When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Eight - The Heat
by Ishida Takeru

This is a shorter chapter. Sorry about the delay...I just didn't have the energy to write. Thanks to all the people who kept asking me to write more.


Takeru dribbled the ball against the hardwood court. He quickly glanced around trying to spot Ken. No such luck. Unfortunately, Takeru didn't have that much time to look for him. He had to go through his full set of warmups. If he didn't his game would be flat for the rest of the night. He knew that this game meant a lot for his team, and he had to do his best. There's was more at risk than just that. If they won, they would get a bid in the tournament. That was very good. That would mean Takeru would get a week off to do whatever he wanted, with whomever he wanted. If they lost, they would have to play. Which translated into no free time.

Clank. Another one of Takeru's practice shots fell short. He just couldn't concentrate on basketball at the moment.


That was his coach, he was going to hear it now. "Hai, Ogata-sensei."

"What's the problem?"

Takeru walked over slowly. "Just a lack of concentration. I'll be fine in just a few moments."

"Get on the ball, Takaishi."

"Hai." Takeru bowed deeply before heading back to warm up.

The game went by quickly. At least it did for Takeru. It was one of his best games ever, and he couldn't explain why. Maybe, he felt the need to impress Ken. But, why would he need to do that? Why would he need to make himself seem worthy of him. It didn't matter because he couldn't find Ken in the stands at all. And now he was being forced to the aftergame party. He really didn't want to go. He was already sore and tired from the game.

It didn't matter how much he complained in the end, he was still forced to go to the party.


Takeru trudged up the stairs of his apartment building. The elevator would have to be out tonight. Still, to make matters worse he was home alone tonight. His mom was out on some assignment in the countryside. Besides having to pick up the house, he still had to cook himself dinner. Life couldn't get much worse.

Takeru slowly opened the door to the apartment. Why were the lights on? Great, now there was a burglar in his apartment. "Oi, whoever's here better get out now."

"It's just me, Takeru."

"Ken-san?" Takeru closed the door behind him. What was Ken doing here at his house when nobody else was.

"Before you ask, your mother let me in before she left." Ken nodded a bit before holding up some takeout. "I figured you would be hungry after your game. You played practically the whole game."

"Y-you were there?" Takeru asked. So, he was there, but where was he. He had looked all through the bleachers.

"Hai, but I stayed out of sight. I really didn't want to be bothered. Truthfully the game bores me a bit."

Takeru blinked a few times. "So why did you stay?"

Ken blushed a bit coughing into his hand before mumbling. "You look good in the uniform."

"What was that?" Takeru asked.

"I said its time to eat." Ken said quickly heading into the dining room. That was a close call, he didn't really want to admit that he was staring at Takeru's... assets the whole time.

"So what did you get?"

"Random stuff really." Ken answered setting out the white boxes.


Takeru sighed as he slumped onto the couch. "Man, what a night." He stood suddenly. "I know!"

Ken blinked a few times. For being tired he didn't lose much energy. He must have some kind of reserve or something. "What are you getting?"

Takeru appeared back in the room, holding up a small blue container. "Icy-Hot."


"It helps a little." Takeru took a bit in his hands and rubbed it across an arm. Massaging the muscles with tight circles. He continued on with both arms, and then worked on his legs. "Way better."

"What about your back."

Takeru blinked a few times. "I'm not that flexible. I usually don't worry about it."

Ken pursed his lips in thought. Should he do what he was thinking. The thought sent a small chill down his spine. "Lay on the floor. A-and, I'll get your back for you."

Takeru blushed a bit. He had thought about getting closer to Ken, but never really thought about doing much about it. It was just a weird fantasy that was filed away in the back of his mind. But, he still did as he was told. There was no reason not to. After all, they were going out in a way. And it was just a back rub. Nothing to be worried about.

Ken eased his way towards Takeru's position on the floor. He shouldn't have even suggested it. It was a bit late for that though. "Shirt..."

Takeru blinked a few times flushing a deep crimson. "Right... shirt. Of course... I should know that. It's not like you're going to put it on my clothes, right... heh heh."

Ken shook his head. "If you keep rambling I will."

Takeru nodded faintly. He had no idea why he was getting so embarrassed all of a sudden. It wasn't like a complete stranger was going to massage his back. This was his... his significant other. It should be okay, no problems at all in that. He let out a short breath of air before slipping the shirt off of his torso. Why was his mind dwelling on something that hasn't even happened. "Okay..."

Ken was having second thoughts, third thoughts even. There was no reason to freeze up over something like this. Okay, there were three steps to this job. First, put the ointment on your hand. Good, that was done. Next, rub your hands together. Simple enough. Third, rub said hands on Takeru's back. Damn, it was easy.

Takeru shivered a bit as the cold hands descended on his back. But, those feelings were soon replaced by a soft sigh of pleasure as the knots in his back were slowly massaged away.


~~Like I was going to write something even mildly erotic. Bah. I have class... and I have plenty of time for that later. Mwahahaha!~~


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