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Final Fantasy I and II Art Gallery

Welcome to the FF I and II gallery! Following are scans taken from both Final Fantasy Dawn artbook and the CD soundtrack "All Sounds of Final Fantasy I+II". I took significant pains to scan these images, so please don't take them without asking.


Final Fantasy I
Astos The Dark Elf Astos
Black Knight A Black Knight
Chaos Chaos sits upon a throne.
Kary Kary of Fire
Kraken Kraken of Water
Tiamat Tiamat of Wind
Medusa A medusa-like creature
mummy A mummy rises from a chest
Emperor A sovereign Emperor (don't ask me, I just translate the kanji)

Final Fantasy II
Frioniel Frionel looks off into the distance and looks appropriately heroboy-like Paul Paul, the ninja
Guy The stoic Guy Cid Cid. There must always be a Cid
Maria Beautiful Maria Hilda Hilda upon her throne
Lionhart The dark Lionhart Balgan Balgan. Ugly little guy, isn't he?
Minyu Minyu, the wizard Guy and Maria Guy lunges to Maria's aid
Josef The miner Josef Monster collage A portrait of monsters
Layla Guess who my favorite character is. That's right, Layla! Emperor Paramekia Emperor Paramekia
Richard Richard, the Dragon Knight World Map A map of the World

Maps and Monster supplements
The FFI map
FF1+2 Strategy Book cover
FFII Monster Chart
Another FFII map

All Sounds of Final Fantasy I & II CD- Scans and mp3s of unreleased tracks
Front of CD booklet
Back of CD booklet
Sheet music for Final Fantasy Opening Theme
Sheet music for Final Fantasy II Overworld Theme
The FFII cast

Special Link-
Cloud Land: FFII, a wonderful Japanese site consisting of scans from the manga FFII is based on. A must-see for any FFII fan =). Be sure to click on the Pandemonium link as well ^_^.


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