D-1 Tamers

Release date: December 9, 2000
Price: 3980 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color
Translated by Ajora Fravashi. Completed 2015/04/02

Opening screen options: (From the Beginning), later option is (Continue)
Name Screen: (Please enter name)(Name given: Ryou). Options: Hiragana, Katakana, End
(Images: The starting town, Millenniumon, V-mon attacking Millenniumon, Ken getting hit with the Dark Seed.)
Narrator: The events of the summer of 2000... In a plot to make the Digital World his, Millenniumon used a legion of evil Diablomon*1 to invade. The Chosen Children, Ryo and Ken, confronted him. Fighting with them were V-mon and Wormmon. At the end of a fierce battle, Ryo and Ken emerged triumphant. However, in his final moment, Millenniumon struck out in a sudden single motion and Ken received a deep, deep wound. This story happens a few days after that battle. While under medical treatment, Ken accidentally discovers, from a strange new website, a beginning...

(Fade out from grayscale montage to full color, Ken's room. Ken is in bed and Ryo is at his side. )
Ryo: How are you, Ken?

Ken: I'm getting better, but I'm still a little dizzy.

Ryo: It's not unexpected. It's only been two, three days since the battle with Millenniumon.

Ken: That's right. We’ve had no contact with the Digital World since then… I wonder, has peace really come to the Digital World?

Ryo: The fact that we haven’t heard anything is good enough proof for me! Millenniumon was defeated! I don’t care about anything anymore but devoting myself to your care. Eh, Ken?

Ken: So... In that case, it's fine.

Ryo: By the way, I heard you found a strange homepage that might be related to digimon?

Ken: Right! Couldn't you use the computer for a bit?

(Ryo goes to the computer desk)
Ryo: Ah, switch on...

(The computer turns on and the homepage loads and reads "Welcome! Digimon Fortunes!")
The page: Welcome! Here's the Digimon Fortunes HP! Determine which digimon you meet! Please answer the following questions:
Q1: What is the final form of Millenniumon?
1) MineMillenniumon
2) BlackMillenniumon
3) Moon-Millenniumon

Q2: The key to proceeding to Millenniumon's continent... Now, the numerals engraved on the key, what are they?
1) Number of turns to defeat Millenniumon
2) Number of times (the player got) Game Over?
3) Number of digimon gotten til now

(Regardless of the answer selected, the scene switches back to Ken's room and Ryo turns to him)
Ryo: Ken! This is...? How? Who made this homepage?

Ken: Oh... This homepage has questions about our battle just recently.

Ryo: Huh... Who the hell would know such a thing? I thought no one but me, Ken, and Taichi-kun*2 would know. It couldn't be Taichi-kun, could it? ... Nah. He's hopeless with machines, there's no way he'd be able to.

Ken: Ryo-san, couldn't a digimon have made this? What if something like this was made to contact us?

Ryo: Why don't I try the last for now? Maybe something will come to light.

Q8: The final question. If you were to only choose one, which digimon would you choose?
1) Baihumon of the Beasts
2) Zhuqiaomon of the Birds
3) Xuanwumon of the Waters
4) Qinglongmon of the Dragons

(For the play-through in which I transcribed the game text, I selected Qinglongmon. In my first play-through, I selected Zhuqiaomon. There doesn't seem to be much difference in the dialogue. The scene flashes back to Ken's room.)
Ryo: Aah!

(Screen flashes, Qinglongmon appears in a black silhouette against white, then there's a flash to the website on the screen, then back to Ken's room, where he's sitting up and staring at where Ryo used to be. )
Ken: Ryo-san?! Ryo... san...? Maybe the Digital World? ...

Narrator: Here is the Digital World. Many digimon were waiting for Ryo to appear.

(Ryo's sprite turns up in town)
Ryo: Ah! This is--

Piccolomon: We've been waiting for you, Ryo, ppi! Your power is needed once again, ppi!

(They head inside Gennai's house)
Gennai: It's been a while, Ryo.

Ryo: What on earth is wrong, Gennai? Piccolomon? Millenniumon's supposed to be defeated. So what's going on?*3

Gennai: Oh, well, speaking of the issue, a problem...

Ryo: ...? What is it?

Piccolomon: This Digital World is ruled by four digimon called the Four Holy Beasts, ppi. However, recently the Four Holy Beasts have grown contentious with each other, ppi.

Ryo: The Four Holy Beasts are fighting each other...?

Gennai: Yes. And then the Holy Beasts summoned many Tamers from the human world.

Ryo: Human...? Here?

Gennai: Ryo. First of all, go to the D-1 Tower in this town. You'll meet your companions... or gain some.

Ryo: ...? Hm. I'll go see, for now.

(Ryo goes to the D-1 Tower, where he catches the attention of the other boys in the area. The first, a boy with a green cap and red-blond hair, speaks. I'm labeling him Kazuya because that's the first name given for his sprite in the guide books and tournament dialogue.)
Kazuya: Ah!

(The other boys surround Ryo)

Kazuya: Hmph, you're Ryo? I heard that the amazing guy who defeated Millenniumon was strong, but now that I think of it, this guy looks surprisingly weak*4.

Tsuyoshi: You think a guy like that can survive to win the tournament?

(Piccolomon flies in, looking upset)
Piccolomon: Everyone, stop, ppi.

Kazuya: Crap!

(The boys run off, leaving Ryo alone with Piccolomon)
Piccolomon: Everyone's tense because the battle's so close, ppi. I want you to forgive them, ppi.

Ryo: Piccolomon, I heard the tournament is beginning soon.

Piccolomon: That's right, ppi. The tamers of the world are gathering to determine the strongest tamer, ppi. The Four Holy Beasts seem to want to stage the Tournament with all the tamers, and the tournament may turn close friendships to rivalries, ppi. So everyone's tense, ppi. Leaving that aside, Gennai made something good. Go back to Gennai's house at once, ppi!

(Back in Gennai's house, where there's a computer monitor)
Gennai: Ryo, I've been waiting. I want you to look at something.

