Digimon Tamers

Until such a time as I'm actually bored enough and have enough time to review the non-Ryo episodes, this section is only going to end up focusing on episode 28 and so on. Clips can be found at AIA or FET, full eps on WinMX, and my screenshots are from my DVD collection. Please ask before using them elsewhere.

A note of warning before I proceed: Because of my subtly satirical nature, I can and will poke fun at everyone and everything, including myself, the characters, and fandom in general. Personally I don't actually care whether or not people love or hate Ryo, but since some people don't have a sense of humor, I have to put this warning up here :). Not my fault if people can't take a bit of ribbing.

Digimon Tamers 28:
Japanese title: Friend or Foe? Akiyama Ryo the Legendary Tamer (2001/10/14)
English title: Blame it on Ryo (2002/02/16)

Digimon Tamers 29:
Japanese title: Here is the Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of Stray Kurumon (2001/10/21)
English title: Goliath (2002/02/16)

Digimon Tamers 35:
Japanese title: My name is Dukemon! Becoming the true Ultimate Evolution (2001/12/02)
English title: Give a Little Bit (2002/03/16)

Digimon Tamers 36:
Japanese title: Decisive Battle! Dukemon versus Beelzebumon (2001/10/14)
English title: The Battle Within (2002/03/23)

Digimon Tamers 38:
Japanese title: The true enemy begins to move! The Four Holy Beasts' Fight (2001/12/09)
English title: Azulongmon Explains It All (2002/04/06)

Digimon Tamers 39:
Japanese title: Dancing While Scattering Ultimate Flowers! Sakuyamon Evolution (2001/12/30)
English title: Song of Sakuyamon (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 40:
Japanese title: Evolution's Shine! Shining Evolution (2002/01/06)
English title: Janyuu's Ark (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 41:
Japanese title: Return to the Real World! (2002/01/13)
English title: Homeward Bound (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 42:
Japanese title: D-Reaper Attacks The City! The Tamers' Decision (2002/01/19)
English title: Reunion (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 46:
Japanese title: The Refreshing Ultimate Soldier, Justimon Appears! (2002/02/24)
English title: When Is A Mon Justimon? (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 47:
Japanese title: Rescue Dukemon! Grani's Urgent Departure (2002/03/03)
English title: His Kingdom For A Horse (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 48:
Japanese title: The Power to Protect Juri, Beelzebumon's Fist (2002/03/10)
English title: Shadow Of The Beast King (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 50:
Japanese title: Crimson Knight Dukemon, Save the Ones You Love (2002/03/24)
English title: Jeri Fights Back (2002/0?/??)

Digimon Tamers 51:
Japanese title: The Power of Dreams, Our Future (2002/03/31)
English title: Such Sweet Sorrow (2002/0?/??)

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