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Faris Scherwiz/Sarisa Tycoon
Age: 20
Height: 172 cm (5'7")
Weight: 53 kg (117lb)
Place of Origin: Tycoon

Sarisa was lost at sea since she was a little girl and raised by pirates. Because she was only able to pronounce her name as 'Farifa' she had since then been brought up as 'Faris', and often a loner despite living on the same ship with the same people for many years. Five years before the time she encountered Butz and his companions, the pirates were having a hard time against a whirlpool, and Faris jumped into it to check on the origin of the matter. Just when everyone thought Faris had drowned, she returned with the sea-dragon Syldra, who had caused the whirlpool. After this experience she was acknowledged as a superior member of the crew and became the youngest pirate captain known.



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