(Fade out, http://www.swan.or.jp appears on the screen of a computer before Ken's voice turns up.)
Ken: Ryo-san!

Ryo: Ah! Ken? What's up?

Ken: Gennai-san set this up for my PC. After Ryo-san went to the Digital World, an address appeared on the home page in the monitor. When I entered it, I was sent here and connected. I can't go there*5, but I think I can be of help through this.

Piccolomon: Ken has a better head than Ryo, he'll be a big help, ppi.

Ryo: A better head than me... You're terrible.*6

Gennai: Hahaha. Now, now. You're taking it well. The D-Terminal has been installed on Ken's PC so that he can speak through it.

(Toy Agumon enters the scene)
Toy Agumon: The Four Holy Beasts arrived! Assemble at the D-1 Tower!

(Scene changes to Ryo going to the tournament tower. The Holy Beast the player selected appears. In the case of this play-through and transcription, it's Qinglongmon. Previously I chose Zhuqiaomon. There is no change in game text beyond the name and sprite used.)
Qinglongmon: I am Qinglongmon, the great digimon who supervises the Digital World*7. I will divulge to you the reason for your assembly. The Digital World is governed by four bodies including me, the Four Holy Beasts. However, the other three Holy Beasts were awakened by a breath of evil and began to fight each other over total domination of the world. But then their battle became a stalemate from their exhaustion, and they began to join forces against I, who was on the sidelines. This D-1 Tournament is a tournament to find a warrior to join me in battle! Tamers! I want you to fight for a true peace! I will wait for you, the strongest of warriors!

Piccolomon: You heard him, ppi! This tournament is a battle to find the strongest tamer, ppi! The tournament will proceed in five steps, ppi! Only the tamer who wins the first championship can proceed to the next stage of the tournament, and only the tamer who wins that stage can participate in future stages. Now, we start with the first battle, the D-1 Tournament - Grade 5, opening tomorrow, ppi! Until then, I want everyone and every digimon to train up and grow strong.

(The boys swarm around Ryo again)
Kazuya: Hmph! I'm not gonna lose to you!

Tsuyoshi: Looking forward to tomorrow! But can you participate without a digimon? Hahaha! Later!

(The boys run off and it's back to Gennai's)
Gennai: I see. The champion tamer of the D-1 Tournament will be employed as a warrior? The conflict between the Four Holy Beasts has gone too far.

Ryo: Gennai-san, are the Four Holy Beasts something like the gods of digimon? Why would they fight?

Gennai: Hmm... That's...

(Agumon, V-mon, and Wormmon arrive to fill Ryo's tournament requirements)
V-mon: Ryo!

Ryo: Ah! Everyone!

Agumon: It's been a while, Ryo!

Wormmon: Ryo!

Agumon: It really has been a while, Ryo!*8 We went through a great deal of trouble and pains to defeat Millenniumon.

V-mon: How nostalgic! Ryo! We don't have time for this! Ryo, can we go? To the D-1 Tournament!

Wormmon: We'll fight for you anytime, Ryo! Though I might be useless and a little weak... But I think with V-mon and Agumon as partners, surely I can become strong!

Gennai: Well now, here we are at last, the troupe is complete. You're on your way to advance to the first! With Agumon and the others, you'll be able to become the strongest tamer and win the D-1 Tournament. First, why don't you go to the Field of Fire and endeavor to power up the digimon? Perhaps the tournament will start by the time you return. Now go, Ryo! I'll be expecting you!

(Outside of Gennai's, a bridge opens to the first training area. Ken offers advice on evolution lines and dungeons. Clicking on dungeon advice:)
Ken: It looks like the road to the Field of Fire has connected. Who's the boss? But, I don't think your partners will have a hard time.

(Heading to the tournament grounds to talk to the boys)
Kazuya: Tch! Mind your own business!

Jack (blue hair): Only future tamers should be here! ... You're a tamer? Oh, no, that was rude...

Tsuyoshi (brown hair): D-1 isn't being held yet.

Takeaki (green hair): Nervous, eh? Oh, are you a tamer? There are a surprising number of tamers here.

(To the Field of Fire. There's a PetitMeramon hovering in the area of the dungeon entrance.)
PetitMeramon: Meramon rules this field. Recently, many digimon companions have been in tense conflict with Meramon. You should be careful!

(In the dungeon, there's a NPC:)
Elecmon: Meramon's very strong, but his monotonous skill is his weakness. Meramon has a habit of aiming at digimon in the front row! So you put a high defense digimon like Agumon in the front row to form a wall in battle!

Meramon: Faahaahaa! As if you can catch up to the great Meramon-sama! Come at me!

(Upon his defeat:)
Meramon: Don't take it easy... From this, you'll do well in the D-1 Tournament

(Back at Gennai's)
Gennai: Oh! You've gotten strong, Ryo! Now, the D-1 Tournament begins! Go to the D-1 Tower!
(When talking to him again)
Gennai: Finally, the tournament has started! Do you know where to go? To the D-1 Tower? Are you prepared? Your unit? Mmm, I worry. But, see you.

(In the waiting area of the D-1 Tower)
Piccolomon: The D-1 Tournament will begin soon? Are you prepared? Well then, now the D-1 Tournament Grade 5 begins! No hard feelings now, win or lose. Now, battle start!

(The first round is Ryo vs Kazuya, second with a girl with pink hair named Rieko. Before the final round of Grade 5, the scene goes back to the waiting area, where Koushiro appears)
Koushiro: It's you, Ryo. In the past, you saved the Digital World from Millenniumon! However, this is not the case now. In order to bring peace to the Digital World as the Holy Beast’s warrior, you must settle a battle with me and Tentomon! Now come! It’s useless to take it easy.

(When Ryo wins)
Piccolomon: The winner of the D-1 Tournament Grade 5 has been decided! His name is Ryo! Everyone! Please give a grand applause!

Koushiro: I lost to Ryo-kun's strength. Millenniumon's defeat wasn't just a show. Again… Congratulations, Ryo-kun!

