When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Six - The Thunder
by Ishida Takeru

Okay, since the disclaimer is way on the previous chapters. I'm just going to note some things for this chapter. I'm going a different way with this part. You'll see what I mean when it happens. Review please.


Takeru yawned as he ate his breakfast. It was going to be another boring day at school. I reality he didn't care about it. He just wanted to get to the end of the day. It was a funny thing, Ken had only left his apartment an hour before Takeru decided he should call. He considered it silly because it wasn't like they were actually going out. At least not yet anyway.

The conversation was rather short, mainly just agreeing to meet at Ken's place after school. Takeru had used the excuse that he needed some help on some math assignment. But, in reality he just wanted to talk, or maybe more. He mentally smacked himself for that thought. When had he became so affection orientated? That term would have to do. It was weird, it was just one kiss and a week of stressing over it, and he was pretty much head over heels. What was it about him, that made him just stop thinking about everything else. Takeru couldn't put his finger on it, maybe that was the whole reason.

"Takeru, you're going to be late."

Takeru blinked a bit. "Hai, Kaa-san. I'm going." He said putting his plate away and running out the door. He ran to the elevator hopefully he would be able to catch Iori and Miyako on their way to school. Takeru hummed a bit as he waited for the elevator to open. When it finally did Miyako and Iori for standing there with odd expression on their faces.

"Takeru-san." Iori said bowing his head slightly.

Takeru grinned a bit. "Hey Iori-kun, how was your weekend?"

"It was fine, thank you."

Miyako stood there blinking. "Takeru...are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" He asked grinning.

"Its just Hikari..."

"Oh, that. I hope she's happy."

"You're not upset."

"Why would I be? She's my best friend and Dai-san is a friend too."



The school day seemed to drag on for Ken. It was the same set of equations he had learned a long time ago. He couldn't help but chuckle at some of the thoughts he was having. Many of them revolving around his new found friend, Takeru. Friend, or was it more? Or will it be more. There were many questions that needed to be answered in a more concrete manner. He could ask those questions when Takeru came over to do 'math' homework.

A few more hours ticked by slower than the first. Ken could have sword the clock moved back a few times if it wasn't illogical. He avoided everyone as he always did and eventually the day ended and he rushed home to wait for Takeru. He felt a bit childish in doing so, considering Takeru had told him he had practice right after school.

Eventually, the two hours passed and there was a knock on the door. Luckily, his parents had left to go have a quiet dinner together. On Ken's assistance of course. As soon as the doorbell rang. "Coming." Ken opened the door slowly.

Takeru who had been resting on the door fell right into Ken's arm. "Gomen. I'm just a little tired."

Ken blinked a few times before nodding. He was trying to figure out what he was going to do with the tanktop clad Takeru in his arms. "That's okay."

Takeru smiled before standing totally. "Heh, I ran right after I showered." He tried to move his hair a bit. "I have really flat hair right now."

Ken nodded again. "Come in. I can get you something to drink."

"That's okay." Takeru said happily. "Just give me a few moments to catch my breath."

"Hai..." Ken moved to the side allowing Takeru to enter. "I thought you would relax afterwards."

"Oh, yeah...I was running late. So, I just came over. And I just realized I left my stuff at school. That's okay, I didn't have homework anyway."

"What about the-"

Takeru whistled a bit. "The math? I actually just wanted to talk." He looked around briefly. "Your parents aren't home?"

"They went out to dinner. Maybe we should talk in my room."

Takeru nodded a bit letting Ken lead the way. "Nice room."

Ken shrugged a bit. "It gets the job done. So what did you want to talk about?"

"I didn't actually want to talk." Takeru mumbled looking a bit ashamed.

"You didn't?"

"Not really." Takeru said quietly as he moved closer to Ken. He bit down on his bottom lip a bit. "I wanted to, y'know..."


"I wanted you...I want to...kiss...and.." Takeru blushed.


Takeru blinked a few times. "I am not...I'm innocent."

"Sure, you are."

"I am, everyone else says so."

Ken smiled a bit as he pressed his lips to Takeru's. "Do you care what everyone else says?"

Takeru thought about it for a few minutes. "Not really, why?"

"Because, if there will be an us. People may not accept it."

Takeru looked down a bit, he hadn't really thought about it. "So, should we tell anybody?"

"It's up to you."

Takeru sighed a bit and held onto Ken mainly for comfort. He was naive when it came to some things. He had a problem accepting the fact that they wouldn't be accepted by everyone. If you like someone, people should be happy for you. No matter who it was. "I need to tell Nii-chan at least."

"He does have a right to know."

"I'm afraid though."

"Then maybe you should wait. We're not even sure if this." Ken made a short sweeping motion with his hand. "Will all work out."

"Even if it doesn't work out totally, I still need tot ell him. And, I'm still afraid."


"What if he...you know...rejects me...or hates me for it..or-"

Ken brought up a finger and pressed it against Takeru's mouth. "He's your brother, he should understand."

"Hai. Maybe, I'll try to tell him tomorrow."

"Maybe, you shouldn't stress over it. You'll get wrinkles."

"Would you like me if I was a prune?" Takeru blinked a few times before smiling.

