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Hello, and welcome. This is a fan-site about Final Fantasy V, so if you have anything to donate, be it fanfics, fan-art, winamp skins, music, or anything else, please contact me.

    Sunday, January 5, 2020
    Goodness, how time flies. Dissidia is a whole thing now, with all our faves in Opera Omnia. Sitedragon has a career going. Social media is a new brand of hell, so that's exciting.
    There's no real update right now, save to say that I'm overhauling this site for's 20th anniversary. Also, I've been doing some translating of the Japanese guidebooks to fill out this site more, so expect that over the next few months. Have something to donate? Drop me a line.


Game-Related -
    Game Designs- consists of three sub-pages: Amano artwork for FFV, maps of the world and towns, and packaging scans.

    Bestiary- a list of the monsters in the game, what you can win and steal from them, and their names listed as they are called in RPGe's rom, FFAnthology, and the Japanese-only Super Famicon cartridge.
    FMVs and CGI- A gallery of screenshots and stillframes from the FMVs and omake of the FF Collection. Also offers the FMVs in mpg mode.
    Armory & Items- Items, weapons, and armor in the game, where to get them or steal them from, and their attributes.
    Music- Listing of music CD tracks, a few mp3s, CD scans, and sheet music.
    Cast List- who's who in FFV.
    Final Fantasy: the OVA- Two hundred years after ExDeath was defeated, a new evil arises and threatens the Crystals once again. Now it is up to Linaly and her friends to take after the Light Warriors. This page offers info on the characters, screenshots, and a bit of insight on the history behind the anime.

Fan Creations -
     Fan Art- Artwork created by many talented artists about the world and people of Final Fantasy 5.
     Fan Fiction- Stories by other fans. Needs more submissions.
     Miscellaneous Works - Winamp skins, wallpapers, desktop themes, RPGMaker tilesets, Triple Triad cards, and more! If it's not in the Fan-art or Fanfic section, it's in here ;).

Others -
     Miscellaneous- Things that don't fit anywhere else, such as Square-sanctioned pewter figurines, odd screenshots, non-official cards, and so on.
     Updates- What's gone up, what's come down since the Lair saw daylight for the first time in December 1998... site updates, essentially.
     Links- Links to other FFV sites, related sites, sites that link back, etc.
     Staff- The fool that pretends to run this joint. Beware of knife-wielding Tonberry.

Final Fantasy (Classics) Image Shrines-
     Final Fantasy I and II- NES/Famicon only. Has original Amano designs, maps, monsters, CD stuff, and sheet music.
     Final Fantasy III- NES/Famicon only. Has original Amano designs and CD scans.

     Final Fantasy IV- SNES/SFamicon. Has strategy book and Amano art.
     Lady Paladin's FF2/4j Art Gallery- Whatever you can't find in the FF4 gallery of this site, you can find at Lady Paladin's.

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