Piccolomon: This ends the D-1 Tournament - Grade 5! The champion, Ryo, will automatically go on to the next stage... This means he will participate in the D-1 Tournament - Grade 4! Then will be the third stage! I hope you train up your digimon before then!

Gennai: You've finally broken down one of the barriers! But the real battle has just begun. The tamers you will encounter will become progressively stronger. Ryo! The point is to train the digimon to win in D-1! Don't forget it!

(The Bug Field opens, but because I've transcribed everything, I'm including post-battle talks with Kazuya.)

Kazuya: Hmph. Congratulations on your win.*9

(The text for Jack, Tsuyoshi, and Takeaki doesn't deviate much from earlier, so it's off to the Bug Cage dungeon. Ken's advice:)
Ken: It looks like the Bug Field is now connected to town. It looks like there's a hidden mystery to pressing the switches. I don't know what that's about, but maybe the strength of the enemy will change depending on the number of switches pressed?

(Insert redo of Kuwagamon battle here)

(Ken's advice page, before going on to the tournament:)
Ken: I heard the tournament will be held in the D-1 Tower. You've already won the first stage! Then there's the next step. With this unit, I'm sure Ryo-san will win.

(In the waiting area of the tower, Piccolomon speaks)
Piccolomon: The D-1 Tournament will begin soon, ppi? Are you prepared, ppi? Well then, now the D-1 Tournament Grade 4 begins, ppi! No hard feelings now, win or lose. Now, battle start, ppi!

(Round 1: Ryo vs Johnny. Round 2: Ryo vs Bull/Burr. Before the final round of this stage, Wallace appears)
Wallace: Nice to meet you, Ryo!*10 Even in the United States, there’s been much talk about you! But this time it’s useless, because Terriermon and I will win the championship! I will become the warrior for the Four Holy Beasts! Let’s battle! OK?

(Upon Wallace's defeat)
Piccolomon: The winner of the D-1 Tournament Grade 4 has been decided! His name is Ryo! Everyone! Please give a grand applause!

(There's an applause, and then Wallace speaks)
Wallace: I lost, as expected. I’ll be rooting for you from afar, Ryo.

Piccolomon: This ends the D-1 Tournament - Grade 4, ppi! The champion, Ryo, will automatically go on to the next stage... This means he will participate in the D-1 Tournament - Grade 3, ppi! Then will be the second stage! I hope you train up your digimon before then!

Gennai: You've finally broken down one of the barriers! But the real battle has just begun. The tamers you will encounter will become progressively stronger. Ryo! The point is to train the digimon to win in D-1! Don't forget it!

(The path to the Flower Field opens up, talking to Gennai again brings up new text:)
Gennai: It appears that the path to the Flower Field has connected to town. There is time until the next D-1. Why don't you go do some necessary leveling up of the digimon? See you later.

Ken: It looks like the path connecting the town to the Flower Field is open. There are various points, but evolution seems to happen in two dungeons. It seems to be a mystery. One side seems to draw out the battle, one side seems to reduce it? I don't know which is which.

(I skipped a couple of npcs that aren't really plot-related. Flower Hollow dungeon, npc:)
Yokomon: There's a Mushmon here. But, didn't I see Woodmon just recently? I wonder why...

(Mushmon battle:)
Mushmon: Heeheehee... This will become your grave!
(In battle, there's a flash around Mushmon)
Narrator: Mushmon ate a "transformation mushroom"! Mushmon evolved to Woodmon!
(Woodmon evolves to Jureimon. I missed the text and will have to go back for it. Upon Jureimon's defeat:)

Mushmon: This, I'd have to eat...

(To town and Gennai:)
Gennai: Oh! You've done well and come back safe. But don't get comfy in your safe return. But, see you.

(Back to the Flower Field for the second dungeon, the Flower Den.)
PetitMeramon: This is where Blossomon resides. But, didn't I see Igamon just recently? I wonder why?

(Battle with Blossomon.)
Blossomon: Heeheehee. Here I'll build your tomb.
Narrator: Blossomon ate a "transformation mushroom"! Blossomon devolved to Igamon!
Igamon: ...What the? This... this is a mistake!
Narrator: Igamon ate a "transformation mushroom"...? Igamon devolved to Floramon!
Floramon: Oh no! This... this was a mistake!

(Defeat boss)
Blossomon: The beautiful mushrooms are the poisonous mushrooms... Because of them, I...

(Back to Gennai's)
Gennai: Ah! You've grown strong, Ryo! Now, the D-1 Tournament is starting! Go to the D-1 Tower!
(Revisiting Gennai:)
Gennai: Grade 3 is now being held! However, I have a bad feeling about this round of D-1. This time is different. Pretty strong tamers are arriving. This feeling... Probably just my imagination. See you again.

(Before heading in to the tournament, the player can stop to talk to Kazuya.)
Kazuya: Hmph. So every now and then a miracle will happen. But, Grade 3 will be your dead end after all.

(Ken, through the D-Terminal:)
Ken: I heard the tournament will be held in the D-1 Tower. You should wait; the enemies are stronger from here on. If you don't, you may not win. You should probably go to the next field, but there's no road. It might have been better to go there beforehand. But if you win...

(In the waiting area of the tower, Piccolomon speaks)
Piccolomon: The D-1 Tournament will begin soon, ppi? Are you prepared, ppi? Well then, now the D-1 Tournament Grade 3 begins, ppi! No hard feelings now, win or lose. Now, battle start, ppi!

(Round 1: Ryo vs George. Round 2: Ryo vs Michael/Mikhail. Before the final round of this stage, Mimi appears)
Mimi: Heheh... Hi! You're Ryo-chan, right? Looks like you've been really lucky so far. But~ Simply relying on brute force won't win a girl's heart. Eheheh... I'll teach you what that means... or maybe make you feel it!

