Tag Tamers

Release Date: August 3, 2000
Price: 3800 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan
Translated by Ajora Fravashi. Completed 2015-03-17

Opening screen options: (Push the Start Button!). Next screen: (From the Beginning), later options are (Continue) and (WonderWeb)

Name Screen: (Please enter name)(Name given: Ryou). Options: Hiragana, Katakana, End

Image: A town
It all began on New Year's Eve on 1999... It began after one digimon, Agumon, appeared on Ryo's computer.
Image: File Island, Devimon's mountain
For the sake of Agumon and the Digital World, Ryo faced Millenniumon to save Taichi and the others.
Image: Agumon vs Shellmon
Overcoming many trials, he defeated Millenniumon and rescued Taichi and the others. With peace brought to the Digital World, Ryo parted from Agumon and the others and returned to the real world.

Image: Outside the room
Ken: Ryo-san, come up~
(Ryo enters Ken's room)
Ken: Sorry for calling you so suddenly...
Ryo: Nah, I don't mind. ~But about that weird thing popping up on your computer?
Ken: Yeah, that's right... I've never seen that strange animal. What is it?
Ryo: Hmm. Can I see it now?
Ken: Um... it moved and disappeared...
(Ken turns towards screen)
Ken: Can we see from...?
(Screen flashes, Ken is surprised)
Ken: Ah!
(Diablomon appears in the screen)
Ken: Ryo-san! This... This isn't the one I saw a little while ago! ...It was much smaller, it seemed weak!
Ryo: ... It evolved.
Ken: Evolved? It...?
Ryo: This is the world in the network! This digimon is... What the...?
(Wargreymon & Metalgarurumon show up with Diablomon)
Ryo: Wargreymon? Metalgarurumon!?
Ken: Wargrey... Ryo-san, this...?
Ryo: Shh! Look! It's starting!
(Diablomon knocks out Wargrey & Metalgaruru)
Ryo: Wargreymon!
(Back to the room, Ryo spins around, stunned)
Ryo: Th- This is terrible! Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon are defeated!?
Ken: W- Wait a minute, Ryo-san. I don't understand.
Ken: What is this? Is it a computer game?
Ryo: It's different! That's a real battle! Not here... That's a battle between digimon on the network world.
(Ryo's face falls, he runs around in a circle/paces)
Ryo: Aah- What to do~? What's the best thing to do?
(Ken speaks, Ryo stops)
Ken: Ryo-san, we... What can we do about this?
Ryo: Can we...?
Ken: Yeah, to cheer, to support them...
Ryo: Cheer... Mail, that's it!
Ken: Mail? Send mail to Taichi and the digimon?
Ryo: That's right! We'll send mail to the digimon!
Right now, there's nothing else we can do like this, but... Surely, surely Wargreymon-tachi will get up soon!
(Fade to black, Ryo speaking)
Ryo: Hang in there, Wargreymon!
Ken: Don't lose, Metalgarurumon!
(Fusion, and Omegamon defeats Diablomon. Taichi speaks)
Taichi: We did it! Everyone, thank you! Omegamon was born with the power of everyone's mail! Thank you... Everyone, thank you!
(Back at Ken's)
Ken: Hm... Ryo-san? What was that?
Ryo: That was a digimon... You've not seen one before?
Ken, you'll say it's a stupid game, however...
Ken: You mean... But, are they really hurt... Those digimon...

(Next day, after Diablomon is defeated. Ryo stands outside.)
Ken: Please, Ryo-san~

(Ryo enters apartment, Ken's room)
Ken: Sorry, Ryo-san. There's something strange again.
Ryo: Same thing as before?
Ken: Yeah, same digimon that appeared before.
Ryo: So that means it's happening again.

(Digivice flashes on the screen, V-mon appears)
Ryo: Wh- What are you?!
V-mon: I'm V-mon! I'm substituting for Agumon.
Ken: Are you a digimon?
V-mon: Yeah! ... Ryo! I need your power!
Ryo: Understood. Somehow I had a feeling we're*1 involved in this. That digimon... Diablomon is still alive?
V-mon: Let's go, then? Ryo!

