Hope in Despair (aka Hope gets some KFC)
Part 4 - And Third... Um... Third...
by Ashna

This is it. The last chapter. I can't believe it. This is my first story that I've really really really liked and people have liked too! I'm happy happy happy! It's been put on two sites! But sad cuz it's gonna be over!! :( See sad me! Anyway there will be a sappy little ending thingy after this chapter but that'll only be about two pages long and will be up after this! Sigh... I still can't believe this is it... my precious Hope gets some KFC... over. Hee, but then I've got my Jyoumato, 3 Taito's, 2 Daiken's, Kenkeru AU, Yamataisuke, Yamakeru, Takemato, Kousamu with Daiken and Osaken and... oh that's all I've got for now... Hmmm, I should make files for those so I don't forget them... oh, ahem, anyhoo here's the chapter you've all wanted to kill me for!


~~~~ The weekend

Takeru sighed as he walked into his apartment. He'd had another afternoon of being dragged by Daisuke to just about everywhere. He'd realized quickly that Daisuke was trying to cheer him up and... it was working. He'd been surprised about this, but not really. He'd seen the slow but spectacular recovery Ken made after being the Digimon Kaiser and it had really been all because of Daisuke.

*He's certainly got a talent for bringing people's personality to the surface.*

There was one difference between his and Ken's recoveries. Ken's was complete. For all of Daisuke's trying, his cheer only reached the surface. The hyper active teenager kept the isolation and cold away from Takeru's soul but he couldn't stop the gray formless thoughts that would drift comfortably back into place after Daisuke left.

He didn't think of much when he was alone. Yes alone, his Mother and Yamato had figured him well enough to be trusted alone for short periods of time. Today he would be alone two hours until Ken came over. Then after he left, he'd be alone for another three hours or so until his Mom got back from work.

Takeru wandered into the kitchen getting himself something to drink. Following Daisuke... being dragged by Daisuke across half the city was thirsty work. He opened the fridge, grabbed the orange juice, poured himself a glass and sat down at the kitchen table. He sipped the drink while looking out the window at nothing at all.

It was still easy for his mind to drift off like this. Though it was more shutting down than drifting. Nothing really mattered and the world was dull.

He stayed like this for a long time even after his drink was done. He just sat and started out the window at nothing at all. He was startled out of his blank state when a hand touched his shoulder. Takeru jumped and turned around quickly to see a concerned Ken standing behind him.

"Hey," he said softly.

"I let myself in. The door was open. I did call but no one answered so..."

Takeru nodded his understanding and slowly got to his feet taking the empty glass back to the kitchen. Ken followed him and leaned against the door frame the same worried expression in his violet eyes, though his face remained impassive.

Strangely enough, Ken's quiet worrying didn't bug Takeru that much. It was as if he was just waiting on the side lines for when Takeru was ready to open up. Not forcing him to talk. If he had tried to force Takeru to open up he probably wouldn't.

Takeru blinked a bit as he realized that the last time he'd been alone with Ken had been after the snow storm. Ken had tried to get him to talk then and had been very unsuccessful. Then he hadn't wanted to talk for fear of bringing back the despair he'd felt those few days before he'd...

Rubbing absentmindedly at his wrists Takeru turned back to the other boy and plastered a fake smile on his face. He didn't feel much like having Ken worry about him anymore.

~~~~~~~~~~ Kenny-baby

Ken tried not to grind his teeth in frustration as Takeru pushed him away with one false smile. He didn't expect him to be happy and chipper. That wasn't the Takeru he knew very well anyways. Daisuke had always been closer to Takeru when it came to the happy for no reason department.

*I just want the Takeru who thinks about things back. The one you can always talk to about anything and he'll understand. I want my Takeru back.*

But he couldn't say anything because there was nothing to say. He'd tried twice now to have his friend open up to him and in both instances he'd failed.

*Time to make good on your promise Ken. Just be here and wait. He'll open up on his own time.*

It was hard to wait though seeing the pain Takeru was going through. Though Daisuke was keeping him from receding into himself Ken knew there was more to an emotional recovery than just being around someone who made you happy. It didn't hurt of course, but there was more. You had to understand and accept why things had gone the way they'd gone.

