniumon... the digimons' sacrifices... will become... futile...

Monodramon: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Ryo! This is the only way! ...Everyone will be glad to sacrifice themselves for Ryo's sake... surely! For the defeat of Millenniumon. Either way, they'll be destroyed.*66

ENIAC: Come now... no... time... My power is... running out before... Hurry... hurry, go...

(An old-school digiport appears in front of the ENIAC's chamber. Free to move. No change in NPC text, so let's continue.)

ENIAC: Convert digimon. The stronger the digimon, the higher the energy. Child digimon have more than babies. Adults have more than children. And, Ryo, you must take Monodramon! I saw... Monodramon will be the final trump card!

(Once the player is ready, Ryo steps into the digiport and the option comes up to select digimon cards to sacrifice. Once they're selected, the ENIAC speaks again.)

ENIAC: Ryo, go... Do not let... your friends'... sacrifice... be in vain... Go... Ryo...

(Back to the future, where two skull satamon approach Millenniumon's throne.)

Skull Satamon: Lord Millenniumon! Unidentified data is rapidly approaching! It's a terrible energy! We don't know what it is!

Mille: Heheheh... I know... The wound he gave me taught me... He is coming... My beloved.*67

(Dungeon crawling go. There are no npcs, so it's on to the final battle. Millenniumon is on the 5th floor.)

Mille: You finally arrived, Ryo. I had a premonition... It seems that others would never be able to defeat you. Only I would be able to defeat you. You and I have an existence that cannot be separated. Yin and Yang. Like two sides of a coin, our existence cannot be separated. Come now, why don't we set aside our feelings and fight!

(The battle lasts one round, but can last longer if the player has defense stats/defense cards and HP maxed out. The enemy party hits for 500-600 HP otherwise. This isn't a battle that's designed to be won. With Ryo's party wiped out, Mille continues.)

Mille: Heheheh. You weren't able to defeat me. I should have told you long ago. I can never die. I exist to take my revenge on you. This revenge will becomes stronger with each defeat. Heheheh... I cannot be destroyed in battle.

Monodramon: Dammit... That's ridiculous. It doesn't matter whether you can be defeated, you will not win.

Mille: Right. I cannot be defeated. If my desire for revenge against you disappears, perhaps I shall be defeated. However, such a thing will not happen.

Monodramon: How can you... Bullshit...

Mille: You could have joined the army of darkness. Heh, we*68 could have been the best partners. But even so, that's impossible.

Monodramon: ...? ...Inside? is!

Mille: ...?

Monodramon: Ryo! It's a Jogress! If Millenniumon and I jogress... We'll become partners!

Mille: ...What! Ri-- ridiculous! Stop that at once!!*69

Monodra: Ryo, this is our only chance. Millenniumon's physical strength must be shaved down to its limit. At that time, I'll Jogress!

Mille: Don't be foolish! You little pest!!

Monodra: Ryo... When we meet again, will I be Monodramon...? Or am I likely to become Millenniumon... As a digiegg. To seal eternally... ... ... ... ... ... ... Well! Let's go!

(Final battle. Mille's party is less overpowered this time around. Upon Mille's defeat:)

Narration: Millenniumon was defeated!

(In the end, Monodramon and Millenniumon jogress, leaving a digiegg with purple and red-gold bands.)

Narration: Millenniumon and Monodramon were no longer there. There was only one digiegg...

(Fade to black.)

Narration: Millenniumon's ambitions were wasted. The long, long battle was finally at an end. The future of the world regained its original form. The world of ENIAC obtained peace.

(Ryo stands before the ENIAC's chamber with his egg, and the digimon are gathered around it.)

Guilmon: Thanks, Ryo. Hooray, finally, right... We really, really achieved peace, right.

ToyAgumon: Ryo! Thank you so much! For the ENIAC also... Peace has returned to all eras of the Digital Worlds!

Culumon: Yeah, Ryo~ I thought Ryo would surely save the Digital World, cululu~

Guilmon: ...Goodbye, Ryo. We need to return to our world. But, I think we'll surely meet again somewhere.

Culumon: Everyone has to go back? It'll be lonely, cululu~

Guilmon: That's not true. It's a fun farewell. ... Bye-bye, Ryo!

(Ryo takes his egg and enters the ENIAC's chamber)

ENIAC: Thank you, Ryo. All of our peace was regained due to your efforts, courage, and friendship. This world, and the world's futures, have all been restored to their original time.

(There is a brief cut depicting the D-1 Tamers kids helping to rebuild the ruins left behind by Millenniumon's forces, then back to the chamber where Ryo steps closer to the ENIAC's column.)

ENIAC: Monodramon is still in the digiegg. I feel it, the beating of the right heart. You can hear it in the middle of the egg, Ryo... Farewell. The digiegg is incubating, and it will meet you later. Goodbye, Ryo...

