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However much I may dislike how Butz and Co. are rendered, the FMVs ARE stunning. Why do the characters look totally different from their sprite counterparts, some have asked? Well, we can blame Yoshitaka Amano for that, as he DID originally portray them in the way they are modelled in the FMVs. Anyhow, on with the screenshots... Oh, as usual, please ask me before using these images on a site. Thanks.

Character Shots

Butz, head-shot Galuf, head-shot
full body shot full body shot
Scene from opening FMV Krile, head-shot
Faris, head-shot full body shot
full body shot Lenna, head-shot
Well, something's gonna go down... full body shot
Insert lame Space Pirate Captain Harlock monologue here Everyone's favorite princess
And yes, she's usually confused as a guy... Scene from opening FMV

Final FMV shots:

ExDeath awakens. Syldra vs. Karlabos. Guess who wins.
King Tycoon can be a hard man to get ahold of... Lenna can verify.
Lonka ruins rise from the ground. The barrier towers around ExDeath Castle begin their work...
...and Galuf gets blown away in the process. Krile and her hiryuu to the rescue. Yay!
The judges gave all 10's for this landing. Omega on the attack.
...of course, any smart person would run for their lives. Okay, by now I'm pretty sure this is Bahamut.
Tremble before the might of the Dragon King! This pic would be much better if that was Shinryuu instead.
Standing upright in space is a monumental feat. That suit of armor must have been hell to make.
A little green around the gills, aren't you Butz? The Void that devours all. ph33r it >o!

Omake shots:

Omega Omega. Know it. Ph33r it. Boco Boco in full travel gear.
Goblins are a good source of leather hats. Summoned Monsters too can wear the latest in Nike footwear!
The Dragon King Bahamut. Karlabos
Syldra, I think A moogle attends a local fan convention as an Ewok.
Omega, again Studies of a dragon in captivity
There's no need to be afraid of the tree. Really. We did not seal an evil demon in it 500 years ago.

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