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title For those who wandered in here expecting something quite different, it's your own damn fault for following American pairing name conventions and mutilating Ryo/Ruki into "ryuki." But, for those who are willing to try something different, here we go:

Kamen Rider Ryuki aired from February 2002 to January 2003 on TV Asahi, and with the fandom either growing up or the show itself drawing in an adult fanbase, the series took a departure from the original Kamen Rider formula (by the way, the opening song is "Alive A Life" by Matsumoto Rika, for those who want to seach for a sample on a p2p network). When once the series focused on a single Masked Rider, there are now two main Masked Riders with a total of 13 overall, and Ren is just as much a main character as Shinji. And, of course, with thirteen Masked Riders comes competition. There can be only one, and everyone but Shinji wants the Prize for purely selfish ends. Who wins?

This site primarily exists to for information and homage to my favorite of the Kamen Rider series (though, the current Kamen Rider 555 is just as addictive), nothing more. That said, please feel free to either flame Ajora Fravashi or drop a line.

P.S. Huge thanks to Flamedrake for the beautiful DVD screenshots, without which the images on this site would be of much lower quality.

July 5, 2003 - And the site is open. Yay? Still in the works though, so the episode summaries are still down.