(Fade to black, where the staff credits roll. The following is post-game text that I transcribed from my wsc years ago, and I can't verify it at this time because my wsc has issues with its start button nowadays.)

ENIAC: I thought you would come back. Starting from here on, the world in this game is different. You will encounter a lot of digimon in this world that you haven't seen yet. Aim to collect all the digimon and become the strongest tamer!

Culumon: Yay, it's Ryo! Welcome home, cululu! So you can go to other worldsm we were able to create a new gate, cululu. Surely you can go to various other worlds, I think~ You can go here and there to look for things, cululu~ Hehehe... The fun begins, cululu~!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Thank you for your patience!

*1 There is no actual gendered pronoun used for the ENIAC. As it uses no gendered pronoun for itself and no one else seems to use one, I am using "it" on account of the fact that it is essentially a sapient computer. No disrespect is intended. (As an aside, "gendered" pronoun usage is something of a misnomer, as women can and do use pronouns considered male themselves, and more rarely vice versa. It is better, perhaps, to say that such pronouns reflect a degree of roughness and informality.)

*2 Monodramon uses respectful but still colloquial speech in front of the ENIAC.

*3 The ENIAC's speech is always given in katakana, likely a narrative measure to apply a robotic tone to its voice.

*4 Ziyd is chosen rather than Zeed. This is because ziyd is a Hebrew root word that is frequently translated as pride for the understanding that pride is something that seethes and boils. See here for further information.

*5 Mille sticks with ware (literary, formal "I" usually used by lords and the like) for his pronoun use throughout the game.

*6 This has something of a plaintive tone to it. This really isn't going well for him.

*7 Essentially, if he can't have it, he'll destroy it and rebuild it from the beginning.

*8 This sounds like a habitual stutterer's attempt to talk around a word that causes disfluency. As such, it's a bit hard to make sense of. I'm a stutterer myself, I'm allowed to comment on it.

*9 The writer did their homework. The ENIAC historically operated on a base 10 system, rather than the binary system we use now.

*10 Impmon speaks like a cocky brat trying to prove himself (rough language, use of "oresama").

*11 Impmon goes from rude to outright insulting here.

*12 The way this is phrased suggests that Takato actually doesn't know of Ryo. This may be a Digimon Tamers universe where Ryo doesn't actually exist.

*13 Seriously, this literally translate to [unintelligible]. Alternatively, talking nonsense or babbling.

*14 This is said in a regretful tone, as if the ENIAC thought it an unfortunate chance, likely due to what Ryo endured because of his role. This is, however, speculation.

*15 This is said in a teasing tone. V-mon isn't actually insulting Daisuke.

*16 This sounds a bit awkward when translated straight (something akin to "[my] strength left/departed", so I went with the next best thing.

*17 To clarify, the grammar is structured to suggest that Ryo will fight in a match or contest with Etemon, rather than Taichi.

*18 This is more like "do my share of fighting," but it sounds a bit awkward.

*19 While Millenniumon usually uses Cyberdramon's third person address for Ryo, in this instance he's expressing disapproval over Ryo's methods. This is still more polite than the way he talks to all the digimon around him.

*20 The word for small fish (zako) can also be used in reference to people of low social standing.

*21 Basically, you unlock more and more stat parameters with each evolution. A digimon starts at child and baby forms with six parameters to adjust, unlocks 2 more in adult form, 2 more in perfect form, and maxes out at 12 parameters to adjust in ultimate form.

*22 The dictionary definition is curious onlookers or rubberneckers, but trust me, tourists works just as well and sounds less clunky. Also, Otamamon interjects "tama" even more into his speech than I've translated, but including every single one would involve breaking up words to insert "tama" and you don't need that kind of pain. (E.g. he turns "ohitorisama" to "ohitoritama" and "irasshai" to "irattama" and dang that's annoying.)

*23 Pharaohmon speaks formally, with some verb forms considered archaic.

*24 This is said in a way that implies that a thief can totally open a locked chest.

*25 By this he means Ryo's past. Anode/Cathode Tamer was Ryo's starting game.

*26 In a previous translation, I used "dimension", which isn't quite accurate. This word more accurately translates to the physics concept of "space-time" as a four-dimensional continuum. In this context, it's likely that the ENIAC means another universe, as implied by the entire game.

*27 "Meramera" is an onomatopoeia representing a flame flaring up.

*28 These are just onomatopoeics, they don't mean anything.

*29 Yeah, so Igamon speaks like a samurai movie character. He uses archaic Japanese generally in use by samurai.

*30 Meramon is both arrogant (uses "oresama") and rude (uses "kisama").

*31 This may also be "(I'll) burn out", it's very unclear.