*And that's why you're going to be here for him. Because he helped you understand why.*

"So was there something you wanted to do specifically?" Takeru asked, his voice cutting through Ken's thoughts.

"No, not really." Ken responded smiling slightly.

"Okay, well do you mind waiting for a bit? I kinda forgot to have a shower when I got home. Basketball practice can get smelly." he said heading out of the kitchen.

Ken noticed he didn't look at Ken during the conversation at all. He just focused on some point behind his shoulder. When he walked by, Ken was given a nice view of the back of his head.

And he knew instantly that Takeru was afraid. Afraid of just what Ken wasn't sure but he would be there to help him through it.

As the door to the bathroom shut behind his friend Ken whipped out his D-terminal and typed in another message for Takeru to find later.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Ken-chan!

(A/N Enjoy this next scene while you can Daiken lovers cuz it's the last you're going to see of these two!!! Why? Because! Because why? I'm not telling!!!)

Ken smiled as he felt two arms wrap themselves around his shoulders. It was later that night and Ken had left Takeru's to see Daisuke. It was their weekly study session and right on cue Daisuke was trying to change that 'study' to 'make-out'.

"Dai-koi what are you doing?" He asked, turning his head slightly.

Daisuke was on the bed as usual while Ken sat on the floor, books on his legs and using the bed as back support.

"History is boring. Let's do something else..." Daisuke whined.

"Math?" Ken asked innocently.

Daisuke merely grumbled and removed his arms from around Ken's neck. Of course, this was only so he could grab Ken from under the arms and pull him up onto the bed.

Ken squeaked in surprise then started laughing at the look on Daisuke's face as the shorter boy pushed him back onto the comforter.

"Are we gonna do something else or not?" Daisuke asked looking extremely pouty.

Ken just laughed and reached out an arm to grab Daisuke's shoulder and pulled him on top of him. His other hand guided Daisuke's mouth to his own and kissed him solidly.

Daisuke smiled against his lips and gladly kissed back, one hand combing itself through Ken's hair, the other resting on Ken's hip as their tongues did battle.

After several minutes of this they broke apart gasping for air. Daisuke grinned down at Ken, a goofy expression on his face. Ken titled his head to the side and frowned, absentmindedly running his hand from Daisuke's shoulder to the nape of his neck and burying his fingers in Daisuke's hair.

"What?" he asked.

"This is what I call a study session." Daisuke grinned.

Then his pillow firmly connected to his head and Ken pushed Daisuke off him to sit up.

"Itai! Why'd ya do that for?" Daisuke whined flashing his best set of puppy dog eyes at Ken.

Ken in turn just rolled his eyes and ignored him. Therefore he didn't see Daisuke move until it was too late. Suddenly, Ken found himself on the floor with a grinning Daisuke sitting on him.

(A/N I know, I know this scene is pure fluff but I wanted to have a cute cuddle thing with these two in at least each chapter! So nwaw to anyone who's complaining! ^_^)

"Ah ha! Gotcha!" Daisuke crowed happily as Ken tried to dislodge his boyfriend.

"Hey lemme go Dai-chan." Ken complained as it was hard to breath with him being sat on.

Daisuke sighed but got off only to pull Ken onto his lap as he leaned against the bed. Ken smiled and allowed him to, sneaking an arm around Daisuke's waist and resting his hand on Daisuke's chest. He tucked his head under Daisuke's chin and smiled when Daisuke sighed.

*He hates it when I turn his make-out sessions into cuddle sessions!*

Ken thought to himself. Of course, Daisuke never seemed to mind all that much. As was demonstrated when Ken felt Daisuke's arms wrap around him. Daisuke rested his cheek against Ken's hair and hugged him close.

"Ashiteru Ken-chan." Daisuke said quietly.

Ken smiled and hugged back.

"I know." he replied.

They sat there for awhile and Ken's thoughts began to wander about thinking about what he'd seen that afternoon. Takeru had been quiet and withdrawn the entire time he'd been there.

It was depressing to think about and sitting there with Daisuke almost made him feel worse. Takeru was still so very alone. He sighed and Daisuke picked up on his mood.

"Thinking about Takeru again aren't you?" He asked quietly.

"Sorry." Ken said.