(All of them arrive in Primary Village to meet with Gennai, Piccolomon, and Agumon)
Ryo: Gennai-san! Piccolomon! Agumon!
Gennai: Hohoh! You got bigger, Ryo.
Piccolomon: It's been a while ppi! Ryo!
Agumon: Ryo! We met again, right?*2
V-mon: Gennai-san! Greetings later! Hurry up and explain!
Gennai: Impatient as ever, V-mon.

(Black backdrop, full screen image of Diablomon)
Gennai: The Digital World is now being thrown into a state of confusion. The flood of various examples of information from the real world, from the internet, increased rapidly. The strain affects the entire Digital World.

(Black backdrop, full screen image of Wargreymon)
Gennai: The disorder was trivial in the beginning, causing growing digimon to return to childhood. However, the distortion became greater.

(Black backdrop, full screen image of Metalgarurumon)
Gennai: The most recent thing was that the Diablomon that was defeated by Omegamon was resurrected! Diablomon will devour all of the network data! At this rate, the Digital World will disappear!

(Black backdrop, full screen image of Omegamon)
Gennai: However, it may not be possible for our forces to defeat Diablomon. For that, I've again summoned the Chosen Children.

(Full image, V-mon)
V-mon: Hey Ryo, let's start! Whatdya say! The other children haven't come yet... It's fine if it's just me and Ryo attacking, right?*3

(Screen switches back to town)
Piccolomon: V-mon is overconfidentppi! Wait while Agumon brings Taichi!
V-mon: But I~ I think all I need is Ryo to accompany me to win.
Gennai: Eh, yeah, but...
Ryo: Okay, okay! I'm with V-mon. Even without Taichi, I can do it.
Agumon: Ryo, I think it's better if you wait, too.
Ryo: It's okay! Agumon, go ahead and bring Taichi.
Gennai: Hmm. Is it really all right?
V-mon: It's fine, it's fine! Gramps, wait back here.

(The player is given the freedom to save and move about. I'm skipping the npcs that are irrelevant to the story. There pretty much is nothing to do but proceed to the mountain. Upon entry, Ryo has to fight other digimon with no one but V-mon. The dungeon is short and you get to the boss stage after only a few fights.)
Millenniumon: Heheheh... I have been waiting for this. Diablomon was simply an opening move to summon you. You and the Chosen Children will never face each other... The only role this one*4 has...

(The scene switches to the village center with Gennai, Piccolomon, and Ken)
Piccolomon: Agumon's lateppi!
Gennai: Now, now. He'll return soon. Despite appearances, Agumon is dependable.

(Agumon and Taichi turn up in town)
Taichi: Here I am! Everyone! Yo! It's been a while, old man!
Gennai: Oh! Taichi, Agumon!

(The scene switches to Ryo and Millenniumon)
Millenniumon: Heheheh... All of this had been planned from the beginning. Farewell!

(The mountain explodes, blowing Ryo and V-mon away, and the scene switches to the village)
Taichi: Now! Let's go, Agumon!
Gennai: What? Do you hear something?
Taichi: Eh? No, nothing.

(There's another flash and Ryo and V-mon land in town. There's just something off. Ryo gets up and goes to pick up V-mon)
Ryo: V-mon! V-mon!
V-mon: Ryo! What happened? After we defeated Diablomon, there was something about Millenniumon?
Ryo: Right! We were blown away in an explosion!

(V-mon and Ryo wander town for a bit and V-mon stops, spotting Piccolomon in the distance)
V-mon: Ah! Piccolomon! Everyone's here!

(Ryo and V-mon run to the next area, and come across a passed out Piccolomon and Taichi and Agumon frozen in place)
Ryo: Piccolomon! Piccolomon!
V-mon: Taichi! Wait... What's wrong? Taichi!
Piccolomon: Mmm... What happenedppi?
V-mon: Ryo! Piccolomon! Taichi and Agumon... Taichi and Agumon aren't moving! It's like they've turned to stone. They're not moving at all!

(Scene changes to a meadow, where Wormmon trundles up to an unconscious Ken)
Wormmon: Wait... Hey, you're...

(Ken wakes)
Wormmon: Are you okay? You're awake? That's great.