(This is where the game pulls the rug out from under the player. Ryo has a handicap in that he doesn't have access to evolution yet, allowing Mimi to soundly beat him or dragging out the battle for so long [over 10 rounds] that she wins by default. She is beatable by use of careful strategy and digimentals, but I'm going to translate both branches.)

Branch 1, Ryo loses:
Mimi, upon her win: Eheheh. So, I guess they say... Together, digimon and the partner's affections*11 are the key to victory. How else do you beat the other party? Now, I hope you consider the importance of this.

(Back at Gennai's)
Gennai: Huh...! You lost to Mimi, eh? That girl is certainly a strong opponent. ... What? 'Consider'? Mimi said that? ... Hmm. That... Perhaps... 'Jogress' couldn't be what she's referring to, would it? I'm worried by what digimon will certainly jogress into terrible digimon... However, surely some of them will jogress into strong digimon... Hm! Surely there's no difference in jogress! However, the manager of the Jogress Room, Digitamamon, is absent. Now! Ryo! For now, will you forget the D-1 Tournament for a little while and search for Digitamamon?

(The path to the new field opens. Commence with the dungeon trawling; the Field of Stuffed Toys has the biggest collection of dungeons in the game.)
Narrator: A bridge was formed! You can enter the Field of Stuffed Toys!

(Talking to Gennai again)
Gennai: Hm, it seems that the Field of Stuffed Toys has appeared! That is a pretty strange place. Mm. Go and you'll understand. See you again.

Ken: Looks like the road leads to the Field of Stuffed Toys. It seems that puppet and stuffed toy digimon are weak to nothing! They seem to be strong enemies. But what if you befriend them? Would that work?

(Field npc:)
Pagumon: That's right. Just recently, Digitamamon was shouting "bilker!" while chasing Etemon! But, that's it. I didn't see where they went. Where could they have gone?

(Play Town 1 dungeon. Ken's advice is sound; this place is great for collecting digimon for jogress fodder)
Elecmon: Did you know that the digimon here are item collectors? You can please them with items.

Monzaemon: Momomo... Who dares enter my dungeon!
(Upon his defeat:)
Monzaemon: Yeah, you're strong! Bravo! But, you haven't met the boss of the house yet, have you? Well, anyway, even if I didn't win, can you help me with a little something? Hey, hey, couldn't you give me something? A little something?
(Ryo turns over an item)
Monzaemon: Ahh! Anyway, I didn't win~ See you again later, generous one.

(Ken's advice and Gennai's general return message remain the same. On to Play Town 2)

Vadermon: Pi pi... My dungeon...! No tresspassing! Pi pi...!*12
(Upon Vadermon's defeat)
Vadermon: Pirororo... I lost. However, the boss of the house is even stronger! However, I collect wreckage. It'd be nice if you could help a little, yeah? Don't you have something?
(Ryo gives him an item)
Vadermon: Well then, I might feel like helping you later.

(Play Town 3)
Digitamamon: It's you! The bilkers! Heheh! Pay up!
(Upon Digitamamon's defeat)
Digitamamon: Damn, I was defeated. However, the boss of the house took off with the cost of the meal! By the way... I have something to ask of you. Could you give a little something to help?
(Ryo gives him an item)
Digitamamon: Well then, see you later.

(The scene flashes out to the entrance field, where Digitamamon is talking to Ryo.)
Digitamamon: Hey, Ryo-san! Looks like I was taken in by Etemon's magic, I guess... I caught you while looking for Etemon, who ran out on his bill. Looks like that guy manipulated me until you woke me up, Ryo-san! I'll run ahead back to town to open up the Jogress Room. Hurry up and return!

(At this point, the player can skip Etemon, level higher thanks to jogress, and go back to challenge Mimi again. Literally no one else would be allowed to try again.)
Mimi: Hi! Did you grow a little stronger? Why don't you show me what you've got?
(Her defeat dialogue doesn't change whether or not you beat her the first time. I'm shuttling that to branch 2. Continuing with the Play Town dungeons:)

(Play Town 4:)
Garbamon: Yayah! Suspiciously clean guys! Heheh~ This dungeon is sacred to filth*13 digimon!
(Upon his defeat)
Garbamon: Damn... I didn't lose to filth. However! Etemon-sama will surely defeat you guys! *clack clack*... Say, what's that odor? Is it something I can have? Just a little? One thing?
(Ryo turns over an item)
Garbamon: This... is it edible? Well, see you later.

(Play Town 5:)
Betamon (npc): Oh, yeah! I was influenced by Etemon during that time... Monzaemon asked me to help! I wonder why? Maybe in their gratitude, they'll return the times from before.

(Monzaemon appears in the dungeon and greets Ryo)
Monzaemon: Hoy! I kept you waiting. In thanks, I won't challenge you, but wait here a minute!
(Monzaemon runs up ahead to the next loft, where he can be heard talking to someone)
Monzaemon: Why don't you fly away for a little while, or I'll rebuke you. You'll do well later~
(Ryo runs up to the loft, finds a better item in exchange for the one he gave Monzaemon.)

(Digitamamon appears in the next loft)
Digitamamon: Yes yes yes! Thank you for waiting! Leave the rest to me! Consider this repayment. Please wait.
(Digitamamon runs ahead to the next loft, where he can be heard:)
Digitamamon: Please silence that Etemon. But, I think this will make it a little easier. Please do your best.
(Ryo runs up to the loft, finds a better item in exchange for the one he gave Digitamamon)

(Garbamon appears in the next loft:)
Garbamon: Not my style to borrow without paying back. It's the garbamon way of life. Here's a little something as thanks for a little while ago.
(Garbamon runs ahead to the next loft, where he can be heard:)
Garbamon: The secret to Etemon...! This'll make it a little easier!
(Ryo runs up to the loft, finds a Poison Chip.)

(On to Etemon)
Etemon: Ukii! Why the hell are subordinates like you coming to a place like this? But! Your plot ends here!
(Upon his defeat:)
Etemon: Ridiculous! How did I lose! ... Even monkeys fall from trees...

