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First things first, this section of the Lair is dedicated exclusively to those who were introduced to FFV solely by the FFAnthology (*coughhackjobcough*) translation. Here I will list all the name changes that I've run across, as well as other translation differences between FFVAnth and the original japanese names given in various official FFV strategy books printed by NTT (names following a / is the RPGe equavilant).

Character names Place names
-Butz Klauser -> Bartz
-Lenna Charlotte Tycoon -> Reina
-Faris Scherwiz -> Faris with a horrible accent
- Sarisa Tycoon -> Salsa
-Galuf Halm Baldesion ->Galuf
-Krile Mayer B./Cara -> Krile
-Magisa and Forza -> Magissa and Faltzer
-ExDeath(Neo ExDeath) -> X-Death(NeoX-Deth)
-Gilgamesh -> Gilgamesh
-Enkidu -> Enkidoh
-Tonberry -> Dinglberry
-Shinryuu -> Dragon Lord/Shinryu
-Ghido/Guido -> Gill
-Dorgan Klauser -> Drogan
-Kelgar Vlondett -> Kelga
-Tule -> Tule
-Carwen -> Kerwin
-Walse/Worus -> Walz
-Tycoon -> Tycoon
-Karnac -> Karnak
-Jacole -> Jacohl
-Crescent -> Crescent
-Istory -> Easterly
-Lix -> Rikks
-Bal -> Val
-Surgate -> Surgate
-Quelb -> Kelb
-Regole/Rugol -> Lugor (and yet they call the wine of Lugor "Rugol whiskey"...)
-Grociana -> Groceana
-Cleft of Dimensions -> N-Zone
-Koozer Castle -> Kuza

*Monster name changes will be implemented in the steal list


Cover of the FFAnthology booklet
Scan of the FFV CD in FFAnthology

*I might put more things in here later, when I feel like it
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