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Welcome to the Items, Weapons, and Armor section. All scans are taken from the FFV: Perfect Conquest strategy guide, so please don't take them without asking. Included with scans of each object is cost, special powers, and where to buy/steal/or win them from. There are a few images with links to color versions of that particular image, and those color versions are from the FFV: Adventure Guide Book. All new additions from FFV Advance are listed at the bottom and taken from the Nintendo Power strategy guide.


Key: (which jobs classes can use listed items)

Knight: K Monster Trainer/Beastmaster: Mt
Monk: M Ninja: N
Thief: Th Geomancer: G
White Mage: W Bard: Ba
Black Mage: Bk Hunter/Ranger: H
Blue Mage: Bl Samurai: Sa
Time Mage: Tm Dragon Knight/Dragoon: Dk
Berserker: B Chemist: C
Summoner: Su Dancer: Da
Magic/Mystic Knight: Mk Mimic: Mi
Red Mage: Rm Traveller/Suppin/Freelancer: Tr
Cannoneer: Cn Gladiator: Gl
Oracle: O Necromancer: Nc