Branch 2, Ryo wins:
(Upon Mimi's defeat)
Piccolomon: The winner of the D-1 Tournament Grade 3 has been decided! His name is Ryo! Everyone! Please give a grand applause!

(There's an applause, and then Mimi speaks)
Mimi: Aw, I lost, Ryo-chan. You put a lot of thought into that. Hee hee... looks like you're a little cooler than I expected... Let's go on a date together after the tournament's over!

Piccolomon: This ends the D-1 Tournament - Grade 3, ppi! The champion, Ryo, will automatically go on to the next stage... This means he will participate in the D-1 Tournament - Grade 2, ppi! There will be seven cages*14 before the next tournament! I hope you train up your digimon before then!

(NB: When Ryo wins vs Mimi the first time around, the cut scene where Digitamamon talks to Ryo about Etemon and runs off to open the Jogress Room doesn't happen. Gennai doesn't send Ryo off to find Digitamamon. Otherwise, the text remains the same. The Jogress Room is already open at the end of the ending round of Grade 3.)

(Back to Gennai's)
Gennai: You've finally broken down one of the barriers! But the real battle has just begun. The tamers you will encounter will become progressively stronger. Ryo! The point is to train the digimon to win in D-1! Don't forget it! Now the Jogress Room is open. See you again.

(The path to the Gear Field opens up, talking to Gennai again brings up new text:)
Gennai: It appears that the Gear Field has appeared. There are machine digimon assembled in that field. Their defense is high and tough. If you should fight the digimon, be careful! See you later.

(Swinging by Kazuya:)
Kazuya: What! I lost the first match, after all! I dreamed of going on to Grade 2 like you!

(Ken's advice:)
Ken: Looks like the road to the Gear Field has appeared. Upon investigation, I found that there is a gear that controls the movement of mechanical digimon. It's possible that you can use it to power them down! Though, I don't know where they are. Perhaps you can defeat those digimon even if you can't obtain it.

(Gear Field npcs:)
Hagurumon: When I came here long ago, it was peaceful. But now, Boltmon has been affected by the conflict between the Four Holy Beasts and became strange. Everyone is troubled now, and no one dares to approach him.

Yokomon: The digimon here are Boltmon's loyal subjects and have a good rapport for teamwork. But, recently Boltmon has been badly out of sync. His rampage has inconvenienced everyone.

(Boss fight of the Plug Room:)
Nanomon: This is where Boltmon governs. Three gears from us in the Gear Field are required to hinder him. However, do not expect to receive them for free!
(Upon his defeat:)
Nanomon: Heheheh... Magnificent. You may now receive the Attack Gear. This gear is for reducing Boltmon's AP. Hehehe... Put it to good use.
Narrator: You've obtained the Attack gear!

(Boss fight of the Plug Room 2:)
Andromon: You must restrain Boltmon's rampage. However, I cannot simply let you pass! Let us fight to demonstrate your power!
(Upon his defeat:)
Andromon: Hm-hm... Certainly you all may have a chance. You may have the Shield Gear. With this gear, you may inhibit his PP. Ryo, please!
Narrator: You've obtained the Shield Gear!

(Boss fight, Plug Room 3:)
Megadramon: Fight splendidly with me. Should you win, you may receive the gear to suppress Boltmon. This Skill Gear will reduce Boltmon's power. However, can you beat me?
(Upon his defeat:)
Megadramon: Hahhahha. Somehow you guys defeated me. Now, take the Skill Gear.
Narrator: You've obtained the Skill Gear!

(Electro-Base, I think.)
PetitMeramon: Boltmon is here. But, he's rampaging because his gears are out of sync! Com to think of it, he might be cured if you use some kind of gear...

Boltmon: G... Gr... grr... Bo... Bolt... Bolt...!
Narrator: Please choose a gear that fits into Boltmon!
(For this run-through, I selected the Skill Gear. Text: Skill Gear Used! Boltmon's techniques reduced!)
(Upon his defeat:)

Boltmon: Th... Thank you, Ryo. I could not stop myself. I wanted to stop. You have my thanks, Ryo.*15

(Back to Gennai's:)
Gennai: Ah! You've grown strong, Ryo! Now, proceed to the next field! Once you complete it, the next D-1 Tournament will be held.

(The path to the next area becomes available)
Narrator: The Demonic Field is now available!

(Ken's advice page)
Ken: Looks like the path from town to the Demonic Field has connected. Mm. This looks like a horrible place. No matter how much I look into it, I keep coming across this ominous prediction data. "One dungeon, one digimon, one sacrifice". I still haven't completely grapsed its meaning. What can it mean?

(In the entrance area to the dungeons here is an Evilmon)
Evilmon: This is a dreadful place. Don't burn out quickly. But, if your guys are like friends, maybe you'll advance... Heehee... You'll figure it out soon enough!

(Black Box 1:)
Elecmon: This is a horrid place. It feels like friends are more important here.

Lady Devimon: I'll show it to you, the horror of demonic digimon!
(Upon her defeat:)
Lady Devimon: Hahhahha... So you made it this far! However, now you shall die here!
(The screen shakes and she raises her arms.)
Lady Devimon: Gh... Your entire party will go with you! Hahhahha! We'll die together!
Narrator: There's no choice. Someone must be sacrificed to stop the explosion. Do you want to sacrifice someone? *16
(First: no, fuck you. But the player can't proceed in the game without it, so select a digimon and they'll sacrifice themselves for Ryo.)
Lady Devimon: A useless other... would throw away his life to...? I... I can't believe it... This... tamer's... Ryo's... power... like this...?

(Lady Devimon explodes herself and the sacrificial digimon. On to BB2:)
Skull Satamon: Hehe... Friendship is nothing but bullshit, after all. Let me show you the power of true demons!
(Upon his defeat:)
Skull Satamon: You... You did it. However, this will be your shrine. *17
(He revives)
Skull Satamon: Uwahhahha... There is no way for you all to escape! Here you will return to dust!
Narrator: There's no choice. Someone must be sacrificed to stop the explosion. Do you want to sacrifice someone?
(Another digimon sacrifices themselves for Ryo)
Skull Satamon: Th... This is... friendship? The strength is unbelievable. Hehe... I lost...

