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What's gift art, you ask? It's art given to sites, usually in celebration of a certain number of hits counted but sometimes as signs of appreciation too.

Gifts from people:
yummy For some reason or another a humanoid Syldra has become my current obsession, and much to their misfortune multiple people on IRC have been present for my ranting. Ansel drew this to keep me quiet and happy for the time being. Thanks!
yummy, part 2 Lorelai has, thankfully, not been present through most of my ranting and doujinshi plotting. Probably why she was willing to draw this for me in the first place.
Okay, I think everyone knows my favorite callbeast is Syldra. Thanks to Dee at the Cult Tower/Rydia Shrine for the nifty gift art.

A Faris gift pic, also by Dee! Thankyou!

Faris and ExDeath. You know there's something twisted about the situation in this picture. Thanks Detra.

Gift from Cait_Sith in celebration of 10,000 hits. Spiffy Butz pic. Thanks Cait!


Gifts to people:
Birthday present for a good friend of mine at Vincent Valintine's Domestic and Import Game Homepage ^^. It's a pin-up, so is rather suggestive in nature =).
A gift to Jim at another FFV site.
Mid and Faris celebrate 30,000+ hits at The Northern Crater


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