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Ray's FFV Art

Ray's site is, I admit, the inspiration for my own, as is his art. Go to the Final Fantasy Five Fanpage for more of his art, help, tips, hoaxes, and dozens of other nifty stuff. Yes, he even has a guide for the Ship Graveyard hell that's so much trouble for those with emulators. Please send all comments to Ray-san and tell him what a good job he's doing.

Faris to the rescue "Hang On Princess!" ~A very dramatic scene in the game and nicely illustrated.
Night Camping "Night Camping" ~Despite the fact that Ray thinks he didn't do very well on this pic, it's one of my favorites ^_^
Magical Girl Lenna "Magical Girl Lenna" ~Kudos to those familiar with shoujo anime who can get the cute ribbing to the industry. Also very cute, and maybe Ray can redo it on cleaner paper.... ^_~?


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