(Skull Satamon takes himself and the sacrificial digimon out, on to BB3:)
Skull Greymon: Heheh... I'll make this your graveyard!
(Upon his defeat:)
Skull Greymon: Heheheh... This is the power of demons! Now, all will come to fear death!
Narrator: There's no choice. Someone must be sacrificed to stop the explosion. Do you want to sacrifice someone?
(Another digimon sacrifices themselves for Ryo)
Skull Greymon: Wh... Why? Why would someone sacrifice themselves? Is this the power of partnership?

(Skull Greymon takes himself and the sacrificial digimon out, on to the Undead Box)
Betamon: For some time now, I've been hearing a terrible growling. It sounds similar to Vamdemon's voice... just a little different. What in the world could it be?

Venom Vamdemon: Muooo... You made it! You've only had a taste of demons. Come! I'll show you true fear!
(Upon his defeat:)
Venom Vamdemon: Un... Unbelievable. Is this the power of a tamer?

(No sacrifice needed. Back to Gennai.)
Gennai: Oh! You've gotten strong, Ryo! Now, the D-1 Tournament begins! Go to the D-1 Tower!

(Ken's advice page:)
Ken: I heard the tournament will be held in the D-1 Tower. It looks like the end is near. There will be very strong tamers attending. Good luck! Ryo-san! I believe in you.

Piccolomon: The D-1 Tournament will begin soon, ppi? Are you prepared, ppi? Well then, now the D-1 Tournament Grade 2 begins, ppi! No hard feelings now, win or lose. Now, battle start, ppi!

(Round 1: Ryo vs Naomi. Round 2: Ryo vs Satoshi. Before the final round of this stage, Yamato appears)
Yamato: You’ve gotten stronger, Ryo. I know all the efforts you made in making it here. However, I should tell you that I plan to stay on top. Don't think badly on it, Ryo.

(This is a tough battle, but doable. Upon Yamato's defeat:)
Piccolomon: The winner of the D-1 Tournament Grade 2 has been decided! His name is Ryo! Everyone! Please give a grand applause!

(There's an applause, and then Yamato speaks)
Yamato: Ryo's true strength completely defeated me. He was very strong… Soon he'll take the lead*18. Hm... we'll count on you.

Piccolomon: This ends the D-1 Tournament - Grade 2, ppi! The champion, Ryo, will automatically go on to the next stage... This means he will participate in the D-1 Tournament - Grade 1, ppi! There will be 10 cages*14 before the next tournament! I hope you train up your digimon before then! We'll meet again after 10 cages! See you again!

Gennai: You've finally broken down one of the barriers! But the real battle has just begun. The tamers you will encounter will become progressively stronger. Ryo! The point is to train the digimon to win in D-1! Don't forget it!

(A bridge to a new area appears. But first, a talk with Kazuya, Gennai, and Ken.)
Kazuya: Unbelievable. That you came so far on integrity alone. Keep at it!

Gennai: The way to the Angel Field has been opened. You can dramatically level up your digimon by fighting there. Ryo, the lives of digimon are in your hands. See you again.

Ken: It looks like the road to the Angel Field has been opened. Pardon; strange time data flows from this field. Perhaps the flow of evolution is different? Nah. I'm being foolish, right?

(Angel Field, before the tower:)
Centaurmon/Kentarumon/whatever: This is not a place where digimon or humans usually come. Here you should prepare to advance further. The only hint is... "Angels live longer". Hehehe, it's a mystery.

(Upon entering the tower:)
Narrator: Do you want to enter the Angel Tower?

(Upon defeating enemy parties:)
Narrator: The ages of all units went up by 1!*19

(Boss battle:)
Goddramon: At first glance, the ignorance of love*20 appears to be cruel. However, love is surely the opposite of severity. Now, let's go!
(Upon his defeat:)
Goddramon: Ryo, this also may all be due to the Four Holy Beasts' ignorance of love.

(Back to Gennai's)
Gennai: Oh! You've gotten strong, Ryo! Now, proceed to the next field! The next D-1 Tournament will be held by the time you finish it.

(The Demon Lord field becomes available. Ken's advice page:)
Ken: Looks like the road to the Demon Lord field has become available. This place is extremely dangerous. According to my PC, the resistance data of digimon gets stolen! It seems that there are two dungeons. I'm sorry, I don't know more. Just... Be careful, okay?*21 Resistance seems to be the keyword.

(The Demon Lord field has two dungeons:)
Narrator: Enter the Death Chimera Zone?

Yokomon: Be careful! The Chimeramon who came by earlier has resistances that change rapidly. It's dangerous if you fight without thinking!

Chimeramon: Ghghgh... It's impossible to defeat me*22. You'll regret your foolishness!*23
(Battle text: Chimeramon now has resistance to ___. Bubble attacks, normal attacks, crash attacks, mind attacks. It cycles throughout the battle. Upon his defeat:)
Chimeramon: Impossible... such as this... If you... can beat this test... he...

(Back to town, Gennai's place)
Gennai: Oh! Ryo! You did well in coming back safely! Rather, safely in regards to... I was worried! See you again.

(On to next dungeon, the Death Mugen Zone)
PetitMeramon: It's terrible! Mugendramon will absorb all attacks that were resisted earlier! If so, nothing but one kind of technique will work! Te... terrible!

Mugendramon: I have been waiting for you to come here*24. However, whether or not you wish it, you will be tested!
(Battle text is pretty much the same as with Chimeramon. Upon his defeat:)
Mugendramon: The Four Holy Beasts are searching for a tamer. However, that's the public statement. Your purpose is useless if you don't focus all the strength of your team into one. Now I understand... For you this is all for naught.

