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Listed here is the track list for the FFV Piano Collections and following that, the info for the single FFV+1


Composer- Nobuo Uematsu
Publisher- Square
Time- 46:37
Release date- June 1993
Final Fantasy V Piano Collections
1. A Presentiment~*~sheet music~*~
2. Tenderness in the Air~*~sheet music~*~
3. Harvest~*~sheet music~*~
4. Ahead On Our Way~*~sheet music~*~
5. Critter Tripper Fritter!?~*~sheet music~*~
6. My Home Sweet Home~*~sheet music~*~
7. Mambo de Chocobo~*~sheet music~*~
8. Lenna's Theme~*~sheet music~*~
9. Music Box~*~sheet music~*~
10. Battle With Gilgamesh~*~sheet music~*~
11. Waltz Clavier~*~sheet music~*~
12. Dear Friends~*~sheet music~*~
13. The New Origin~*~sheet music~*~

Special thanks to Locke_C from the FFML for finding the scans of the Piano Collections sheet music and letting me put them up on my space =). Go to Mike's Page to fulfill other sheet music needs =).

Composer- Nobuo Uematsu
Publisher- NTT
Time- 14:46
Release date- 1992
Final Fantasy V+1
1. Opening
2. Main Theme
3. Harvest
4. Dungeon
5. Battle 1
6. Matoya no Doukutsu

Special thanks to Schala for providing FFV+1 publication info and a scan of the CD. For more FF CD info go to Daryl's Library.


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