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FF Image Shrines

Welcome to the Links Section, take some time to browse around. Sites with (JIS) are Japanese-only. If you would like to link to the Lair, feel free to do so. For those of you that actually like using banner pics, we've now added a banner. Please download it and put it on your own space, 'cause bandwidth robbery is bad. Thanks.

FF anime screenshot compilation. ph33r.

Final Fantasy V:
English Sites

Thomax's Final Fantasy V Page ~Based on the FFAnthology translation as opposed to the RPGe translation. Has lots of nifty animations and info and stuff

Atiifys ~A virtual FFV town similar to Mysidia or Illucia.

Istory ~Another virtual FFV town with more to explore

Ray's Final Fantasy V Page Ray's site is, I admit, the inspiration for my own, as is his art. On his site is his art (which I personally love), game help, tips, hoaxes, and dozens of other nifty stuff.

The FFV Shrine, one of the best FFV sites out there. Has pretty much all the help one could ask for.

[Dragoon] FFV, another decent FFV site, nothing new, though, and the siteowner hasn't updated in a while.'s FFV section, for all the game help you'll ever need.

Prophecy Of Light: Shrine to Krile Maia Baldesion of FFV, because Kururu-chan is truly one of the most underappreciated characters in the game.

Untitled Faris and Lenna shrines. Small, but looks promising.

Livejournal's FF5 fan community. Join in and contribute!

Seafarer, a Faris shrine.

Japanese Sites

A Japanese FFV site, but fairly easy to understand. Well worth a look at, because the images are funny. Home of this priceless image. (JIS)

Fink, the Butz & Faris Only shrine. It's a Japanese fan-club dedicated exclusively to Butz and Faris. While I'd love to join and interact, I have a pretty poor grasp on Japanese. (JIS)

For the more romantically-inclined, pay a visit to the sites on the ButzFaris Ring or the Butz x Lenna Ring(JIS)

And for those who want to focus on individual characters, there are the Lenna Love Ring, Butz Ring, and Faris Ring. I have yet to find a Kururu Ring, that's disappointing.(JIS)

Fan Art Sites:

Aristeia is Lorelai's art-site. As she actually catered to my sick obsession for a dragon in a game that's for all purposes dead, and has been so nice as to let me borrow some pics, I feel obligated to link her.

Eternal Melody (formerly Akkie Otako HomePage), home of my favorite FFV fan-artist. Take a look at her art!(JIS)

Other RPG Sites:

The Northern Crater is run by Andrea Hartmann, nifty person despite her claiming otherwise. Has goodies. Go. Now.

Amano's World, the official website of Yoshitaka Amano. A great site for all Amano fans.

RPGamer, used to be one of the best RPG fan-sites out there.

The Opera House The Opera House has lyrics to all the vocalized songs in pretty much every FF music CD there is. A great reference site.

The Final Fantasy Compendium contains detailed information for all FF games with the exception of FFLegends, and is VERY in-depth. Definitely worth a visit.

Suikobaben, because the ladies of Suikoden deserve their spotlight.

Besu's Slime Shrine has more info and images of slimes and slime merchandise than you ever thought possible. And that bouncing slime on the front page is ridiculously addictive.

Please contact the sitedragon Shinryuu if there are any broken links, or if you would like to donate anything.