(Back to Gennai's)
Gennai: Oh! You've gotten strong, Ryo! Now, the D-1 Tournament begins! Go to the D-1 Tower!
(Speaking to him again)
Gennai: This is the last of D-1. It... it was a long battle. Yet, will you be able to win here? Come now, the last of D-1! Fight without regrets! See you again.

(Ken's advice page:)
Ken: It seems that the last tournament will finally be held. After that, I'm concerned. I can't be there with you... Ryo-san! Do well in my place!

Piccolomon: The D-1 Tournament will begin soon, ppi? Are you prepared, ppi? Well then, now the D-1 Tournament Grade 1 begins, ppi! No hard feelings now, win or lose. Now, battle start, ppi!

(Round 1: Ryo vs Hiroyuki. Round 2: Ryo vs Genki. Before the final round of this stage, Taichi appears)
Taichi: It’s been a while, Ryo. Until now, you've fought many difficult battles. Sorry. But it ends here. I'm your last opponent! Do your best! You can't proceed until you beat me!

(This is a tough battle, but doable. If the battle lasts past the 10 round mark, Taichi will stop the tournament and declare Ryo the winner. Upon Taichi's defeat:)
Piccolomon: The winner of the D-1 Tournament Grade 1 has been decided! His name is Ryo! Everyone! Please give a grand applause!

(There's an applause, and then Taichi speaks)
Taichi: Congratulations, Ryo! You've been chosen as the warrior for the Four Holy Beasts. Truly, congratulations. Although we did not know originally, you had been chosen since the beginning.

Ryo: M... Me?

Taichi: That's right. Didn't you notice? The entire D-1 Tournament was set up to fully train*25 you as a tamer.

Ryo: ... In order to strengthen me?

Taichi: The strongest, worst digimon is trying to revive. We cannot win against him. Not even the Four Holy Beasts can win against him. It's the enemy that no one but you can defeat.

Piccolomon: Ryo, go to Gennai's house at once! You must hear the true reason! Sorry, but D-1 is at an end. Though I don't want to say it, it ends here. So ends the D-1 Tournament Grade 1! Thank you, everyone!

Gennai: So... all of this was to train you*26. Now, the Digital World needs your strength against the awakening evil in the dark shrine, the digimon who manipulates time that you've deterred before. Our power cannot defeat him. However, you have a hidden potential...

(Outside, the Holy Beast the player selected at the start of the game appears. In my case, Qinglongmon.)
Qinglongmon: Ryo, you've done well in growing stronger. The demonic king who destroyed the Digital World*27 is reviving. He is the demonic king that not even we Holy Beasts can strike. However, you have an unknown power which surpasses ours. Ryo! Go to the final practice dungeon. When it is cleared, the path to the demonic king of destruction will be opened.

(The Chosen Children who were stage bosses in the tournament arrive.)
Mimi: Sorry for deceiving you, Ryo.
Koushiro: But now you've become the strongest Tamer! You have our gratitude.
Wallace: Of course! Our battles brought us so far and made us stronger with experience!
Yamato: Your becoming stronger than us is worrisome, but soon the burden you carry will be greater.
Taichi: Not speaking the truth was bad. Ryo, it was a little rough. Though the results were certain, don't resent the Four Holy Beasts.

(The kids leave and Ryo remains with Gennai and Piccolomon.)
Piccolomon: Thanks also to the digimon! For Ryo's sake, the role of villains in battle was taken up by digimon without thanks!

Gennai: Well, there was a digimon inside that was really evil from the very beginning
Piccolomon: Hahhahha... Etemon was the genuine article, right, ppi...! ~Go to the last practice dungeon, ppi.

(Off to the D-1 Tower, which now allows access to a basement floor.)
Qinglongmon: The last practice dungeon is accessible through an entrance from the basement floor of the D-1 Tower...

(Back at Gennai's)
Gennai: Now go, Ryo. We'll be waiting here.
Piccolomon: You can do it, Ryo. After all, we depend on you!
(Talking to Gennai again)
Gennai: Ryo, we're sorry we didn't tell you the truth. But, it was all to defeat Millenniumon! Now then, go to the location of the last test. Go to the Dragon Field! See you again.

(Ken's advice page:)
Ken: Looks like the way to the Dragon Field is open. This is the last field prepared by the Four Holy Beasts. Ryo-san, through here you can break through to Millenniumon's world! That guy needs to be killed, Ryo-san! That's all you have to do.

(Before heading to the last practice dungeon, there's an opportunity to speak with Kazuya:)
Kazuya: Saw the last battle! It was great! That win against Taichi... as expected!

(Ryo heads into the basement floor of the tower and steps on the platform. There are four placement options, and the one the player chooses is dictated by which Holy Beast they chose.)
Qinglongmon: This Dragon field is ruled by myself. Your training is complete if you can clear this dungeon. Now, go fight!

(There's a monochromon npc in the field:)
Monochromon: This is the last trial for you to overcome. All you need is courage. Forge ahead!

(Game asks if you want to enter the Tusk Tower. Bottom path has items. Boss is Black Wargreymon)
BWG: By Qinglongmon's request, I protect this dungeon. It is impossible for you to proceed from here. Hm. Show me how much stronger you became!
(Upon his defeat:)
BWG: You certainly grew strong. If this is any measure, you may just win against him.

(Back to Gennai's:)
Gennai: You finally cleared the last of the training, Ryo. The reviving digimon... You already know that time-manipulating digimon. Go to the last field to defeat Millenniumon! Go to town to gather necessary items and digimon! When you're ready, come back here. And then the final battle will start.

(Ken's advice page:)
Ken: You've come here at last, Ryo-san. After Millenniumon... You just beat him!*28 I believe in you! Ryo-san will win!

(Off to the D-1 Tower for a last round of talking to npcs:)
Jack: This is the place where Ryo-sama won the D-1 Tournament Grade 1! ... Er, aren't you Ryo-sama? Oh no, I don't believe it! You're him! The champion! Ahaha.

Tsuyoshi: Before long, D-1 is... I think it's already finished, eh. I guess that guy Ryo won.

