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FF Image Shrines

Set several years after the end of Final Fantasy V, this story details the events leading up to the events mentioned in the Final Fantasy Anime and details the back history of Enuo and his fall. Alright, there's actually more to this plot, but there's way too much for a summary.

Ajora's note (2003/5/5) - At this time, progress on this fic has been put on hold. My writing improved since the years I first started this novel and I'm hoping a rewrite will fix the mistakes I made with this fic when I started out.

Toki no Hourousha

Chapter 1: Book of Days
Chapter 2: Marble Halls
Chapter 3: Fate in Haze
Chapter 4: Cursed Earths
Chapter 5: Crystal Teardrops

Chapter 6: Art of Life
Chapter 7: Au Palais de Verre
Chapter 8: Broken Mirror
Chapter 9: Missing Link

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