He didn't like showing Daisuke how worried he was about Takeru. He didn't want Daisuke getting jealous or angry again, though it was unlikely to happen. Ken couldn't help it. It was his nature to brood about things and worry.

"Don't be." Daisuke said sternly giving Ken's shoulders a squeeze.

"I know you're worried and well I'm worried to. He might be better but he's stopped getting better." Daisuke said with unusual insight.

*He does that sometimes. Sees things people don't expect him to see.*

Ken thought shifting uncomfortably. He knew Daisuke worried but he was worried for that other reason he didn't want to bring up again. But Daisuke seemed to know why too.

"And don't worry about that either." He said gently raising a hand to brush Ken's hair away from his face gently.

"You can't help feeling that way about him and I won't blame you for it. I still love you and you still love me so there's no problem." he said kissing the top of Ken's head.

Ken relaxed and let himself worry as Daisuke held him. He truly didn't deserve his koi but was happy he had him.

"Ashiteru Dai-chan."

"I know."

(A/N Did I just write something that sugar coated?? O_o... yup! Oh well onward towards yet more angst! More waff soon to come...)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan!

He woke up slowly from the dream or maybe quickly it was hard to tell the difference between the cold and darkness of the dream to the same state of his room. He'd pulled the black out curtain down so he could take a nap while it was still light out. He must have slept through till night.

Takeru pulled the covers tighter around him as he shivered. The dream had started out normal. Everything gray, flat and dull. Nothing changing, nothing out of the norm. He'd stood there for who knows how long. Until something registered in his fog filled brain. The gray was growing darker.

It wasn't like before, when the painful darkness had tried to pull him down into it. This time it snuck up quietly and slowly announced it's presence. He'd stood there looking around frantically for a way out and saw none. If he could've erased the feeling he'd have had a way out but had ignored it until too late.

The gray slowly but surely darkened and the air had turned colder and colder. Takeru had given up on trying to escape and stood there lost, tears streaming down his face. Then the darkness had been total and he'd been alone, afraid and very cold. So cold it hurt to move, hurt to feel.

He'd woken up but the tears wouldn't stop and neither would his shivering. He gave up trying to warm himself with the blanket and stood up walking around his room. He walked around in circles trying to get some warmth back into his limbs and stop crying.

He wasn't being very successful in either when he saw his D-terminal on his desk. He hadn't touched it since Ken had messaged him a week ago. The light was blinking and he wondered when he'd gotten a message. He walked over and opened it up wiping away tears so he could read. He had two messages one from the previous night.

/I'll be here Take-chan. I can wait./

The next was from the last time Ken had come over to visit.

/Don't be afraid because I'll make sure you come out all right./

Takeru stood there staring at the messages for some time still crying and shivering with cold. Then he quickly got dressed and flew out the door not waiting to tell his Mom where he was going.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ken-chan again...

Ken was studying when he heard the doorbell ring. He glanced at the clock and saw it was eight O'clock.

*Who would be stopping by this late?*

He wondered as he stood up to answer the door. His parents were out for dinner and he'd stayed behind. He was more than mildly surprised when he opened the door to a shivering, crying mess named Takeru.

"T... Takeru? What are you... never mind. Get in here." He said pulling the blonde inside.

Takeru came in but seemed hesitant as if not quite sure why he was here. He just stood there looking past Ken down the hallway tears streaming down his face. He looked like a lost child.

That's what startled Ken the most about his appearance on his doorstep. There was more open emotion on Takeru's face then there had been in... months. He was confused, scared and lonely. Ken could see these emotions plainly in Takeru's cloudy blue eyes.

He wasn't quite sure what to do but he'd promised to help Takeru through this and he would. He gently placed a hand on one of Takeru's shoulders making the other boy jump in surprise and focus on Ken.

"Come on... lets go sit down." he said equally as gentle and led Takeru into the living room.

Takeru sat down still shaking like a leaf and Ken sat beside him. He took a good look at Takeru's face and reached over to the table beside the couch and grabbed a tissue.

"Here..." He said handing it to Takeru with a smile.

The blonde blinked and nodded a thanks taking the tissue and simply holding it. Ken sighed, frowning in concern. He still wasn't sure how to respond to Takeru showing up like this. He knew Takeru was scared, confused and lonely he just didn't know what to do about it.

