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Two hundred years after Butz and his friends defeated ExDeath, another evil rises and threatens the world's existance. Now four new warriors must follow in their ancestors' footsteps and defeat the threat.


Linaly- Linaly is a simple young mystic who lives with her grandfather in a tiny unnamed village, yet there is little that is truly simple about her. She is a direct descendant of Butz, exuding an air of quiet competence and self-assurance, and a polar opposite of her friend Prettz. Though she may be good at listening to where the wind takes her, the only creatures she can summon are chocobos.

Prettz- Brash, foolhardy, and stubborn, it is unsure of who Prettz is descended from, but he is a pain in the neck to everyone who meets him. He will do anything and everything in his power and beyond to accompany and protect Linaly, and some of the things he'll do would kill a normal human. He considers the ghost Mid a rival for the affections of Linaly, often obsessing about it to the point of attempting to attack the spirit and only hurting himself. Despite his foolishness he is a good, dedicated fighter with a decent heart.

Valkus- The righteous leader of the Iron Wings airship fleet of Tycoon is a big, imposing man with a bit of a nosehair problem. He is reknown for his sense of honor and justince, and always getting his man. However, when 'getting his man' means going after a beautiful pirate captain, well...

Rouge- How to describe someone like this... Rouge is the raw, unrefined beauty that leads a band of leather-bound airship pirates; this captain is rude, brash, and clashes with Prettz on several occassions. She is driven by her lust for gold, gems, anything of value, so driven that she even attempts to kidnap the Crystal of the Wind. It is in that attempt that she is captured by Valkus, and he falls in love with her.

Mid Previa- He died two hundred years before, killed by RaDevil when he protested against the exhumation of his grandfather, Cid Previa. Mid's spirit could not accept his death, and was then sealed away in the Wind Crystal until he was needed. He and Prettz clash constantly, be it over Linaly or over something stupid Prettz has done.

RaDevil- Who or what he once was is unknown, merely that he was once some lost soul from the days of Lonka seeking to obtain some secret that could only be found in the Crystals. Driven by that, he disintered Cid's body, broke apart his skull, and removed the old man's still-living brain. When Mid protested, he sent a beam straight through the little boy's heart, and retreated to his base. Two hundred years after that event he finally dredged the secrets of the Crystals, and sought to become Deathgynos, the ultimate god of destruction.


Linaly with her trusty earring Linaly rides her pet, Kisana Prettz yawns through Mid's lecture
Linaly's amazing tail-lights ...don't piss off the Hiryuu... One of the many airships of Tycoon
Queen Lenna (or is it the original Lenna?) Rouge prepares to torture Prettz Wind Shrine-exterior
Wind Shrine-interior World Map, 200 years after Butz RaDevil, at Cid's grave
Opening sequence background Ending sequence background Galuf, Faris, Butz, Lenna
Butz & Co. at Cid's deathbed Cid breathes his last Shadows of the past reunited

My thoughts on this OVA-

I normally don't make personal comments on an otherwise non-personal site, but eh, what the hey...
It's a good story with wonderful music, I'll give it that, and it's funny and keeps pretty much with the flavor of the game it was based on. However, the art could have been better, as could the characters, and quite honestly I didn't like ANY of the characters other than Mid and Linaly (though others seem to have differents favorites: my ex, for instance, rather likes Prettz because he's a foolhardy lad). It's not really worth the cost of purchase, but it does make for a good rent, and I'd only really recommend it to FFV purists like me.

Special thanks to Mark Sprague for providing me with the screenshots.


Syldra daisuki da :o
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