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Following are links to world and town maps, Yoshitaka Amano's character designs, production art, and so on. All images are copyright of Square Japan, NTT, and scanned for use on the Lair. Should anyone wish to use any of the images on here for anything other than personal use, please let me know beforehand and be sure to link back =).

      Amano Art- This section consists of multiple character designs taken either from the Final Fantasy: Japan artbook, the FFV OSV, and several NTT-published guidebooks. Rather pretty stuff, especially if you're into Amano's artwork.

      Production Art- Designs for the airship, Faris' ship, maps, and even a couple of chocobos. Yay. Now comes with bright and shiny Final Fantasy Art Museum cards.

      Packaging Scans- Scans of the packages for FFV from its Super Famicon days to its recent incarnation as part of Final Fantasy Anthology, scans of music CDs, and so on.




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