*Maybe if you stopped thinking about it so much and felt for a second you'd know baka.*

Ken thought to himself. He thought back to the times when he hadn't been sure who he was and what he was supposed to be. Then he'd only wanted comfort and an end to the guilt he'd felt at the time. Well guilt didn't apply but loneliness did and comfort was something he could give that could help cure that loneliness.

So Ken moved closer to his friend and wrapped a comforting arm around his shaking shoulders. Takeru just leaned into his embrace and cried harder but Ken was certain the loneliness was less. There was nothing else he could do until Takeru stopped crying so Ken simply held him, trying not to worry too much.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan

He somehow had found his way to Ken's front door despite the distance between their houses and the late hour. He'd been slightly puzzled by the sudden urge to go to Ken. Sure his friend had offered to help but he'd done this before. He'd drifted into Ken's apartment still crying and shaking but not knowing how to stop.

Then Ken had wrapped his arms around him and something broke. Takeru found himself sobbing into Ken's shoulder as the comfort of his arms peeled away the barrier that had positioned itself around Takeru blocking him from the world. For once his tears weren't because of the pain of cold or loneliness but more of relief. The gray surrounding his soul was finally melting away and the ice was completely thawed. He felt alive again, even if he was crying like a child in his best friend's arms.

It took awhile for the shaking and the tears to stop. They did, slowly until Takeru was lying limply in Ken's arms too tired to move. Not that Ken seemed to care, he just sat there holding him smoothing his hair back.

"Thank you Ken." Takeru whispered after what seemed like forever.

The break in silence being the signal to move, Ken shifted around so he was leaning back more comfortably in the corner of the couch. Takeru moved with him so he was still in Ken's arms but more curled up against his side, his head resting in the hollow of Ken's shoulder.

"What's there to thank?" Ken asked sounding genuinely confused.

"For not giving up on me. For helping me through this..." he said smiling a little as he realized how many times Ken had tried to help him.

"Was just trying to be a good friend." Ken said quietly one hand gently stroking Takeru's hair.

Takeru sighed and closed his eyes not because he was tired but because he felt better then he had in years. He wanted to savor the moment. He wasn't sure quite how long this feeling of being alive was going to last. He hoped for the rest of his life but he wasn't too sure.

"What's wrong?" Ken asked quietly picking up on his thoughts.

Takeru just shook his head not wanting to bug Ken with his silly thoughts. Apparently Ken was having none of this. He shifted enough that he could look at Takeru and freeing one arm lifted Takeru's face up. Takeru opened his eyes and looked back blankly.

"Don't you dare do that again. If something's bothering you, tell me. I won't have you locking yourself away again." He said quietly his violet eyes looking watery.

The blonde boy was surprised to see the tears in Ken's eyes. He hadn't seen the digidestined of kindness cry in years. Then a flashback of memories inserted itself into his memory. Over the past months Ken's eyes had always been on the edge of tears. Talking to him in the grove of trees at school, walking him to school trying to get him to talk. Crying right out during the storm making Daisuke mad enough to hit him. In fact, Ken hadn't had a dry moment around him since he'd slit his wrists.

Guilt and concern drifted through Takeru as he looked in surprise at his friend. All through his depression he hadn't thought about how others were feeling and he'd completely missed the fact that they'd been hurting as well.

*I can't let them cry anymore. Even Daisuke cried for me...*

He thought, then reached up to gently wipe away a tear that had escaped from Ken's eyes.

"Please... don't cry. Not for me. I'll be fine, I was just thinking that this... this is the first time I've felt normal in years. Not to mention the last few months. I just didn't want to feel that way ever again..." He said now trying to blink away his own set of tears.

It wouldn't do to start crying again. He smiled weakly as Ken wiped away his tears with gentle fingers, holding him closer for comfort. Then something happened that neither of them really expected. They were sitting close enough as it was before Ken had held him closer but when he did the hand brushing away the tears drifted gently across his cheek and down his neck. The Ken leaned down just a bit and kissed Takeru lightly on the lips.

Needless to say this shocked Takeru but he found himself kissing back, slowly closing his eyes. He'd never felt attracted to Ken or boys at all before but somehow this seemed right. He leaned into the kiss raising one hand to rest against Ken's other shoulder. His other arm wrapping itself around Ken's waist automatically. Ken's hand had placed itself on the back of Takeru's neck holding his head in place.