Ken: Where... is this? Is this the Digital World? Who are you? A digimon? I...  What am I doing in a place like this?

Wormmon: My name is Wormmon! Are you Ken? Gennai-san sent me to bring a chosen child.

Ken: Oh, that's not me. That's Ryo-san.

Wormmon: Wasn't there a scary explosion just now? Weren't you blown here in the  blast? What on earth was that?

Ken: Hey, Wormmon. You wouldn't happen to know the way back to Gennai's, would  you?

Wormmon: Oh, the Village of Beginnings? Yeah, I know the way. Come with me!

(They go to a hollow in a tree)
Wormmon: You can return to the Village of Beginnings by going through this worn-through cave*5. But... there are bad digimon in there. I'll go with you. Ken is a  Chosen Child, so surely we can manage it! Oh! I was picking up an item earlier.  Use it when things get dangerous.

(They go through the very short dungeon and arrive in an empty part of town.)
Wormmon: There's no one here...

(Then they run to the next screen/part of town, where Gennai is unconscious and  Taichi and Agumon are statues.)
Ken: Gennai-san?!

Gennai: Uh... what happened...

(Wormmon moves frantically between Taichi and Agumon)
Wormmon: What's wrong with Agumon? Why isn't he moving?

(Ken joins Wormmon in front of the statues)
Gennai: What is this? Ken! What do you know about this?

Ken: (Explains, to the best of my understanding. Text is literally variations on  "blah blah blah")

Gennai: Explosion...? I see. Come to think of it, the white flash before my eyes  was a warning from afar that I heard before this.*6 It was all orchestrated. I  think... wouldn't this be a mirror site?

Ken: Mirror site?

Gennai: A mirror site is a replica of the first world. Here is my hypothesis. The  true evil was someone other than Diablomon. He is the one to be feared above all.  Isolated as we are, we may not be able to meet with the Chosen Children Taichi and  Ryo. The energy of that explosion tore the world into two.

Ken: Then Taichi isn't really here?

Gennai: There were originally meant to be the two of them, Ryo and Taichi. With  Taichi trapped in the space between worlds, you'll have to stand in for him.

Wormmon: But then Ken's a Chosen Child? If that's the case, Ken and Ryo-san...

Ken (looking sad on his portrait picture): I'm different. I'm not a Chosen Child.

Wormmon (also looking sad): Ken...

Ken: Taichi-san took my place... Because of me...

Gennai: Well, isn't that a lot of pessimism.

Wormmon: Eh?

Gennai: There is no data, no existence that is meaningless! It's a simple matter.  As a pair, Ryo and Taichi were a threat to him. Ryo is in his world, and you  remain in this doubled world! You see? It's that simple.

Ken: ?

Wormmon: ?

Ken (cheers up): Hahaha

Wormmon (also cheers up): Ahaha. That's right. Yeah, come to think of it. The two  of us can do our best to fight well!

Ken: By all means, Wormmon!

Wormmon: As you say, Ken! Ken, you're so kind. I like the way you laugh. Let's do  our best!

Gennai: And that's how you become a Chosen Child! Do your best!

(A portal opens up to the next dungeon, and they go back to Gennai's house)
Gennai: Did you hear that? That's the sound of a gate to the new Digital World's ocean.

Ken: A new Digital World?

Gennai: Yes. Millenniumon's dark power closed this Digital World. However, if you  can succeed in fighting and weakening Millenniumon's power, the entrance to the  Digital World will be cracked open and reborn. The net... Essentially, if you're  willing, you should gradually cross the continent to reach his lair in the net.  You should go there now. Regarding the pieces of digimentals and memory: First of  all, go to the Digimental Room to make a digimental. Digimentals and jogress are the keys to battle! Don't forget!

(Now it's off to the ocean dungeons. Ken can find pieces of digimentals in  dungeons and have them repaired once he has enough pieces of that digimental.)

(Upon revisiting Gennai):
Gennai: You will face on the peninsula waves of evil that is manipulating the  intentions of digimon. However, if you beat them, you will certainly encounter the  evil mastermind of the digimon!

(It's off the the dungeons, where various npcs warn about game-related things like saving and being prepared. The area boss is a controlled  Greymon, who is in the Black Ship dungeon.)
Greymon: I see you have a good technique. I'll remember your skills.