"Mmhm. Looks aren't the most important thing."

Takeru nodded a bit before laying his head on Ken's shoulder. "Hai." It was strange to Takeru, he had prided himself on being strong through everything. Not to feel like a little kid no matter what happened. And here he was, almost to the point of breakdown over something that hadn't even happened yet. What would happen if what he feared really happened?


Takeru took a deep breath before knocking on his Yamato's door. He just knew this was going to go wrong. So many things could go wrong, his brother could end up hating him over this. Finally, he brought his hand down against the hardwood of the door. "Nii-chan."

The door opened slowly revealing the desired person. "Hey, half-pint."

"Hey.."Takeru kicked his feet against the ground. "Can we talk for a few minutes?"


Takeru took off his shoes as he walked into the apartment. "Maybe, you should sit down."

"Is it that important?" Yamato asked before sitting.

Takeru nodded briefly before starting as he had rehearsed it. "I'm going out with someone."

"You are? Who is it. I not it's Hikari."


"Don't tell me, that Miyako girl."


"Who is it?"

Takeru looked down at his feet for a few moments. "Promise you won't get mad."

"I suppose so. So who's the lucky girl that broke down to the ole Ishida charm."

"It's not a girl."

"Excuse me."

"I said it's not a girl. I'm going out with Ichijouji-san."

"You're kidding me. Who put you up to this joke."

Takeru sighed. "It's not a joke."

Yamato stood up suddenly his voice raising with his person. "Are you crazy!? He's a guy, you're a guy. It's not right!"

Takeru took a step backwards. "I don't care."

"What do you mean you don't care!? Takeru, you know how stupid this?!"

Takeru narrowed his eyes. "How is it stupid!? I like him, he likes me!?"

"It's not right, it's not natural. I can't believe my brother would even think about something like this, not alone do it!"

Takeru took a deep breath. "Why can't you just accept-"

"I'm not going to accept this!"

Takeru closed his eyes he could feel that he was going to lose it, so he ran. He didn't know where he was running to. Nor, did he notice that he didn't have any shoes. He couldn't believe his brother reacted like that. He had hoped that he would understand even a little bit. But, he was wrong, he was so wrong.

Takeru kept running until he could feel his legs burning and his momentum slowing. He didn't even care where he was or how far he was from home. He just wanted to escape, to get away from everything.


Ken glanced down at his watch as he wandered the streets. It was getting late, and Takeru still hadn't called him yet. Ken stopped and glanced towards a building. Takeru had given him the address to Yamato's apartment in case something happened. "He could be there now." Ken said quietly as he started towards the building.

Ken slowly knocked on the door. He really didn't know what had made him decide to see if Takeru was there. Nor, did ut matter in the long run, because the door was already opening to reveal the older Ishida. Namely, Mr. Ishida.

Ken blinked before bowing deeply. "Ishida-san, is Takeru here?"

Mr. Ishida removed the cigarette from his mouth as he looked Ken over. "He was just here talking to his brother. Then he suddenly left."

Ken looked at his feet briefly. "Could I talk to Yamato-san?" Something seemed wrong. He couldn't think of a good reason that Takeru would run from his own brother. Hell, Takeru hadn't even ran from him when he was the Kaizer. No, that wasn't true, there was one reason Takeru would run from his own brother. Ken knew that confronting Yamato wasn't the best idea, but he had to know for sure.

"Sure, he's in his room. Don't mind the mess."

Ken nodded a bit as he made his way around old socks and other trash. Don't say anything stupid. You don't want to make things worse. Or ruin anything. After a few quick breaths, he got the nerve up to knock on the door.

"It's open."

Ken timidly pushed the door open. "Yamato-san."


Ken didn't know what to say. In fact, he didn't even have time to say anything before he was pulled into the room and shoved against the wall.

"What do you think you're doing to my brother?" Yamato growled.


"Don't give me that bullshit. You corrupted him!"

Ken didn't know what to say. He could hardly choke out a single syllable. It took him a few moments to regain his speech but when he did it came back with a vengeance. "And what did you tell him?"

"What does it matter."

"You probably hurt him badly."

"Just stay away from my brother." Yamato sneered

"That's not your decision to make. It's his."

"Stay away from my brother."

"I'm not going to do that."

"You better."

"I don't what you think you're doing. Do you even care about your brother!?"

"Get out.."

Ken turned on his heels. "Fine, be a heartless bastard."


Takeru pulled his knees to his chest. The rain had started again. Not that it matter, he was already crying enough for both the sky and his own eyes. He knew his brother wouldn't like it. But, he didn't think he would take it like he did. That he would yell and they would fight over it. And now, here he was off in the middle of nowhere with another storm coming in. Maybe, he should go home.

He stood slowly and started to stumble down the street. It was bad enough that he probably lost his brother. He didn't need to get sick too. Why hadn't I thought of it before. I should have known I was strong enough to handle this. Everyone always said I had fragile feelings. I should have just ignored it and waited for something that's acceptable to everybody. I'm such an idiot. But, I can't help who I fell in love with, right. Why couldn't everything be black and white. Why couldn't it be a one way street? Man, I have a lot of problems to work out. When it rains.....it pours.


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