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Listed here is the track list for the FFV: Dear Friends remix and following that, the info for the single Mambo de Chocobo


Composer- Nobuo Uematsu
Publisher- Square/NTT
Time- 55:57
Release date- March 1994
Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends
1. Ahead on Our Way 8. Tenderness in the Air
2. Lenna's Theme 9. Waltz Suomi
3. Pirates Ahoy 10: Fate in Haze
4. Critter Tripper Fritter 11: As I Feel, You Feel
5. Intensions of the Earth 12. Musica Machina
6. My Home, Sweet Home 13: Music Box
7. The Land Unknown 14: Dear Friends



Composer- Nobuo Uematsu
Publisher- NTT
Time- --:--
Release date- 1993
Final Fantasy V: Mambo De Chocobo
1. Mambo de Chocobo
2. Flying Dragon
3. Opening Idea (2)
4. Fly Version 2
5. Final Fantasy Mix

Special thanks to Schala for providing Mambo de Chocobo publication info and a scan of the CD. For more FF CD info go to Daryl's Library.

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