(Greymon fades out and Ken and Wormmon (and any other digimon the player picked  up; I opted for Patamon and Yukimibotamon) return to Gennai's.)
Gennai: I've been waiting! Look. This is the Reload Machine.

Ken: Reload?

Gennai: Yes. Press this switch, and just for a moment the worlds of the two mirror  sites turn back into one!

Ken: Huh! Then all our problems have been resolved?

Gennai: Not quite. We can only return to that state for a moment. Immediately  after, the worlds will be separated.

Wormmon: Eh. So it's completely useless?

Gennai: No! You don't understand. A moment's synchronization allows Ken to pass  items and digimon to Ryo!

(The scene switches to Piccolomon's house, where the images of Gennai, Ken, and  Wormmon flicker)
Ryo: Ah! Gennai-san? Ken?!

Gennai: Chat later! Read this letter!

(Gennai sends Piccolomon the letter through the machine and fades out with Ken and  Wormmon)
Piccolomon: They disappeared! I'll read the letter at once.

Piccolomon: Hm, hm. I see, I see. Clever, Gennai! This Reload Machine thing you made is amazing, pi!

V-mon: Try twice? ... Right?

Ryo: Right, V-mon! From Ken's two efforts, we won't have to try thrice!*7

Piccolomon: That's rightppi! Ryo and Ken, work hard to take them all!*8

(When Ryo clears the Ocean Cave, he heads back to Piccolomon)
Piccolomon: Well done! You're one step closer to the evil digimonppi!

(The screen shakes and the broken tree at the center of town is restored to its original form, the VS Coliseum.)
Narrator: What? Something happened at File Island!

(The same thing happens when Ryo clears the Water Cave dungeon and opens up the D-Terminal Coliseum)

(Each time Ryo goes back to talk to Piccolomon after clearing a dungeon:
(Piccolomon: Welcome backppi! With this, Millenniumon's power drops by 1!)

(Ryo goes to the Black Ship dungeon, which Ken had already cleared on his world. Upon entrance, Greymon speaks.)
Greymon: I've already seen your attacks in the other world...

(There's a flash around Greymon)
Greymon: Heh... I think that's even the same kind of technique!

(A Yokomon resides in the ship to warn the player)

Yokomon: That guy can go back and forth between worlds; he learned something from the previous fight. Perhaps frontline battle attacks may not work...?*9

(Greymon says nothing when he's defeated, a new area opens up called the Mountain Continent, and Ryo goes back to base. Dungeon maps become available at Nanimon's Shop once each area is cleared.)
Piccolomon: Thanks! As one would expect from Ryo, ppi! But, I didn't expect the area to be cleared so soon, ppi.

(Once Ryo clears the Fire Cave dungeon of the mountain, the Digimon Alcove opens up at the base of the mountain. In this cave is a series of slabs laid like grave markers, with jogress suggestions written in Digital World code. The first translates to "XV-mon + Stingmon = Paildramon". In the Death Crevasse dungeon, the final dungeon for the Mountain Continent, a PetitMeramon warns of what lies ahead.)
PetitMeramon: Take note! Millenniumon's minions wait ahead! Surely they've laid a trap to defeat you guys!

(Then Ryo goes on ahead to defeat the boss, MetalGreymon. Upon defeat:)
MetalGreymon: Heheheh... That power will destroy you... *10

(Back at Piccolomon's)
Piccolomon: Thanks! As one would expect from Ryo, ppi! However, that digimon... I have a feeling that it's a trap. For the time being, wait and rest, and let's reload, ppi.

(If the player has anything to send over to Ken, now would be the time to step out, buy things, and stuff them into the Reload Machine for Ken's use.)
Piccolomon: Reload? You can pick up and deposit only one set at any time! Do not forget!

(Select OK)
Piccolomon: Then go, ppi! Go go! Reload~!

(Reload, switch over to Ken)
Gennai: Welcome back! After, we'll leave it to you.

(It's off to the Mountain Continent to clear the area. When Ken clears the Fire Cave, he goes back to Gennai and the ground shakes as the Digimon Alcove opens up.)
Gennai: Oh! Well done, Chosen Child, you came back safely! The forces of evil have decreased by one. Now, rest. Rest is also important work.