Takeru felt the tip of Ken's tongue slide against his lower lip and along the inside quickly. He opened his mouth allowing Ken to explore. He shivered as Ken's tongue hesitantly touched his. He stroked back enjoying the sensation. Ken moaned quietly into his mouth his hand gently stroking the back of his neck.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Kenny baby guilt trip time! ^_^

Ken didn't know why he'd kissed Takeru. Well, it might have had something to do with how close the blonde had been or the vulnerable state of emotions he'd been in or it might have had something to do with Ken's feelings for his friend. That didn't matter as he soundly found that Takeru was kissing him back. He wrapped his arms around Ken, pressing himself against the dark haired youth.

So now Ken was making out with his best friend on his couch. It couldn't last very long though. Not with some nagging little voice in the back of Ken's head struggling to take center stage. Similar experiences surfaced quickly, arms around him as they kissed passionately on the couch. Running his hands through dark auburn hair and along tanned skin.


The one word was enough for Ken to jump back off the couch. Horror written over every feature. Takeru blinked in confusion and looked at Ken in a wordless question. Ken looked back at him and hated himself for what he'd done.

"Daisuke..." Was all he could choke out as an explanation.

It was enough. Takeru's eyes widened and looked about as horrified as Ken felt. He left quickly grabbing his jacket and barely pausing to put his shoes on properly. The door shut loudly behind him and Ken collapsed back onto the couch, his mind whirling with guilt.

*He knew, he trusted me. He completely trusted me...*

Ken buried his face in his hands, shaking uncontrollably. He wasn't sure if Daisuke found out if he'd ever trust him again. He wasn't sure if Daisuke would want to stay with him at all. He wasn't sure if he could live without him.