*32 This pretty much only makes sense in the context of time travel.

*33 While Piyomon isn't mentioned by name, it's suggested by the wording that she's being turned over to Ryo.

*34 "Shinobi" is just another word for ninja. Igamon is named after the Iga region of Japan, where the first schools of shinobi/ninja training appeared.

*35 Hawkmon uses "omakase" here, which technically means to leave something to someone else. Also, -dono lies just below -sama on the honorific system and I was really tempted to use "Milady Miyako" instead, but that would have been a bit much even though it's technically correct.

*36 Indaramon is using "kisama" here, which is the rude form of "you".

*37 Zambamon is using a very rude suffix to refer to Ryo, sort of like spitting out the name. Then he follows up with speaking humbly to Millenniumon.

*38 Millenniumon uses "kisama" here. Again, rude form of "you". He is more polite to his human clones than he is to other digimon.

*39 Millenniumon uses a form here that, yes, does translate to "fool" or "idiot", but also includes a third person plural that indicates that they are very far beneath him. So, yeah, they lost whatever esteem they might have had with him.

*40 This is said extremely politely, in the usual way salespeople are supposed to be polite.

*41 Conversely, this is very rude.

*42 "Kisama" is used here. This entire line reads like Chimeramon knows of Ryo but doesn’t know him personally.

*43 It's not clear who said Ryo's name.

*44 Jenrya should be referred to by his given name by Terriermon, but technically it wouldn't be unusual for him to introduce himself just as Li, as he's pretty formal. However, the impression I get is that no one briefed the game's writers on Jen's full name.

*45 Ogremon is expressing hatred/contempt here with a suffix that's hard to translate, though whether it's at Leomon for falling victim to Millenniumon or at Millenniumon for bewitching Leomon is open to interpretation.

*46 "Ojiisan" can be both "old man" and "grandfather", so consider them interchangeable.

*47 Gennai starts by referring to Ryo with an informal old man version of "you", but then he goes formal when going into exposition.

*48 Technically this is supposed to be "heard", but the passive tense and lack of defined identifier (Gennai or Ryo) means "it's been said" sounds more natural than "it's been heard".

*49 This is a bit of 1970s slang, referring to the manga Rettsuragon (which Japanese wiki says is a spin on the English "Let's Go" and shares a taste in humor with Osomatsu-kun).

*50 This number is technically the number of rounds the player manages to go through successfully. I'd just gotten 26 rounds done when I was transcribing; I've gone further (up to 40-something) in earlier play-throughs of this game.

*51 Andromon speaks in katakana, like the ENIAC. And like the ENIAC, this is to affect a robotic tone of voice.

*52 For those who don't know, Tentomon speaks in a Kansai accent. Also, Koushiro is very polite.

*53 Drimogemon doesn't actually call Armadimon a pest, he uses a very contemptuous verb suffix. Also, as Armadimon speaks in a Nagoya dialect, so Drimogemon speaks in an Ibaraki dialect.

*54 SkullSatamon is using a derogatory suffix with Ryo's name.

*55 Again, Millenniumon speaks more kindly to his human clones than he does to the digimon.

*56 The Kaiser clone uses "watashi" here, rather than the anime version's "boku". They both mean "I", but "boku" is generally what polite little boys use.

*57 The pink-haired sprite usually comes across as feminine in D-1 Tamers because all but one of the names in the guide book and game associated with it are feminine; Rei is the outlier as a unisex name. If it wasn't for the fact that Rei's speech is masculine, I would have used the name "Rieko" instead, as that's the first named instance of that sprite in D-1 Tamers. Also, the way this is worded, Rei makes an unvoiced reference to the D-1 tournament as well. Finally: Rei speaks a bit like a country bumpkin.

*58 This is an expression of nostalgia that I don't quite know how to word right.

*59 This is a reference to the end of D-1 Tamers; where Ryo disappeared after the explosion of Millenniumon's tower and was likely presumed dead after the extensive search for him.

*60 Minomon is very formal in his speech. Also, this entire minigame is a reference to Mino Monta's version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".

*61 The game randomly draws questions and their three associated answers from a pool of 100 questions, and the player can get a maximum of 20 questions correct before the minigame ends.

*62 Vamdemon is extremely insulting to Tailmon here.

*63 This is said in a teasing tone of voice.

*64 Like a child

*65 There's an optimistic note in the sentence ending.

*66 Monodramon spends a long time thinking over this, and ends up sounding like he's trying to reassure himself.

*67 There really is no other way to translate that line. "Koibito" is literally "lover", and he finishes with a particle that emphasizes the statement.

*68 Millenniumon speaks to Ryo like an equal. He does not speak to anyone else so kindly.

*69 Millenniumon starts losing his cool and starts panicking.

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