(But no, gotta finish clearing the area. In the Death Crevasse, there's an elecmon to warn the player of what's ahead.)
Elecmon: Take note! The guy you fought earlier waits ahead! Somehow, before the fight, new techniques will be stolen. What would that mean?

(Before the fight with MetalGreymon:)
MetalGreymon: Chosen Child... I shall accept your*11 techniques! Watch, our skills!

(Upon MetalGreymon's defeat, in a battle where he pretty much steals any technique used against him, a portal opens up to the Machine Continent.)

(Ken moves on to clear the Machine Continent. Upon clearing the first dungeon in the area, the Otamamon Shop opens up. Nothing happens when the Gear Base dungeon is cleared, and the Electro Base is the last dungeon in the area. An elecmon warns Ken of what's ahead.)
Elecmon: Listen. Listen to the footsteps of the fiendish black digimon. He's extremely strong! Do not be unprepared!

(Upon encounter with Black Wargerymon)
BWG: Heh... I want to see it... My payment, your shaking figures...

(When BWG is defeated, another slab turns up in the Digimon Alcove. It reads "LadyDevimon + MarineDevimon = Vamdemon". Back in town with Gennai:)
Gennai: You did it! However, negligence is forbidden! That digimon's... Perhaps he has something to do with the trap from before. But, ah, why don't you get some rest, wait, and reload, and entrust the matter to Ryo?

(The player can then step outside and come back to talk to Gennai before reloading.)
Gennai: The terrible digimon that dwell in the Machine Continent... Originally he was a good digimon, but the influence of an evil digimon twisted him into a dark digimon!*12

(Reload option available. Upon clicking on it:
Gennai: Reload? Remember to collect any deposited items or digimon. (player hits OK) Then, let's go! Let's reload.

(on Ryo's side)
Piccolomon: Well done in advancing, ppi! I leave it to you, ppi!

(At the Electro Base 2 is a yokomon in the dungeon)
Yokomon: That black digimon... he appears to be resurrected! He seems to have gained a powerful resistance! The techniques from the other world will not work anymore...

(Upon encounter with Black Wargerymon)
BWG: I've already seen your techniques!
(Something flares up around him)
Now! Quake! Fear! Be stricken with dread!

(Upon BWG's defeat, a new gate opens.)

Piccolomon: Thanks! As one would expect from Ryo, ppi! He was a pretty strong enemy! You defeated him skillfully, ppi!

(head out, head back in)

Piccolomon: Millenniumon's continent has finally been opened, ppi! The perpetrator of this plot is deep within this continent. Millenniumon awaits, ppi! Only you guys can defeat him, ppi!

(Millenniumon's continent, Stygian Server**)
PetitMeramon: Millenniumon... He's the mastermind of everything! There isn't anything we can do... Please! Defeat him completely!

(Millenniumon's continent, Despair Server)
Betamon: You can buy items in the Item Shop in the hidden loft ahead. ... You knew?

(Millenniumon's continent, Darkness Server*13: There are 6 digimon here who give game tips. I've opted not to translate them right now due to having limited time.)

(Millenniumon's continent, Moon-Server)
Betamon: Did you hear that? Millenniumon's growl... I can hear it... haa... haa... I wonder, can you go back again?

(Millenniumon's continent, Moon-Server, after defeating Millenniumon)
Millenniumon: Heheheh... You cannot defeat me*14 with one kind of power! Unless you can resolve the key to my power, the door will never open! Heheheh...

(Millenniumon appears and a free-standing door appears in town. Ryo goes back to Piccolomon's house.)
Piccolomon: Thanks! As one would expect from Ryo, ppi! However, concerning that digimon, surely there will be different traps planted in Ken's world, ppi. For the time being, rest in town and reload.

(Upon reloading to Ken's side)
Gennai: Well done! We'll leave it to you.

(When you speak to him again)
Gennai: The key shines in the written numerals in the door! However, those numerals are the problem! Hmm~ What on earth can be done about those numbers? Hmm~ I don't know...?

