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FF Image Shrines




  • A scan of the Boko pewter figure, as advertised by Squaresoft in the Tokyo Game Show. Image courtesy of the GIA.
  • The Tonberry pewter figure, as advertised on Square Japan's site.
  • The Gilgamesh action figure, made for Final Fantasy 8 ^^, image courtesy of the GIA.
  • The Lenna pewter figurine, image from Square Japan.
  • Butz pewter figurine, image from Square Japan.
  • Butz and Boco painted figurine, image from Square Japan.

    Various Screenshots

  • Icons from the memory card loading screen of the FFV PSX version. Note the presence of Sephiroth and Cloud.
  • A screenshot of Cloud as he appears in the FFV PSX memoryfile loading screen. Cloud really IS everywhere!
  • A shot of Gilgamesh as he appears in Final Fantasy 8, image courtesy of the GIA.

    Shinryuu's personal oddities

  • Phonecards...
  • Another rather odd acquisition of mine is a small pack of 8 FFV trading cards gleaned from eBay. As of 2003 I managed to acquire a larger pack of over 50 of these cards. Here is a cellphone-photo of them laid out on my couch..
  • This is a giant pencilboard that currently occupies the space above my mini-entertainment system.
  • 1993 calendar for FFV, with two months per image. Because it is poster-sized, I cannot scan it. Here is a photo of the Syldra page for July/August.
  • 2005 FFV Pez dispensers, proving that Squeenix will do anything for marketing.

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