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FF Image Shrines


Amano's FFV Designs

These scans are taken from FFV: Perfect Conquest, FFV: Basic Knowledge, the Final Fantasy Japan art book, and OST page scans. Please do not take any of these images without asking.

Main Characters

   Butz looks into the distance
   Butz in a defiant stance
   Another Butz pic
   Butz and Boco
   Butz and Faris back-to-back
   The dashing pirate
   Faris, in royal garb
   ...once again in royal garb, and looking over her shoulder
   Lenna looks down demurely
   Lenna on the way to Tycoon
   Lenna kneels
   Lenna standing
   Galuf stands, looking out into the distance.
   Lenna and Butz in embrace
   Butz, Lenna, Krile, and Faris, on the airship
   same as above, cleaner image
   Krile lies on a monster's snout

Other characters

   Alexander Highwind Tycoon
   King Tycoon, again
   Zeza of Surgate, one of the Four Warriors of Dawn
   Kelgar of Quelb, the eldest of the Warriors of Dawn
   The Warriors of the Dawn
   Dorgann, Butz's father
   the genius Cid
   Mid reads
   Mid standing
   Gogo the Mimic
   Ghido, the wise turtle
   The dark lord ExDeath...
   ...and his subject Gilgamesh

Summoned Beasts/Espers

   Bahamut, king of Dragons
   Ifrit of Fire
   Shiva of Ice
   Odin with Sleipnir
   Leviatan, king of the seas
   Titan of the Earth
   Ramuh of the Skies
   A sylph looks up
   Syldra pulls the ship along
   another pic of Syldra


   The fearsome and highly annoying Atomos
   Karlabos, the monster in the Torna canal
   The beautiful Magissa, whip in hand
   Magisa's husband Forza, and the Siren
   Halicarnassus, a leftover from Amano's Gatchaman days
   One of ExDeaths minionsMeryugenu
   The guardian, TwinTania


   Butz takes on Byblos
   Butz takes on Karlabos
   A centaur attacks
   Butz and Lenna on the run


   The dust cover for Final Fantasy V: Battle Analysis
   The dust cover for Final Fantasy V: Perfect Conquest
   The dust cover for Final Fantasy V: Basic Knowledge
   the first page of FFV: Battle Analysis
   the first page of FFV: Basic Knowledge
   the first page of FFV: Perfect Conquest
   A woman sitting
   a woman lying in green...whatever it is

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