CD Drama

Tracks 10 & 11 of the Digimon Tamers CD Drama "Message In The Packet"
Translated by Kourika (note for those who choose to mail her: Kourika is not in Digimon fandom and doesn't care. This translation was done as a personal favor for an old friend.)

10. From Ryou to Cyberdramon

(Beeping) Um, um, um, well...

Cyberdramon. It’s me, Akiyama Ryou.

It’s been a while. I received an e-mail from Jen, so I recently traveled here from northern Kyushu. I’m still competing in card tournaments. Why you ask? I don’t even understand it myself. At this point all of my opponents seem to be younger than me, but over time the players are becoming stronger. It may be that sooner or later it’ll feel like I’m playing a completely different game.

Even when I’m an adult, whatever unknown form I may take, I’ll sense that I’m fully alive through competing. Recently I’ve thought that you were probably the one who knew that side of me best.

(Fighting Soul)

Do you remember the first time you appeared before me? Two years ago on the evening of the finals, I finally beat that previously unknown but exhaustively strong girl. (Haha) It was returning to the hotel in Ueno…As I walked down the rapidly darkening main street, a digital field appeared. However, at the time I couldn’t identify the fog like substance. Without completely taking form, you called me from this world to join you. I thought that I must be a dreaming when a Digimon appeared before me and spoke.

You were irritated with your inability to evolve, so you needed a powerful Tamer to help you become stronger. I immediately decided to go to the Digital World with you. (Ha) I never even considered how my disappearance would worry my dad.

You didn’t talk much, but I felt that our Tamer and Digimon relationship went deeper than just Digimon master and fierce Digimon.

Cyberdramon, how are you? I’ve been worried about you. You were much stronger than me, yet you kept seeking an enemy with frightful powers. It was your fate to battle that enemy.

Along with me, you evolved to your ultimate form, Justimon, but the strength you possessed existed not just to defeat your fated enemy. I know that best of anyone.
However, you yourself are the enemy that you have been seeking. You are the enemy you must fight to avoid losing your sense of self, to the extent that you sought strength only to defeat him. Did you even seek greater strength than the Four Heavenly Beasts? Didn’t that strength morph into a wicked heart rather than true power? I was driven to anxiety because wasn’t Cyberdramon’s ultimate enemy the one closer to you than any other? Yes...the one within yourself.

I want you to listen if you’re still seeking for that strong opponent. Cyberdramon, if you truly want to become strong, to achieve your ultimate form, you must defeat what lurks within you. Once you have you will understand the true meaning of evolving to the ultimate stage. Even without a Tamer.

Ahh, I wanted to tell you this directly, in my own words...

Cyberdramon, please be alive...!

11. Ruki and Ryou

(Always, Always We’ll Be Together...humming along with the music)

Ruki: Ahh...what? It’s you? Ryou? What are you doing here?

Ryou: There’s a Digimon card exhibition. You’re not participating though, right?

Ruki: I’ve...grown beyond that.

Ryou: Ahhaha! Well, you’re a girl, so there’s no help for it.

Ruki: That’s got nothing to do with it!

Ryou: Eh, sorry, sorry. In the first place, you’re strong regardless of whether you’re male or female.

Ruki: So you just casually came all the way here to prattle on about the old days?

Ryou: You’re just the same as always. It’s the first time we’ve met in a while, so it wouldn’t kill you to be a little friendlier, would it?

Ruki: *You’re* the one who’s the same as always. (Hmph)

Ryo: I got an e-mail from Jen on my cell.

Ruki: What?

Ryou: I just came from recording a voice message at Jen’s place. But I did hear that you were opposed to sending Renamon a message.

Ruki: If you want to send one, do it! It’s none of my business!

Ryou: But!

Ruki: Generally speaking, I’m totally unconvinced that it’s worth it! I had to separate from Renamon, and I’ll never get to see her again!

Ryou: It’s not true that you can never see her again.

Ruki: Well, when? Tomorrow? In a week? The day after tomorrow? In ten years? WHEN?!?

Ryou: Jen said that as long as we all keep studying Digimon and the Digital World...

Ruki: That’s not good enough!

Ryou: Ah... (swallows words)

(Ruki runs away)

Ryou: Ruki, wait...Ruki...

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