Takeaki: Isn't Moon-Millenniumon reviving soon? Ryo, we're relying on you! Only you can do it, after all!

(Back at Gennai's:)
Gennai: Are you prepared? Then go.

(Outside, the shadow cast by Millenniumon's flying crystal tower falls over the town.)
Piccolomon: It's finally starting, ppi!
Gennai: Ryo! Millenniumon's field is descending! It's there, the location of the final battle.

(The Holy Beasts arrive. All of them.)
Xuanwumon: Go now, Ryo! Defeat Millenniumon!
Qinglongmon: We ask... Ryo. After you start...
Baihumon: Do your best! Battle with everything you have!
Zhuqiaomon: It's just you in the battle against Millenniumon! Ryo, we ask you to...

(Ryo is then sent to Millenniumon's crystal tower, and the scene cuts to Moon-Millenniumon himself.)
Moon-Mille: ... I've been waiting*29... Ryo... I have revived so that I can defeat you... Heheheh... Now that I have revived, no digimon is a threat to me anymore. Not even the Four Holy Beasts can challenge me now. But... but you are different. You are the only random element that makes the impossible possible. Heheheh... The world does not need two beings with the same power. Now... come to me!

(The scene cuts back to Ryo just before he enters the tower, and then there is a nonstop series of battles before Ryo ends up before Moon-Mille.)
Moon-Mille: Now, let's put our hearts into the battle and fight..

(Back in town:)
Piccolomon: Ryo will win, right? I'm worried, ppi.

Taichi: It'll be fine! That's the boy who won over me. Even Millenniumon should lose to him. ...Right? Yamato?

Yamato: Ah... if you say so...

Koushiro: All we can do now is wait and pray for Ryo's victory... from here on...

Mimi: Ryo-chan...

Wallace: Ryo...

(Back in the dungeon, when Ryo wins:)
Moon-Mille: Ryo... You and I are Yin and Yang... Never will just one of us die... Do you... understand what that means? It will be my defeat, Ryo... However... it will be your defeat as well. Now, let us go! Ryo! Come fly with me in the world of time...! Hahahahaha... Hahaha...!

(The screen fades out, then there's an explosion.The scene changes to Gennai's house a week later. Agumon, V-mon, Wormmon, Piccolomon, and Gennai gather around the monitor to talk to Ken.)
Gennai: Since we parted after that battle, Ryo has not returned... It was a shocking thing that happened to Ryo...

Ken (through computer): Please do not fail, Gennai-san. It will be all right. Surely Ryo-san will come back. That's the way he is, therefore if a new digimon is seen with company saying “Hey!” unexpectedly... He'll come back, surely...

Gennai: That would be good...

(Scene cuts to Ken's room:)
Ken: One week has passed since then... Ryo-san has not returned yet. It seems he has not yet returned to the Digital World either, according to Gennai-san's e-mails... Though everyone else is worried, I am not. I feel... surely Ryo-san is out on a new adventure. Although there is no basis for this, I believe it... Unlike me, he is a true Tamer. No matter what happens on what world, so long as there is a Digital World, surely there's someone who needs Ryo-san's help. Thus, I think it's true. I hope, no matter how many years it takes, that we will meet again. At the time a strange digimon will show up with a companion who says "Hey! Wait up, Ken!", that's when he returns... I believe this so much...

(Ken turns and the credits roll. Then it's on to Brave Tamer.)



*1 It's implied that he used the Diablomon legions as a cover, rather than ordered them himself.
*2 Honorific usage: Ryo uses -kun with Taichi, but no honorific with Ken. This implies that Ryo is either older than Taichi or considers himself a peer to him. The lack of honorific in addressing Ken implies a closeness usually restricted to families or closest friends. However, Ken uses -san with Ryo, which is him being polite and respectful to someone older than him.
*3 Ryo is exasperated here and it shows.
*4 The word choice here is a comment on Ryo's looks. It can also mean spindly or gangly. So, yeah, Ryo's apparently a beanpole.
*5 Specifically, where Ryo is.
*6 The way this is worded, it looks like Ryo isn't actually taking it personally.
*7 Qinglongmon speaks very formally.
*8 I'm assuming he means that it's been a while since they've actually fought side by side. Which is true; Agumon was indisposed during Tag Tamers.
*9 The way it's worded, Kazuya isn't thrilled. But, he's also not being as rude as he was.
*10 Wallace speaks like a first year Japanese-as-foreign-language student and it shows. The italicized words are in English.
*11 To clarify, what Mimi means is their affections for each other. Basically, Ryo's party needs some jogressing to go underway before they can be a match for hers.
*12 Vadermon speaks in katakana and his laughter is basically "pi pi pi".
*13 Technically "fecal", but :I.
*14 I'm not entirely sure what he means by cages.
*15 Boltmon speaks in katakana, indicating a very mechanical voice.
*16 This is a gameplay choice, not a personal decision by Ryo.
*17 By which he means funerary shrine, I believe.
*18 To clarify, Yamato is implying that Ryo may soon topple Taichi in the competition to become the Holy Beast's warrior. So to speak.
*19 By ages, it's meant the YP (year points) of the digimon in Ryo's party. Too many YP and the digimon devolves to baby automatically. Every battle in this dungeon raises YP by 1.
*20 I have no idea what he's talking about. I've taken all meanings into account and I still can't figure it out. Sorry.
*21 The original Japanese text has an exclamation mark here. However, because Ken ends the sentence in a confirmation-seeking tag question "ne", I thought the use of "okay?" was more suitable.
*22 Pronoun use: "ware"; continues from Tag Tamers.
*23 The phrasing is vague here and he could just as easily be referring to himself.
*24 Pronoun use: "watashi"
*25 Word usage: The word used here has a primary meaning of forging or tempering, as in blacksmithing. While I went with the secondary meaning (training/discipline), the first should be kept in mind, too.
*26 Gennai usually uses the informal "you", but here he speaks to Ryo a bit more respectfully.
*27 See Tag Tamers, where Mille ripped the Digital World in two.

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