(Ken-side, Stygian Server)
Yokomon: The Millenniumon from another world is waiting in this dungeon... Please! Only you can fight him now!

(There's an elecmon that gives a game tip)

(Ken-side, Darkness Server. There are 3 digimon who give game tips and one who says something story-related. The latter will be translated:)
Elecmon: About that strange door in town; I came across a rumor that that door is the entrance to the center of Millenniumon's heart*15. What could be at the center of his heart...?

(Ken-side, Moon-Server. In-game note: the only place the player can get the pieces of the Digimental of Desire is here. They don't exist in Ryo's version of the dungeon.)
Elecmon: You came at last! Millenniumon awaits ahead! I can go back, right? Just being here... It's cold...!

(Upon beating Mille once:)
Millenniumon: Hmph. Your*16 power is at this level*17 after all. Maybe in a hundred years can you beat me with such power!

(Millenniumon bails and Ken returns to Gennai's place. Gennai repeats what he says earlier about the door, proving unhelpful. The door displays a number, which Ken would have to figure out is the number of turns taken in Ryo's battle with Millenniumon. So, timing is the key: Ken has to beat Mille in the exact same number of turns that Ryo took with Mille before the door will open. Only the guide book is explicit on this point. When Ken matches the rounds Ryo took in his battle, Mille's game script changes:)
Millenniumon: G—... Impossible... It's just a terrible coincidence... However... It's useless!

(In town the numbers on the door are shining/sparkling. Ken goes back to Gennai.)
Gennai: You did it! The next battle will be the last. Now it's time for you to rest. Once you've taken a break in town, go ahead and reload.

(The door on Ken's end will not open despite the numbers glowing, so this is pretty much the game telling you that only Ryo can open it. Upon reloading, Piccolomon speaks.)
Piccolomon: This is the final battle, ppi! Are you all set up okay, ppi? Items, unit, party condition? This is the place to check, ppi.

(Ryo heads to the free-standing doorway and starts to open it. Piccolomon comes flying in to make sure he's ready.)
Piccolomon: Wait! This is the door to Millenniumon's mind world. The world within that guy's heart, ppi! This will probably be the final battle, ppi. Make sure you're fully prepared before opening the door, ppi!

(The door's numerals glow with a strange light and the door opens, plunging Ryo into darkness. The game tells us that Ryo's heart/soul/whatever was drawn into Millenniumon's dark heart/soul/whatever. The same thing happens to Ken. They enter a barren landscape that leads them to an artificial orb hovering in a black sky. Ryo steps on the digiport, taking him to Millenniumon's castle. There's a flash as the orb explodes and Ryo's party enters battle first. Millenniumon is in his Moon-Mille form)
Moon-Mille, to Ryo: Well done. How skillful you are, to arrive here after so great a struggle to block my ambitions. As is expected of you Chosen Children.

(Ken arrives and Millenniumon switches gears)
Moon-Mille, to Ken: This is my mind's world. Everything that happens here is constrained in me. That is to say, your*18 power is also limited. Heheheh... Come! Challenge me! Even as you tremble in despair!

(Upon his defeat, Ken-side)
Moon-Mille: Hahaha... What power, destructive power... I... You*18 This power is... That is...

(Millenniumon disappears and the scene switches back to town, where Taichi and Agumon become unfrozen and are thrilled with this development. How aware they were in their frozen state is unknown.)
Taichi: H... Huh...?

Agumon: Ta— Taichi! We can move?!

Taichi: Yeah! We can move! ... Is that Ryo?

(Ryo and V-mon run up to them)
Ryo: Taichi! Agumon!

Taichi: Ah!

(There's a flash and Ken and Wormmon show up)
Agumon: Hey!

Ken: Everyone... Everyone's safe!

Ryo: Looks like the Digital World was saved again, eh?

Agumon: You did it! As expected!

Taichi: Hm~ Ryo, Ken, much appreciated!

(Millenniumon revives and a Dark Seed shoots forth. Ken shouts:)
Ken: Watch out!

(Ken runs up and gets hit by the Dark Seed and collapses. Wormmon races to his side.)
Wormmon: Ken!

(Everyone else rushes to Ken's side)
Wormmon: Aaah! Ken! KEN!!