(A/N Argh, that scene has been driving me nuts for a week!! I was trying to make it flow as easily as possible. Very hard to do. Very. At least in my own mind.)

~~~~~~~~~~~ Takeru guilt trip!!!

He walked home quickly trying not to think too hard about what happened. He was thinking about it enough already. He should have thought about it more before. He didn't know what had come over him. Kissing Ken had seemed so right as had being in his arms.

Reaching home he managed to slip in without anyone noticing he'd ever been gone. He went to his room and laid down on the bed staring at the ceiling.

*I was making out with my best friend. My male best friend.*

But that wasn't what bothered him. It was the fact that his other best friend was dating the one he'd kissed. He'd never had a problem with them both being males. In fact, he'd always enjoyed being around them, even if they were in a mushy mood. It had always made him smile seeing two people he cared for so happy together. The two were absolutely head over heels for each other.

*Then I go and throw a rock into the pond.*

In the space of five minutes he'd betrayed them both. Sure Ken had kissed him first but he'd still kissed back. If he hadn't it might not have been so bad. He would never have told Daisuke if Ken hadn't wanted him to. No, he went and kissed him back.

The worst was Daisuke who had no clue what had happened. He wouldn't know how to face his cheerful friend. The one who'd tried so hard to bring Takeru back to himself. One friend who was always there the minute you needed him.

Takeru moaned in frustration and flipped around burying his head in the pillow. He didn't want to think about this anymore. So squeezing his eyes shut he tried to sleep and escape his guilt.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A very confused Daisuke

This had to be one of the weirdest weeks Daisuke had had all year. First Takeru was basically better. His eyes were once again the bright blue everyone was used to. Though he still seemed caught up on something. No, it was good he was worried about something. Before his problem had been not worrying about anything.

So Daisuke thought that Ken would be ecstatic. Of course not. Ken was quiet, withdrawn and avoiding him! This was not making sense at all. So Daisuke decided after not getting anything out of his boyfriend, in fact he'd just made Ken close up even more, he'd go ask someone else if they knew what was wrong. Takeru.

Unfortunately, this plan didn't work as well as he thought it would. He found Takeru practicing his basketball skills in the gym. Daisuke paused in the doorway for a bit to watch before going in. Takeru was dressed in his gym stuff and one could clearly see the bandages still wrapped around his wrists. Apparently he wasn't allowed to take them off until the stitches came out and the skin was strong enough not to tear.

He had to admit he could see what it was about Takeru that Ken liked. He was fairly cute, with his tousled blonde hair and bright blue eyes. When upset he gave just about everyone the urge to hug and reassure him. According to Yamato he used to abuse this ability horribly when small. Many a sappy lady had bought him candy or a treat cooing over how adorable he was.

Of course, there was his optimism and kindness to anyone he just met. Hell, he'd even been nice to Daisuke when he'd been acting like a complete jerk the first time they met.

*He was always nice to Ken too. He instantly accepted Ken into the group once he'd proved himself to us. Always the first to offer him something or accept an invitation if I didn't beat him to it.*

Smiling at a few memories, Daisuke walked into the gym giving a little hello shout to catch Takeru's attention. The blonde turned around grabbing the ball to see who it was. Some unidentifiable emotion flashed across his face at seeing Daisuke but then he smiled wanly in greeting.

"Hey Take-chan. What's up?" he asked cheerfully.

Takeru blinked a bit then shrugged.

"Nothing much."

"Hey I wanted to ask you. Do you know what been up with Ken lately? He's completely avoiding talking to me. I figured he might have told you what's wrong considering you're his best friend and all..." Daisuke drifted off as Takeru shook his head quickly.

"I have no idea Daisuke. Look, I gotta get busy and all see ya later bye!" he said quickly moving towards the change room leaving behind a very bewildered Daisuke.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ken-chan guilt tripping again.

Ken sighed as he flipped through channel after channel trying to find something mind numbing. Unfortunately, numbing was something that he couldn't keep his mind on.

*Add another to the list of times I wish I wasn't a genius.*

With another sigh, he flipped off the TV and laid back on the couch trying to sort through his emotions. Every time he was around Daisuke now he felt incredibly guilty. He couldn't even look him in the eye anymore.

"This is insane. I can't not tell him what happened. He deserves to know what happened. Even if he won't trust me anymore. Not that I deserve his trust." Ken thought aloud.

He reached over and grabbed the phone and dialed Daisuke's number. Daisuke was home and seemed happy to hear from him. Ken wasn't surprised considering he hadn't said more than two words to him all week.

He put the phone down and waited. Daisuke had said he'd bee there as quickly as he could. Ken had said he had something to talk about and Daisuke'd haggled with his Mother to let him leave.

Soon Daisuke was letting himself in customary to his usual style. He walked over to the couch and plopped down at Ken's feet. He was gasping for breath which made Ken suspect he'd ran the entire way here.

Ken sat up and crossed his legs trying to bring up the nerve to tell Daisuke what happened. Daisuke sat across from him silently. He had an uncustomarily serious look on his face. A completely trusting look to boot.

*I can't do this. I can't tell him... He'll hate me or be disgusted. I can't do this. I can't sit here and tell him I betrayed him.*

He was looking down at his hands which were clenched into fists in his lap trying not to cry when one of Daisuke's hands covered his.

"Look Ken. I think I can pretty much figure out what's wrong by now." Daisuke said softly.

