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Who is this person? Shinryuu is the one who owns and runs this fine site for the most part. I am 30 and work as a cartographer, among many other things. Other usernames are Ajora Fravashi and Wind Crystal.
What is Shinryuu doing now? Work, writing an original novel, dabbling in other fandoms.
What are Shinryuu's interests? Anthropology, geography, geology, drawing, writing, reading sci-fi, physiology, conchology, and numerous other things.
Contact Shinryuu is occasionally on AIM as Thysiastery, and can be mailed at

Sir Pug Dinglberry

Who is this person? site mascot
What is he doing now? Roaming the pages of the Lair trying to look cute... Or sitting on a bookshelf, whichever works.
What are his interests? stabbing people in the knees and waving his lantern at them