Millenniumon: Hahhahha... I cannot die... Your*19 holy power may persist. I too... my*20 dark power too is eternal... Absorbed... spirit...

(Millenniumon disintegrates. There is a fade-out and the scene cuts to Gennai's house, where everyone surrounds a sleeping Ken. Wormmon monologues.)
Wormmon: Ken... Ken... In order to save us, he... in order to save... Ohhh... Ken... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry... Ken...

(Ken wakes up)
Ken: Nn...

(Everyone is happy he's awake)
Wormmon: Ken!

(Scene fades out to a series of full-screen images and Wormmon monologues again.)
Wormmon: Thus our adventure was over. Through the courage and efforts of Ryo and Ken, all evil vanished. Taichi and Ryo went back to the real world. If something happens to the Digital World, they'll come back. Ken stayed in this world to rest until the wound he received healed. After a while it healed. However, Ken has changed a bit. The black mass that hit him that time... Ken became cold. But I believe, surely Ken will become gentle again someday. Ken was injured for our sake. Now I... I will protect Ken. I believe someday the three of us might go on an adventure again. I believe...

(The credits roll and then comes an epilogue. The only epilogue in the 4-game Ryo vs Millenniumon cycle. The scene: the Kaiser and Wormmon walk up to a cliff overlooking what's probably the Dark Ocean.)
Digimon Kaiser: I have returned to show this world... I am different from Millenniumon. I am... I am... I am the Digimon Kaiser!

(The screen scrolls up to a starry sky and "The End" in English. This is, however, only the second game in four.)


*1 When Ryo uses "we", he's using a form that implies him and his opponent, Millenniumon.
*2 Referring to Anode Tamer.
*3 V-mon is very informal. I've tried to reflect that to the best of my abilities.
*4 "This one" being Ryo. Millenniumon is being rude here, but less so than he is to Ken later.
*5I hope I've made it clear. What he's referring to is the hole worn through the tree and into a cave.
*6 This was a bit tough to make sound natural in English, so I apologize if it sounds clunky. The word I translated into "warning" has the implication of an omen, but it doesn't quite fit and I thought "warning" sounded more natural.
*7 Okay, this is confusing so I'll clear it up here: the game has translated unlocking dungeons to opening up the places in the Digital World locked by Mille's power. Millenniumon's ripping the Digital World in two places Ryo and Ken on separate spheres, so no dungeon is clear (part of the Digital World unlocked) until both Ryo and Ken have gone through them. So a tag team system is established: Ken clears one dungeon and proceeds to the next, Ryo does the same.
*8 By this, Piccolomon means clearing the dungeons.
*9 What this means is that the frontline attacks Ken used before won't work, which means it's time to whip out the digimentals Ryo got from the earlier dungeons and use Fladramon/Digmon. Also, the suggestion that someone can travel between worlds, combined with the strange flash (sort of like a flame circle flaring up around Greymon), implies that Greymon is being controlled by Millenniumon.
*10 By "that", he's referring to something distant, which is probably Millenniumon. A note here: "omae" (informal second person) is used. This is how Mille refers to Ryo from this point on. He refers to Ken in a much ruder form, seen in the next footnote.
*11 The second person form here is the phenomenally rude form of "you", "kisama". Think "son of a bitch".
*12 This is either in reference to Black Wargreymon or a blanket statement regarding the dungeon in general. Given the lack of the usual plural markers, I'm going to go with the former.
*13 The original names for these servers are ankoku no server and yami no server. Both ankoku and yami mean darkness, but ankoku occasionally has a more sinister undertone. For that reason, I've used "stygian" for "ankoku" and "darkness" for "yami".
*14 Millenniumon uses "watashi" here. He switches pronouns with each form until he settles on "ware" in Brave Tamer.
*15 Kokoro can also translate to mind or spirit.
*16 Mille is being rude with the "kisama" again.
*17 Wow, rude. This word can mean degree or level, or can mean low class or low degree. Without kanji available, either works.
*18 Again, kisama. Rude form of "you".
*19 You can tell that Mille is addressing Ryo by his use of "omae".
*20 Millenniumon switches pronouns from "watashi" to "waga/ware", a more formal "I".

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