When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Seven - The Clearing
by Ishida Takeru

Ken sighed as he got another busy signal. Somebody was on the phone at Takeru's, or it was off the hook. The later worried him the most. He knew he could easily go over to his house. But, there was one slight problem in that idea. Ken really doubted his parents would let him go out in the rain. So, for the time being he was stuck trying to get through by phone.

He knew he shouldn't have even talked to Yamato. He knew that it would only make things worse. It was funny, sometimes he amazed himself with his own stupidity. That wasn't even the problem. It was all he could do to keep from trying to shove his fist down Yamato's throat. A bit of left over from his days as the Kaizer. It was hard enough coming to terms with what he did as it was. But, he also had to keep his temper in check.

But, those were his problems, and he didn't consider them of much importance currently. He took a moment to glance at the clock on the wall before picking up the phone again. He half expected another busy signal, but what he got was the soft chime of the phone ringing followed by a woman's soprano.

"Moshi Moshi, Takaishi residence."

"Is Takeru there?" Ken asked quietly.

"He's in the shower, may I ask who's calling?"

"Ichijouji Ken. C-could you have him call me back?"

"I'll tell him."

"Thank you. Good-bye." Ken hung up the phone and sighed. More waiting.


Takeru sighed as the water cascaded down his body. Why did his brother have to react like that? He braced a hand against the shower wall as the water from the shower mixed with his own tears.

His brother hated him. That's what it amounted to in the end. But, maybe he was right. No, it felt right so it had to be. If something felt good than it was. Takeru had lived by that philosophy most of his life.

Takeru wiped at his eyes with an arm. How was he going to handle it? What was he going to do? He didn't want to lose his brother. But, he didn't want to lose what he had with Ken either. It was different, he felt like he could be himself around Ken. He felt that Ken wouldn't judge him no matter what he did or say.

Takeru slid down against the wall, his face raked with tears. Everything went wrong at once. And he would have to come up with a decision soon. He couldn't just avoid everyone, could he?

Takeru got out of the shower and started to dry himself off. Of course, he could avoid everyone. If he didn't talk to anyone than nobody could bother him. He slipped on a pair old sweats and a T-shirt before he headed to the living room.


Takeru looked up at his mother. "Hai, Kaa-san?"

"Your friend Ken called. He wants you to call him back."

"Hai." Takeru said. "I will later." Takeru headed off to his room to call Ken, but in reality he wasn't going to call him back. He didn't think he could even talk to him without breaking down. Of course, there was the problem if he didn't call back. Ken would probably keep calling.

Takeru sighed deeply. It seemed that sighing was becoming quite the hobby for him. This was a complicated problem. He couldn't run, but that was what he was thinking of doing. Running like some coward, like some little kid. "No, I have to work this out. It's my problem and I'll just have to work it out."


Ken sighed as he looked at the small clock on his desk. It was getting late and Takeru still hadn't called back. I guess he doesn't want to talk to me. He's probably really upset. Maybe I should go to his house. But, what if he doesn't want me there. Ken was knocked out of his tree of thought by a knock on his door. "Hai, Kaa-san?"

"Last time I checked I wasn't you Mom." Came the reply.

Ken climbed down from his bed and opened the door. "Takeru? " he asked. "What are you doing here?"

"What, no 'hi, how are you?'"


"It's okay. I came to pick you up. We're going to go have a talk with my brother."

"I already talked to him." Ken mumbled.

"So have I. But, that's not the point. We're going right now." Takeru said dragging Ken out of his bedroom.

"What about-"

"I already asked your parents."

Ken sighed in defeat. In the short time he had known Takeru, he knew there was no way to change Takeru's mind when he got in one of his moods. Ken smiled briefly at that thought. It was an interesting side to Takeru. One, in reality he wouldn't mind seeing more often. It was odd, when he was like that Ken felt more secure. He felt like Takeru would battle through all of his problems with him. Hell, he'd probably fight his way through them for him. Truthfully, that kind of attitude was exactly what Ken needed. He needed both sides of Takeru. One that would bring him out of his shell and the one that would protect him as he did so.

"O-oi, Takeru."

Takeru stopped in his crusade to his brothers house and turned to look at Ken. "Hai?"

Ken took an unconscious step backwards as he saw the fierce determination in Takeru's eyes. He could have sworn it was the same look a wild animal would give when defending its young. It was the same look he saw when Takeru had confronted him as the Kaizer. "Are you okay?" he finally managed to ask.

"That's yet to be seen. It really depends on how well this goes."

"And why am I coming?"

"You're involved in this too. My brother has to accept it's happening. When I first talk to him I was too upset and shocked to even talk to him. Besides, I need moral support."


The rest of the walk was in silence. The only thing that was heard was the cool wind blowing through the branches of the trees. Takeru pulled out his spare key as soon as they walked up to the door.


Yamato looked up as the door opened. It was probably his Dad coming back from the emergency as the station. "Takeru?"

Takeru didn't even flinch as he walked in. "We have to talk."

"No, we don't."

Takeru crossed over to his brother leaving Ken standing in the doorway. "Am I diseased?"

"What? No."

"Than what's the problem? You're going to disown me because of the person I like? You're going to sit there and say something is wrong when you're not the one involved? I know what I want, Nii-chan. I know what is right, just because some ignorant members of society think it's wrong. Is it?"

"It's not-"

"Natural? If it wasn't then why would I even be feeling this way."

Yamato sighed. He had thought over what he had said earlier. And he didn't expect Takeru to come storming back. "I...I'm sorry. I guess, I was just a little shocked. But, if this is your choice...I'm fine with it."

Takeru smiled a bit. "Thank you, Nii-chan." He nodded a bit before heading towards the door.

"One other thing. Ichijouji, if you hurt my brother in any way...I'll hunt you down and hurt you."

Ken stared at Yamato. Now, he was worried. "H-hai...."

Takeru pulled Ken out the door smiling. "Don't worry about Nii-chan he gets overprotective."


Takeru slipped an arm around Ken's waist. "Trust me, his bark is worse than his bite. Besides, he wouldn't do anything stupid like that."

"If you say so."

"Ken-san. I have a basketball game tomorrow..."

"I'll try to make it."


Ken nodded a bit as they started down the street. "It's the least I could do."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

Takeru smiled as they reached the point where they would have to separate. "For everything."


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