Ken looked up at him disbelieving. Daisuke didn't look angry or hurt. He looked a little like he was soul searching. Trying to work something out for himself.

"I believe, from the way you've been acting and a few things I've picked up from Takeru that something happened last weekend." he said gently taking Ken's hand and pulling him forward into his arms.

Ken obliged, resting his head against Daisuke's chest. He was shaking not wanting to hear the truth from Daisuke's lips. He was sure Daisuke would become mad or something. Even if he was calm now.

"I think something happened to make Takeru better. Something that knocked him out of his depression but lead to something else?" He continued quietly holding Ken to him.

Ken clung to one of his arms not wanting to let go. He was afraid if he did Daisuke would leave. This feeling was horrible. He'd never felt so torn in his life. The worst part was he didn't want to give up his feelings for Takeru either. It had to be the worst thing in the world loving two people at once.

"Now before you completely go into a panic attack let me talk all right?" Daisuke said quietly brushing away the tears that had started to fall from Ken's eyes.

"Just listen and I'm sure you'll feel better about this. I don't care what you did with Takeru. Though I hope it only went as far as a kiss." he whispered into Ken's ear.

This surprised Ken to no end and he leaned back a bit to look at his koi in surprise.

*He doesn't care???*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan... one step forward...

Takeru sighed. He'd been feeling horrible all week. He hated the feeling of guilt he'd get whenever Daisuke or Ken was around. He hadn't been able to have a decent conversation with either of them all week. He was depressed too. Not like before or at first it didn't feel like before.

He'd just been feeling guilty at first. Then as he didn't talk to Ken at all and backed out of anything Daisuke suggested they do he felt lonely. He started to feel under the weather and the same thoughts drifted through his head.

*I screwed up again. Not only did I ruin my best friends relationship, I lost them as well. They'll probably never speak to me again. I don't want to know what Daisuke thinks of me.*

He was sitting in his room on the bed waiting until it was time to go to school. The weekend had been horrible. He would have talked to Yamato about the whole thing but...

*I don't know what is up with him and Sora but Taichi seems to be into it up to his neck.*

So he'd moped around all Saturday and Sunday in quiet. He'd phoned Hikari at one point but the phone had been busy at the Kamiya's. He'd tried a couple of more times then remembered the weird thing with Taichi, Sora and his brother. He gave up.

He glanced outside and noticed it was pouring rain.

*Figures. My jacket's in the wash today.*

Sighing, he got up, grabbed his bag and walked out into the rain. He was of course soaked in seconds but he didn't bother to notice or care. His mind was caught up in turmoil once again.

The worst part about all of this, the absolute worst part was he wanted to be with Ken again. He'd felt so incredibly safe and wanted sitting in Ken's arms on the couch. When they kissed he'd never felt so completed before in his life. He'd found that thing everyone had assumed he'd had with Hikari.

*It's not yours to have or find dumbass. Ken is Daisuke's. They're happy together let them be.*

Of course this only made Takeru feel worse. He finally manages to feel alive for ten measly minutes then ruins it all and more. He lost his best friend, ruined said friend's long time relationship with Takeru's other best friend thereby losing both friends. Then went and realized he was in love with his friend and couldn't have him anyways.

*Way to screw up your life completely.*

Takeru was even starting to wish his brother and Taichi had never found him in the first place. At least then he wouldn't have screwed up Ken's life and his own even worse than before.

He was walking along in the rain head down rubbing absentmindedly at his wrists when two feet stepped in front of him. He looked up into Daisuke's warm brown eyes and instantly tried to cover up how he was feeling. Daisuke caught on pretty quickly though.

"Now none of that. I get enough of it from Ken you are not allowed to start." Daisuke said sternly.

"Wha...?" Takeru stuttered just then realizing he was cold.

"Now listen up cuz I'm only going to say this once." Daisuke continued.

"First of all never ever do this depression thing again because I really hate having to constantly reassure Ken that you'll be okay."

Takeru just blinked in confusion as Daisuke took his hands rubbing his thumb against his wrists.

"Second don't ever do that again either. No matter how depressed you get."

Takeru nodded numbly trying to figure out what Daisuke was getting at.

"And third... well this ones a little odd. Ken-chan why don't you explain this one?" he said turning his head to look over at Ken who Takeru hadn't noticed standing to the side.

Ken walked forward and wrapped one arm around Daisuke's waist but was looking straight at Takeru. He couldn't quite identify what was in Ken's eyes. It was a contradiction to his body language. His body was saying he belonged to Daisuke but his eyes were saying he loved him. Then Daisuke who was still holding one of his wrists, his other arm now around Ken pulled Takeru forward. He blinked in shock as both boys wrapped their free arms around his waist holding him in close.

"Third is an invitation. If you're willing to take us up on it." Ken said quietly leaning his head on Daisuke's shoulder still looking intently at Takeru.

He blinked away tears as he never expected this to happen. Once again he didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. It just felt right. He nodded his head as Ken smiled closing his eyes as if he was tired. Daisuke grinned like an idiot and pulled Takeru forward for a welcoming kiss. As his lips met Daisuke's, Takeru's mind shouted for joy. Not only had he not lost his friends, he'd gained them on a new level entirely.


TADA!!!!!!!!It's done! And that last scene was WAAAAY sappy. I can't believe I wrote that. But I liked it. Now I get to write a sappy little ending thingy because I want to. And please R&R and tell me whatcha think!!!!


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